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Location Prince Ithelia's Prison, Elenglynn, The Outcast Inn Basement, Hermaeus Mora's Sanctum, Hoperoot, Ithelia's Shrine, Loom of the Untraveled Road, Miscarcand, Niryastare, The Mythos, West Weald
Race Daedric Prince Gender Female
Health 15,000
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Shardborn Associated Prince(Associated Prince); Recollection Patron(Patron)

Ithelia is the Daedric Prince of Paths and Mistress of the Untraveled Road. She had been sealed away by the combined efforts of Hermaeus Mora and several other Princes, due to her perceived threat on the fabric of reality, and all memory of her was wiped from the Aurbis.

However, some of her Scions had a recollection that something significant was missing from reality. During the events of Shadow Over Morrowind, the Dremora Torvesard, in an alliance with Peryite and Vaermina was able to recover his memory of his Prince and began his efforts in finding and freeing her in earnest.

By the time of the quest Prisoner of Fate, Ithelia's prison is found but the cell is empty and its walls broken. Torvesard believed that the act of remembering her allowed her to escape, and that she had gone to places familar to her. You soon come to learn that one such place is West Weald where she was once worshipped by the Ayleids of the area.

When you first encounter her, she will be disorientated and her memories fragmentary.

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Quest Related EventsEdit

Paths of ChaosEdit

Leramil the Wise will ask you to investigate various areas around West Weald for signs of what is going on regarding the escaped Prince. She will accompany you in Elenglynn where you will encounter a disoriented Ithelia near the ruined shrine, Leramil will urge you to talk to her:

First Time Meeting:
Completed The Many Paths:
"I do not recognize you, yet you seem familiar. Almost like this shrine … I know I should remember it, but I do not.
Tell me, what is this place? Why am I drawn here?"
This is Elenglynn. We believe it's the shrine of a Daedric Prince.
"A Daedric Prince? Yes, I remember. That was what mortals called me. But Elenglynn is a proud citadel, not a crumbling ruin. Its people are wise and beautiful. They worship me.
Wait. I sense … something. And another memory … Hermaeus Mora."
Are you sensing the Echonir?
"The Echonir? Yes, that is what the Abyssal Cephaliarch called it. A clever little device he wrought to find and remove things that belonged to me. Thoughts. Memories. Truths he did not want anyone to know.
Show me. I wish to see what it reveals."
I'm not sure about this, but I guess I need to see the memory, too.
"We meet again. Do you know this place, this shrine? Were you drawn to it, just as I was?"
This is Elenglynn. We believe the shrine is dedicated to a Daedric Prince.
"Indeed. It is my shrine. But the Elenglynn I knew was a proud citadel, not a crumbling ruin. Here, the people worshiped me and I forged a pact to protect them. To open the Many Paths before them.
Wait. I sense … something. A part of Hermaeus Mora."
Are you sensing the Echonir?
"The Echonir? Yes, that is what the Abyssal Cephaliarch called it. A clever little device he wrought to find and remove things that belonged to me. Thoughts. Memories. Truths he did not want anyone to know.
Show me. I wish to see what it reveals."
Very well.

As you ready to activate the Echonir, Ithelia will comment:

Ithelia: "Let us see what Mora took from me."

You will see a memory of when Hermaeus Mora first confronted Ithelia about the danger she posed to reality:

Hermaeus Mora: "You risk everything, Ithelia. You must forsake the Many Paths."
Torvesard: "You seek to diminish my Prince. Why should she agree to such a demand?"
Hermaeus Mora: "To preserve reality. Her willfulness threatens all of existence."
Ithelia: "You let your fear control you and foresee an apocalypse that will never be. Depart, Mora!"
<The memory ends and the figures disappear>
Leramil the Wise: "Ithelia disappeared as soon as the memory ended. Let us speak outside."

Seeds of SuspicionEdit

While exploring Hoperoot and searching for King Nantharion and hopefully rescue him from the Recollection, Tribune Alea Idolus will notice a strange shawl on a stone plith.

After using the Echonir, it will show a hooded walking along:

Ithelia: "Where am I? What force draws me to this place?"
<The woman seems to see something in the distance.>
Ithelia: "Is that … yes, I believe they call it a tavern. I see the Many Paths converging there."
<The vision disappears and Tribune Alea walks over to where the vision happened.>
Tribune Alea Idolus: "What in Oblivion did we just see?"

Talking with Tribune Alea, she will recoginize the tavern as the Outcast Inn which is to the northeast of Hoperoot. Your search for King Nantharion ends with you learning he is the Recollection's leader and serves Ithelia.

The Many PathsEdit

When you arrive at the Outcast Inn, Leramil the Wise will be outside as she detected something unusual. Furthermore, the nature of this anomaly hurts her to approach. When you head through the gates, the sky above changes, once inside, golden spectral Reality Echos will wander the floors.

