Skyrim: People / Trainers
(RefID: 0007433F)
Location Outside Whiterun or Markarth
Race Khajiit Gender Female
Level 10 Class Warrior
RefID 0007433F BaseID 0001B1D9
Training Trainer (Common)Sneak (Common)
Other Information
Health 50 Magicka 50
Stamina 50
Class Details TrainerSneakJourneyman
Morality No Crime Aggression Unaggressive
Protected Yes
Faction(s) CaravanGuard; Khajiit Traders; KhajiitCaravanFaction; Skill Trainer; Sneak Trainer

Khayla is a Khajiit warrior who follows Ri'saad's trade caravan. She's the common-level trainer in Sneak.

Khayla wears a full set of steel armor, excluding the helmet but including a pair of steel gauntlets (two variants), and a pair of steel boots (two variants). She is equipped with a steel sword and a steel shield, and carries a selection of common loot and gold.

When asked for training, she will reply, "They'll never see you coming."

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