Online: People
Home City Bright-Throat Village
Location Egg-Tenders' Quarters
Race Argonian Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Bright-Throat Tribe

Mimme is an Argonian who can be found in the Egg-Tenders' Quarters in Bright-Throat Village with Keenem. Mimme is the egg-sister to Meena. She is known as a gossip by her fellow Egg-Tenders, according to an unfinished letter. She is also the author of the Hatchling's Rhyme.

Related QuestsEdit

Empty Nest: Investigate strange occurrences at the Bright-Throat egg nursery.


Empty NestEdit

She can be found relaxing in the egg-tender's quarters, alongside Keenem. Iskenaaz will introduce them both at the same time:

Iskenaaz: "Perhaps a tour of egg-tender's quarters is of interest? It is just up the way. Our visit should not arouse suspicion, we host many guests, but your discretion would be appreciated. "
Iskenaaz: "Ah, Keenam [sic], Mimme. We have a guest very interested in our customs. Please show them the utmost courtesy."

While Keenem will not be very interested in conversing, Mimme is comparatively ecstatic to talk about her work:

You really want to talk to me? Visitors never want to talk to the egg-tenders! Did you know that we are the only tribe that bonds with other tribes? It may not seem so from the luster of our scales, but it's true!"
Does bonding with other tribes ever go badly?
"Well, my egg-sister, Meena, had to lay her first clutch with a Copper-Eye that didn't know which direction his tail should face ... but no.
We care for our eggs, but the Hist guides their development. Not all eggs are destined to hatch though.
What happens to them?
"They return to the Hist. There are signs to look for: dry shells, lacking luster, thin membrane, an empty shadow. Inevitably they sink into the roots and fade away.
Those that remain are always healthy members of the tribe."
Why haven't I seen any Bright-Throats with the markings of the other tribes?
"Because they are Bright-Throats. We are shaped the way our Hist desires."
All right, thanks for sharing.
"You sure? I could tell you about egg rotation …?
Well, come back any time. I only ever get to talk to the other egg-tenders and it's not like they need me to tell them about what it's like."

After a short investigation around the room, you will discover an overturned basket that she will comment on: "Sorry about the mess there. Got kicked over during the commotion earlier."

Returning to her will have her be excited at your return:

"Oh! You're back! You wanted to know something else? I could talk all day, if you wanted."
I found these herbs mixed in with the apples over there. Is that normal?
"Strange. Let me see them ... oh, these are just dragonthorn. Nothing to be concerned about! Don't know how they got mixed in with the fruit, unless someone's feeling superstitious."
What do you mean?
"Well, it has many uses, but we mostly grow it for potions to aid in fruitful bonding. Our ancestors believed chewing the leaves helps the body prepare healthy eggs. Nobody really does that anymore."
What are some of the other uses?
"We trade it to the Dead-Water for their warriors. To give them vigor in battle, but I hear they've been having problems with reproduction, so ….
I'm told there are some other—unsavory—uses, but I wouldn't know anything about that."

If you return to her after the completion of Empty Nest, she will say:

"I've had a long watch. I'd like to get some rest."