After talking to Innkeeper Brynmir, he will ask you to speak with the newcomer by the fireplace and get her to leave. Ithelia will call out to you immediately afterwards:

Ithelia:"Mortal, help me. Please."
Ithelia in the Outcast Inn

Talk to Ithelia to find out what is happening, you will find she is quite disortientated:

"I don't know if you can understand me. My mind is a storm of images and voices and memories. I can see every reality all at once—the Many Paths. But my grip on this realm keeps slipping.
But you, I see that you are real."
Encountered at Elenglynn:
First Time Meeting:
We spoke at Elenglynn. What brought you here?
"We did, didn't we? Then you know my name is … Ithelia. I am what mortals call a … Daedric Prince. These echoes. I summoned them. By accident. I am losing control.
The inn … it drew me here. Called to me. I need something it can provide."
You mentioned the Many Paths. What are those?
"Possibilities, probabilities, places where fate takes a different course. Some lead to here, others to there. And a few, they lead to … elsewhere.
But this place. It has something I need."
What are the Many Paths?
"Possibilities, probabilities, places where fate takes a different course. Some lead to here, others to there. And a few, they lead to … elsewhere.
But this place. It has something I need."
What do you need?
"A phrase emerges from the storm. Sage's Dream. Yes, that's it. A drink, I think. It tastes of belonging. Cohesion.
The innkeeper. Ask him to make this drink for me. Quickly, before the storm takes me again.
I'll ask the innkeeper to make a Sage's Dream for you.
"I remember so little about myself. Why is that? Did someone … yes, Mora. He did this!
But Sage's Dream. I know it can help me, even as the details slip away. Please ask the innkeeper. I feel certain he knows something."

Before you speak with Innkeeper Brynmir you can ask her some additional questions:

Tell me what do you remember.
"I am Ithelia, the Daedric Prince of Paths, the Mistress of the Untraveled Road! I am … confused.
Sometimes an event surges into memory. Fear, anger, and resignation erupt all at once. Than I lose my grasp and forget again.
You said the inn drew you to it?
"Remembering is a struggle. I cannot extract details from the chaos of converging realities.
There is darkness. Then I saw a light in the distance. The light became this inn. It summoned me but the reason was unclear. Until I recalled Sage's Dream."
These echoes. Can you tell me about them?
"Echoes from other realities. My power drew them here, trapped them between this path and their own. They are confused, suffering.
Until I gain control of myself, I cannot set them free."
Anything else I should know about the Many Paths?
"I wish to know more myself, but the storm fills my mind. The knowledge of the Many Paths comes to me in bursts, as intuitions. They are possibilities not yet realized. Realities close and distant.
If I calm my mind, maybe I'll understand."

After talking to the innkeeper again, he directs you to the courtyard to find Gilraedal's Book of Obscure and Ancient Spirits. You have the option of speaking with Ithelia about this. Outside the sky has changed to an otherworldly image and Mirrorplasms are present. After talking to the innkeeper again you descend to the cellar to find some substitute ingredients. You can talk to Ithelia before entering the cellar:

"Thoughts keep swirling through my mind. They move too fast to grasp. So confused, so lost.
Only one phrase makes sense. Sage's Dream."

As you search for sugar in the cellar, Ithelia approaches:

Ithelia: "Something hides here. I feel it's hatred, thick and sour. Perhaps I can call it to us."
<Ithelia prescence summons the Lamp of Clarity, which rises from the ground.>
Ithelia: "This horrid relic rose from the ground. I need to talk."

Speak with her about the lamp:

"When you left, I was compelled to follow. I saw an image of you entering this chamber and I knew I had to be here with you.
But than this awful lamp appeared. Rudely popping out of nowhere. I hate the damned thing!"
Why do you hate this lamp?
"The storm in my head, remember? I cannot focus through all the overlapping Paths. I think this damned lamp was used against me, but I cannot understand how.
Could you pick it up? I wish to examine it but could not stand holding the horrid thing."
All right, I'll get the lamp.

After you pick up the lamp:

Ithelia: "Over here. I sense a path that wishes to be explored. Shine the lamp, please."

Speaking to her:

"That hated lamp reacted to your touch. It revealed that cluster of lights by this wall. Once again, I feel recognition, but not clarity. I sense the Many Paths, and this is a signpost.
Shine the lamp's light there. Show us what it does."

You shine the Lamp at the indicated location, opening a portal to the Many Paths:

Ithelia:"I know this! A doorway to the Many Paths. Step through and I will follow."

Talking to her before entering the Many Paths:

"I know this. It is a doorway to the Many Paths. I cannot describe the relief that comes with even a modicum of understanding.
That lamp wanted to reveal that doorway. Step through and I will follow."
Remind me again about the Many Paths.
"I only know what little I can recall. As if the knowledge comes from my core, but must still fight through the ceaseless storm.
The Many Paths are possibilities, roads to different outcomes, different realities. Perhaps this one leads to clarity."

You enter and find yourself in the shrine of a different reality. The area is quite intact, and Ithelia will take on an appearance similar to the Reality Echoes in the Inn:

Ithelia:"My power abandons me here. I will follow if I can."

