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Ri'saad, leader of the Khajiit Caravans

The Khajiit Caravans (also known as the Khajiit Traders) are a group of itinerant Khajiit merchants based in Skyrim during the Fourth Era.[1] Ri'saad is the patriarch and founder of the group.[2]:199 All of the Khajiit caravaneers in Skyrim answered to and gave portions of their profits to Ri'saad.[3][4]

The caravans were split into three main groups, each with different leaders and routes.[4][1] There was also one other Khajiit caravan operating in Skyrim at the time, but they were massacred by bandits along the road.[2]:593 It's unknown if they were also a part of Ri'saad's caravans, or if they were unaffiliated merchants. All of the caravans had at least one main merchant and had guards to act as protection and enforcers.[1] The caravaneers were not allowed within the walls of the cities in Skyrim,[5] as they had a reputation for carrying illicit goods.[6] At least some of the caravans were involved in the trade of illegal substances, such as skooma and Sleeping Tree sap.[7][8] All of the caravans carried many rare curios and ingredients from the other provinces.[9][10][11] The caravans were known to harbor travelers,[12][13] though they were not sympathetic to the Thalmor.[3]

In 4E 201, the caravans received help from the Last Dragonborn on several occasions. Ri'saad had told them that the caravans had been beset by two strange new groups of bandits wearing golden and dark armor. Which led to the Dragonborn uncovering the plot of the mad mage Thoron. After the bandits were dealt with, the caravans were able to come into possession of the same weapons and armor the bandits used.[14] Additionally, Ri'saad and the Dragonborn secured an alliance between the Khajiit Caravans and the Thieves Guild.[15]

One of the caravans, led by Ma'dran, was sold a set of rare Daedric armor by a member of the infamous Crimson Dirks, Erwan. The Last Dragonborn had heard this after killing the bandit and purchased the armor. They may have even traded a Khajiit artifact, the Ring of Masser (taken from Erwan) for it.[16]


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