You can ask her some questions before leaving:

"That lamp led us onto the Many Paths. But why would the lamp bring us here? And why do I hate it so much?
Perhaps the answers lie at the end of this path."
Where are we?
"Where we were, but now along a different path. That is the nature of the Many Paths. They can carry you to new possibilities, new realities. But the rest eludes me.
Why this path? Why this reality? I should be able to see but I cannot."
What do you mean that your power abandoned you?
"In the inn, my power surged but I could not control it. Here, it feels distant, like there is a conflict. As if my power does not know to join me … or to join another.
I must try to resolve this. You go on. I shall join you when I can."

Walking through the passages, you soon find an alternate version of Ithelia and her scions Torvesard and Shardmarshal Vargas:

Torvesard: "The enemy approaches! They come to imprison my Prince.
Ithelia:' '"No, Torvesard. They are … different. Approach, pathwalker, and speak with me."
<Torvesard and Shardmarshal Vargas will move to stand to the side.>

As you approach, the Ithelia from your reality will remember this place:

Ithelia: "I recognize this place. Mortals worshiped me here."

You can speak to the alternate Torvesard and Shardmarshal Vargas, who will comment on your presence and that of your reality's Ithelia in their own world.

If you speak with your Ithelia before the alternate:

"Another Ithelia? Another … me? She wishes to speak to you. Perhaps she has answers we seek.
Ask her about Sage's Dream, mortal. Ask her why the very thought of it spins within the storm in my mind."
The Ithelia who will surrender

You then can speak with the alternate Ithelia, who will be quite intrigued by you:

" A mortal pathwalker? Such a creature is quite rare. And I see you are accompanied by one of my reflections. An Ithelia from a different path.
You carry something else with you. It feels like ... hatred. Tell me, why have you come to my reality?"
The other Ithelia can't control her power. She's a threat to my reality. This lamp led us here.
"The Lamp of Clarity. A relic created to hunt me and my Unseen. It carries a spark of its creator, Azura, within. That gives it a bit of awareness. It must know that your Ithelia poses a threat.
But why lead you to me?"
Ithelia asked for a drink called Sage's Dream. She thinks it will help bring her clarity.
"Ah. Sage's Dream is the mortal name for our connection to the Many Paths. It manifests as a drink but is brewed from ingredients infused with my very own essence.
Drinking it will reconnect my reflection to the Many Paths and stabilize her power."
Where do I get the ingredients ?
"They bloom in my shadow. Or in the shadows of other Ithelias. Each path's ingredient is unique. You can find tirum weed here, but the rest grows in other realities.
Take what you need, pathwalker. Than you must leave before my fellow Princes arrive."
What's going on here, Ithelia?
"This is my end, pathwalker. Hermaeus Mora has decreed me a threat to reality and comes to imprison me. I am tired of fighting. It is the same on every path I have examined. If this is my fate, so be it.
Take my tirum weed and go with my blessing."

Before you end the conversation to collect the tirum weed, you can take the opportunity to ask this Ithelia questions:

Can I ask you about the Many Paths?
"How strange. A mortal who walks the Many Paths without understanding them. Between that, keeping company with my reflection, and bearing the Lamp of Clarity, you intrigue me.
Very well. Ask your questions."
Can you describe the Many Paths?
"Not in any way your mortal mind would understand. I do not wish to drive you mad.
An analogy, perhaps. Picture a diamond that somehow formed around a spiderweb. Interweaving lines within a grander, fixed shape. That is the Many Paths."
Fine, but how do they work?
"Possibilities scatter across the Aurbis, each defined by distinct choices with unique outcomes that lead to new realities.
The Many Paths are the web that binds them. Some can traverse these connections, as you have done here."
And you control the Many Paths?
"Control? No. But I have the power to see them, to follow their threads and alter their fates. It is one of the things that Hermaeus Mora respects about me. And the one thing he fears the most."
What's strange about a mortal entering the Many Paths?
"The mortal mind is limited. Intentionally so. Comprehending the Many Paths should overwhelm you, and actually traversing them should be impossible. I can barely do that.
You are unique among your kind. Thus the title I give you—pathwalker."
What do you mean intentionally so?
"Mortals are servants performing tasks to maintain reality. Every field plowed, child born, or war fought keeps the Aurbis stable by design.
This fact is kept from them. The slave should not understand the master's plan, lest they seek to undo them."
Why did you call the Ithelia from my path a reflection?
"Each reality bound by the Many Paths contains a version of an entity, mortal or Daedra. They each differ in some way, but each springs from the same seed.
I am no different. She and I are the same, but distorted, like an image in a cracked mirror."
Can you tell me anything about the Ithelia from my reality?
"I suppose so. If she's lost control of her power, then she needs someone to stabilize her. It seems she chose you for this task.
The more information you have then, the better."
Help me understand the Lamp of Clarity's purpose.
"Once Hermaeus Mora chose my fate, he recruited other Daedric Princes to aid in my capture. Azura answered his call by creating the Lamp of Clarity.
Its light exposes my location on a path. Or, as you have seen, reveals doorways to the Many Paths."
Why would it aid me now?
"I am as curious as you. Perhaps it does not aid you, but only appears to. Azura's essence may have a purpose of its own and you are only along to see that purpose fulfilled.
I hope you find your answer as you continue your journey."
Can you explain more about the Sage's Dream?
"The Many Paths connects all Ithelias across all realities. This bond can weaken over time, causing distress to an Ithelia. We developed a means to reintegrate called Sage's Dream.
It manifests as a drink to consume, but this is only an illusion."
What do you mean?
"The ingredients grow in an Ithelia's shadow. They form from our essence. We each produce only one ingredient.
Mixing these ingredients melds the essences from many Ithelias. When imbibed, we take in the power of our reflections."
How will this help the Ithelia from my reality?
"When she drinks Sage's Dream, she takes in the combined essences of her reflections. She gains their understanding of her power. Your Ithelia will reconnect to the Many Paths and regain control of her power."
Why would an Ithelia lose control of her powers?
"An extended separation from the Many Paths, perhaps. Or yes, I see it now. Your Ithelia already suffered Mora's punishment. Her power was stripped from her when she was locked away.
She needs to calm the storm as her power seeks to return to her."
Why does Hermaeus Mora see you as a threat?
"The Prince of Fate foresees a cataclysm approaching. I used my ability to manipulate the Many Paths to prevent one disaster, but now Mora sees my efforts as the predecessor to something even more terrible. He feels he must imprison me.
And I agree."
Why would you agree to be imprisoned for something you haven't done yet?
"Do not fear, mortal. I have a plan. My scions will one day set me free, after I have had sufficient time to figure out how to avert the disaster Mora predicts."
I'm curious about a different topic. (Appears when one of the above conversations threads is completed)
"Most mortals quake in fear at my presence or demand one boon or another. But all you seek is knowledge? Interesting.
Ask your questions then, pathwalker."

After completing your conversation, the Ithelia from your reality will comment on her counterpart and urge you to pick up the tirum weed:

Ithelia: "Another Ithelia? So powerful and proud. Collect the ingredient and let us go back, mortal."

Speaking with your Ithelia before picking the tirum weed:

"Ithelia … she is a reflection of me. She knew about Sage's Dream. I remember now. My followers praised me in this chamber while I drank from a goblet.
Gather the tirum weed that she offered so we can make the drink."

When you do the alternate Ithelia will open a portal back to your reality:

Ithelia: "Here. I offer you a path home. Take it with my blessing."

Talking with your Ithelia after this:

"I see how my reflection opened a path and I understand. The Many Paths are mine to control. Perhaps I open a doorway next time.
Let us return to our reality, mortal."

If you talk with the Ithelia of this reality, her patience will be ending:

" My patience with you has reached its end, pathwalker. Soon, Mora's forces will storm this place and imprison me for an eternity. I suggest you not be here when they arrive."

After entering the portal, you emerge back in the cellar of the Outcast Inn. Here Ithelia once more tells you to shine the Lamp on the gate to a different reality:

Ithelia: "A new path appears. Use the Lamp, mortal."

You can speak with Ithelia before continuing, she seems to remember more things:

"So much of the path we just walked was familiar to me. The shrine, my scions. I remember it now. When Hermaeus Mora and the others arrived. Took my power. Locked me away.
I had a plan as well, but I do not remember just surrendering like that."
If you didn't surrender, what did you do?
"I … I sent Torvesard and the other scions away. They had to remain hidden, free to act when the time was right ….
The rest … is still unclear. We learned much on that path about the Lamp of Clarity and Sage's Dream."
Remind me of what your reflection said about the Lamp of Clarity.
"It was created by the Daedric Prince Azura. She made the relic to find me. One of my powers is to avoid the gaze of other Princes, but they found a way around that.
The Lamp contains a spark of Azura, which reveals these paths to us for some reason."
What did she say about Sage's Dream?
"Ingredients to create the drink grow in the shadows of all Ithelias. The drink blends our essences, connecting us. Each path grows a different ingredient.
That must be why I crave one. I need to reconnect with the other Ithelias to reclaim my power."
I'm ready to enter the next path. (Appears after asking one of the questions)
"As am I. Hopefully we learn more as we travel. The last path was clarifying, but I still feel overwhelmed. I am no more in control of myself than I was before.
Let us proceed, mortal."

You use the Lamp to reveal a portal to yet another reality:

Ithelia:"Step through. Let us see where this path takes us."

You find yourself in an alternate version of the same shrine from the previous path visited. This time the shrine looks more damaged:

Ithelia: "Dread fills this path. Find the ingredient but use caution. We are not welcome here."

Talking to Ithelia before you continue:

"The Lamp led us to the same location as the first path, but in a much different reality. I see my loyal soldiers line the halls, but despair fills the air.
We are not welcome here. Tread carefully as you search for the ingredient we need."

Along the way you encounter Daedra affiliated with Ithelia:

Ithelia"My Shardborn. They always served me well."

Ithelia will comment on the empty library shelves:

Ithelia: "These shelves were full in our reality. Not ransacked like this."

And also on the condition of the shrine:

Ithelia: "This shrine appears old, decayed. What happened here?"
The Ithelia that was defeated

You eventually reach another alternate version of Ithelia, unlike the first Ithelia encountered this one is bitter and angry about her defeat:

Ithelia:"Have Mora's forces finally come? Then I am finished."

Speaking with your Ithelia before continuing:

"The Ithelia of this reality cannot even stand. She looks fully defeated, but I do not see any signs of an enemy.
Maybe she can tell you what happened here. And make sure to ask about an ingredient for Sage's Dream."

When you speak with the defeated Ithelia, she will rail at the perceived mockery:

"No. You do not belong here. But a reflection of the Prince of Paths travels with you. Have you come to revel at my defeat? To watch Hermaeus Mora imprison me? How shameful that I attract a mocking audience.
Get on with your gloating then."
We're not here to gloat. I need a Sage's Dream so the Ithelia of my reality can restore her power.
"Of course she lost control of her powers. All Ithelias are fragile creatures. They break under the slightest pressure. Just like glass.
How did you get here if my reflection cannot control her power? How did you walk the Many Paths?"
This Lamp of Clarity opened the way. It's leading us to Sage's Dream ingredients.
"My Shardborn should gut you. Whether you intend it or not, this humiliates me even more. An item of my ruin borne by a reflection who walks free.
If it will get you to leave, I have harkfruit, one of the ingredients for Sage's Dream. Take it and go."
I'll get the harkfruit.
"Azura's Lamp is not a friend to Ithelia, pathwalker. All the relics work to subdue us. If it helps make a Sage's Dream, it is not to empower my reflection.
No matter. My fate here is sealed so what do I care. Take your harkfruit and leave me."

You can ask this Ithelia some questions about the different circumstances between the Ithelias:

A different reflection of Ithelia accepted defeat. You seem not to be taking it as well.
"Accepted? All that I am will soon vanish from reality. How could I possibly be comfortable with annihilation?
No, I feel dread. Resentment. Anger. And totally ashamed by my obvious weakness."
What brought you to this point?
"When word arrived of Hermaeus Mora's plan for me, I crumbled. My followers are loyal, but they couldn't face down the combined might of the other Princes. What resistance we presented was quickly crushed.
Another testament to my weakness"
What happens now for you and your followers?
"Mora's army has surrounded the shrine and will soon pour in. I will have no choice but to let them imprison me. My followers may be locked away as well. Or scattered across Oblivion.
It does not matter anymore. Let them come."

The Ithelia from your reality will comment on her counterpart's state:

Ithelia:"This reflection seems resigned to her fate. Quite different from the other. Let us get the ingredient and go."

Once you have collected the harkfruit, the defeated Ithelia will open a portal:

Ithelia:"I saw how to open a doorway. Let us return to the inn's cellar."

If you speak with this reality's Ithelia before leaving:

"It seems my reflection is gaining in power. How shameful to watch at the moment of my failure.
Leave me, pathwalker. Let me fall the way I want to."

Talking to your Ithelia before leaving:

"With each remembrance, the storm calms a bit more and my power returns to me. You see how I opened a doorway into the Many Paths? I am gaining more control with each passing moment. All I need is Sage's Dream to complete the process."

Entering the portal, you return to your reality's cellar with the Harkfruit. Ithelia bids you to reveal the third portal to a different reality:

Ithelia:"I sense this is the last path calling to me. Use the Lamp here, mortal."

Talking to Ithelia:

"Like before, this path stirred up memories. I experienced the same dread before Hermaeus Mora's forces arrived.
But I did not collapse like a coward. I commanded my Shardborn to resist and they obeyed. The struggle I recall was … epic."
You remember more of the events leading to your imprisonment?
"I remember the armies of the other Princes pounding on the doors to my shrine. My loyal Shardborn readying their weapons. The sounds of unrelenting battle.
I recall the Princes standing in judgment over me. Then, blackness."
The last Ithelia claimed that the Lamp of Clarity wasn't actually helping you.
"She is correct. I should not trust Azura's Lamp. But it led us to two ingredients needed for a Sage's Dream and now we have tirum weed and harkfruit. One more and we can make the drink. And then I can regain control of my powers."
I'm ready to explore the next path.

You use the Lamp and reveal the portal:

Ithelia:"Step into the Many Paths once again, mortal."

You find yourself in a different reality's version of the shrine from before, but this version is in ruins, chunks of crystal sprouting from the ground and walls:

Ithelia: "Unbridled anger fills these halls. We have entered a war zone. Find the last ingredient, but be careful."

Talking to Ithelia before continuing:

"Mora's forces breached the shrine on this path. These Shardborn battle for their very existence, and the Ithelia of this realm's anger fills the air.
I am safe from harm, but a mortal like you can die even when walking a different path. Be warned."

You fight your way through the answering to both the Hermaeus Mora and Ithelia of this reality. As you progress Ithelia comments that this reality has become extremely fragile for some reason, and might soon shatter:

Ithelia: "Reality in this path is extremely fragile. It might shatter. Hurry."

You reach a point where tentacles are sprouting out of the walls, Ithelia explains that Mora is attempting to consume the shrine itself in response to the savagery of her counterpart's defense:

Ithelia: "Hermaeus Mora consumes this shrine. His response to the savagery of Ithelia's defense."

Crossing a hallway almost entirely covered by crystal, you encounter this reality's Torvesard, who warns you to keep away. Speaking with him, he explains that his Ithelia has become the very thing Mora warned about and that he failed to stop her from reaching this point. But to help your Ithelia, he directs you to the nearby lute berries you need.

While this conversation is happening, in the background the alternate Ithelia rises to the air, surrounded by an aura of light. This prompts Torvesard to urge you to flee before this reality unravels from Ithelia's rage.

As you approach the alternate Ithelia, she exclaims in rage:

Ithelia: "Mora dares? Damn his eyes, every one of them!"
Ithelia: "He wanted a monster? Behold the Last Tomorrow! Behold the Destroyer of Reality!"
<Her wings splinter from her and she is surrounded in firey golden light.>

A Fractured Remnant arrives to stand before the alternate Ithelia. Once take the lute berries and Ithelia comments again:

Ithelia: "We must leave this path before my reflection destroys it."

Speaking with your Ithelia:

"If you have the ingredient we came for, then we need to go. Now."

The alternate Ithelia then yells in fury, the light surrounding her becomes red and the shrine begins shaking; in the air, cracks in reality appear at various points around the chamber.

Ithelia: "<unhinged scream of rage>"
Ithelia: "This Ithelia chose uncontrolled rage. It will consume every piece of this reality."

Your Ithelia opens a portal back to your own reality. Upon your return to the cellar will have gone back upstairs and you will be greeted by Innkeeper Brynmir. Brynmir explains how he turned his alchemy stove into an experimental drink maker. At this point you use the device to mix the ingredients you've gathered into the Sage's Dream.

After successfully mixing the Sage's Dream, Brynmir tells you to take it upstairs to Ithelia.

You return to Ithelia with the finished drink:

Ithelia: "Sage's Dream, do you have it?"

If you talk to her before placing down the Sage's Dream:

"We walked the Many Paths together and learned much, mortal. Yet, I still cannot control my power or clear the storm from my mind. Every path collides in this place.
If you have a Sage's Dream, please place it on the table. I wish to calm the chaos."

Ithelia drinks the Sage's Dream and throws the carafe into the fireplace. You can then speak with Ithelia:

"Finally, the storm abates and I can clearly see the Many Paths. I can discern one reality from the next and my mind is clear.
I am myself again. I am Ithelia, Prince of Paths and Mistress of the Untraveled Road."
What about the echoes and other strange things around the inn?
"I shall set things right. The echoes I dragged from disparate paths are free to return to their own realms. And allow me to untangle the threads of fate and restore balance to this reality.
I thank you, pathwalker. And I am jealous of you."
You're jealous of me?
"We learned that every Ithelia is dangerous, a broken creature that ends up hunted. We cannot change who we are.
But mortals? You choose your paths. You don't need the powers of a Daedric Prince to alter your fate. I envy this. Goodbye, pathwalker."
Ithelia, wait!

Ithelia will then disappear in a burst of golden light. The Outcast Inn has returned to normal, the echoes from other realities have disappeared, and outside the shimmering light and Daedra have vanished and the sky has returned to normal. Once you leave the Inn, you can explain to Leramil what happened and hand her the Lamp of Clarity.

Relics of the Three PrincesEdit

After the events of Hoperoot, you will be travelling around West Weald to locate and recover Daedric artifacts that were used to imprison Ithelia. After you have found the Skein of Secrets within the long-lost vault of Niryastare, Beragon will point out an Echonir manifestation, indicating a memory is present.

Using the Echonir, it shows Hermaeus Mora warning Ithelia once more that he and the other Princes would take action if she continued to manipulate fate as she did:

Torvesard: "Why do you trouble my Prince, Ur-Daedra?"
Hermaeus Mora: "The Many Paths splinter. You manipulate fate in ways that were not meant to be!"
Ithelia: "What I do I do [sic] for the good of all. Why can you not see that, Mora?"
Hermaeus Mora: ""I am not alone in my concerns, Ithelia. Constrain yourself or we will constrain you."
Ithelia: "And you will fail! Now begone!"
<The memory ends and Beragon will want to talk to you.>
Beragon: "A memory of Ithelia arguing with Hermaeus Mora! Have you ever seen such a thing? Friend, we should talk."

King Nantharion's GambitEdit

You efforts to track down King Nantharion and stop his plans by using the Skein of Secrets leads you to Fort Dirich with Beragon.

Within the dungeon ruins you come across a memory that can be revealed with the Echonir:

King Nantharion: "The wildburn is but a tool, my Prince. A way to awaken the Ayleid magic sleeping beneath this land."
<Ithelia walks closer to King Nantharion.>
Ithelia: "Yes, the well of Miscarcand. I remember it now."
King Nantharion: "Miscarcand was the ancient realm of my ancestors, my Prince. But the well lies hidden."
Ithelia: "I can open the way for you. The wellspring of power awaits in a starry vault deep beneath the city. Come. I will show you."
<The memory ends.>
Beragon: "Miscarcand? That's where we'll find King Nantharion!"

Beragon will say Miscarcand is where you'll find King Nantharion. You soon learn that Vashabar is built upon the ruins of Miscarcand and recently King Nantharion and Ithelia entered it together.

Fighting your way through the ruins with Tribune Alea, you come across another Echonir memory in the Miscarcand Deep Halls.

In the memory you see the moment when Hermaeus Mora and his forces cornered Ithelia in Miscarcand. Torvesard is at her side, two crystral atronachs will be guarding a passage behind her:

Hermaeus Mora: "Why continue this futile struggle, Ithelia? Every fate before me says you cannot win."
Ithelia: "But you do not see everything, Mora. In the Many Paths, all things are possible. I will write my own fate!"
<A portal is opened.>
Torvesard: "Go, my Prince! You must escape!"
Hermaeus Mora: "Ithelia, wait!"
<Ithelia goes through the portal and the vison ends.>
Tribune Alea Idolus: "Is this where Ithelia lost her ancient battle? Hmm. Her minions remained to guard the passage behind her."

After using Abolisher to open a portal to the Darkened Home, you will hear Ithelia herself speaking to Nantharion:

Ithelia: "Your foes destroyed your seeds, but do not fear. My very presence has awakened the well."
King Nantharion: "Then draw power from the well, my Prince. You will be restored and I will create a wildburn that transforms the Weald!"
Shardmarshal Vargas: "Reward the mortal if it pleases you, my Prince, but greater victory awaits us in Mirrormoor."
Tribune Alea Idolus: "Down there! Ithelia and her servants. They reached the well!"
Beragon: "I can't wait any longer. I need to stop Nantharion!"
Tribune Alea Idolus: "Beragon! Damn. He's charging ahead without us!"

After defeating some more Shardborn, you eventually fight King Nantharion, who is wielding the Staff of Many Paths and being aided by the Daedra of Mirrormoor, before the great well of Miscarcand. In the background Shardmarshal Vargas and Ithelia can be seen pulling on the power of the well.

After Nantharion is defeated, the Staff of Many Paths rises into the air and flies into the hands of Shardmarshal Vargas:

Shardmarshal Vargas: "The Staff of Many Paths was never meant for mortal hands. Witness it's true power!"
<Shardmarshal Vargas kneels with staff held in front of her, golden light flows from it to Ithelia.>
Shardmarshal Vargas: "Ithelia! Unweaver, Mistress of the Many Paths, let your glory be restored!"'
Shardmarshal Vargas: "Remember your true self and free us from the chains of fate!"
<Ithelia rises into the air, the glass wings form around her body and when they unfurl it shows Ithelia restored to her ancient might and in her glass-winged form.>
Ithelia: "I am whole! Come, Vargas. It is time to go home. With the Loom I will restore all that was lost."
<Ithelia opens a portal and she and Vargas walk through.>
<Beragon is freed from the trap.>
Beragon: "I'm all right Tribune. You stopped Nantharion from unleashing that final wildburn on the Weald. Thank you, my friend."
Tribune Alea Idolus: "We stopped one threat, but did you see? Ithelia … changed."
Beragon: "Let's talk about this back in Skingrad, friends."

The Untraveled RoadEdit

After Miscarcand, the Skein of Secrets will lead you to Wendir and then to the ruins in an unknown part of Fargrave. After you are seperated from Beragon and Tribune Alea by Shardmarshal Vargas, you and Leramil will unlock an ancient portal to access the Fargrave Loom Quarter. Once inside this pocket dimension, you defeat some Shardborn and come across another Echonir manifestatio.

Using the Echonir, you will see a more recent memory of Ithelia explaining what the Loom of the Untraveled Road is to Torvesard and Shardmarshal Vargas:

Ithelia: My Loom of the Untraveled Road fills this place. From its core, I can break the shackles of fate. Undo mistakes. Unlock possibilities. Create new histories."
Leramil the Wise: "Ithelia can use the Loom to change history? That is how she will restore what was lost!"
Shardmarshall Vargas: "It's magnificent! But won't some Princes see it as a threat?"
Ithelia: A threat? This is a gift. The gift of unconstrained choice."
Ithelia: The Loom will weave a new story for every being, what they choose to be true. All shall benefit!"
Torvesard: A wonderful gift indeed, my Prince!"
<The memory ends.>
Leramil the Wise: "Ithelia and Vargas have reached the loom's core. We must reach them before they destroy the reality we know."

When Leramil tries to create a portal to the Loom, it is intercepted by Shardmarshal Vargas diverts Leramil's portal to Ithelia's Prison and leaves you to rot. Leramil will soon point out an Echonir manifestation in front of the throne and suggests using the Echonir.

The memory shows Ithelia and Mora just after she was sealed way:

Hermaeus Mora: "This is how it must be, Ithelia. For the sake of reality, you cannot walk free."
<Ithelia stands up from the throne.>
Ithelia: "You cannot contain me forever, Mora. In time, I will escape this cell."
Hermaeus Mora: "No fate that I foresee results in your freedom. I am sorry, Ithelia, but I do this to preserve reality."
<The memory ends and Leramil comments that Mora had made a miscalculation.>
Leramil the Wise: "Hermaeus Mora could not predict what he could not perceive—Ithelia's scions, the Unseen. Come, we must find a way to escape."

After you have escaped a trap set by Shardmarshal Vargas and rescued your companions, you can reach the Loom of the Untravelled Road. It is a shell of crystal surrounded by floating crystalline formations. The giant skeletons of Bearers are arranged in a circle all around it. Leramil describes it as a device of unimaginable power which is what Hermaeus Mora fears, and Beragon will sight Torvesard and Shardmarshal Vargas accompanying her.

As you fight through more Shardborn forces, you can hear a conversation between Ithelia and her lieutenants, where she explains what she is trying to do:

Ithelia: "Now I can undo my long imprisonment. Make it so I was never forgotten."
Ithelia: "I can find a path in which the Princes and I were never in conflict. And with the Loom I shall weave it into this reality!"
Torvesard: The Loom awaits my Prince. Reshape the fates and restore the glory of Mirrormoor!"
Shardmarshal Vargas: "Mirrormoor stands ready, my Prince. Weave a better reality with your Loom!"
Leramil the Wise: "Ithelia has not yet activated the Loom. We can still intervene!"

You reach the core of the Loom. Ithelia is floating above, connected to it and pulling in power, while Torvesard will be assisting with the process. When you reach the Loom, Shardmarshal Vargas will lead the defence and is at first heavily shielded. When you and your allies begin fighting Shardmarshal Vargas, Ithelia will call out to you:

Shardmarshal Vargas "You dare use Abolisher against me?"
Ithelia "Why, mortals? I do this for you. Vargas, protect the Loom!"

Ithelia will allow Vargas to draw upon some of her power, transforming her into a Shattered Shard:

Ithelia: "Vargas, draw on my power! Defend the Loom!"

When Shardmarshal Vargas is defeated, Ithelia will be devastated and Leramil will order you to destroy the Loom with Abolisher:

Ithelia "Vargas, no! Wait, I can set this right."
Leramil the Wise "Now, proxy! Use Abolisher to destroy the Loom!"

You use Abolisher to destroy the central sigil of the Loom. The floating crystals shatter, followed by the crystalline formation surrounding Ithelia exploding in a burst of energy:

Ithelia "Arggh! My Loom! But the power! Such terrible power!"
<The light surrounding Ithelia becomes brighter and turns crimson.>
Torvesard: The Loom is destroyed, my Prince! We must leave this place!"
Ithelia "I am the Last Tomorrow, the Unweaver! I am filled with the power of the Many Paths! Come, Torvesard, away!"
<Ithelia and Torvesard disappear.>
Beragon: "You did it, friend! But what's happening to Ithelia?"
Tribune Alea Idolus: "Ithelia has become … something else."
Leramil the Wise: "Abolisher is depleted, but it did its job. The Loom has been destroyed. I shall open an exit. Let us leave this place."
<Leramil opens a portal to Skingrad.>

With a furious Ithelia in parts unknown, you will need to wait before you can follow up on that.

Ithelia's FuryEdit

After you have completed both of the Shadow Over Morrowind and Recollection of Ithelia story lines, you will have unlocked the epilogue. This starts with a panicked Scruut contacting you and saying that tears and instabilities in reality have been detected and it likely due to Ithelia. If nothing is done, then reality will come apart at the seams.

Once you have confirmed that the cracks in reality that are forming due to Ithelia's influence on fate, receive a final warning from Toversard and restored the depleted relics, you return to Fargrave and to the Loom of the Untraveled Road with Leramil and Curate Gadayn.

Using the Echonir, it shows Torversard and Ithelia while the latter examines the damage to the Loom:

Torvesard: "Is nothing salvageable, my Prince?"
Ithelia: "Nothing, damn them!"
Ithelia: "Very well. If I cannot restore Mirrormoor, I will create a new realm—upon the festering corpse of Apocrypha!"
<The memory ends.>
Leramil the Wise "Apocrypha! Proxy, we must talk!"

You will then argue with Leramil and then Scruut about the perceived immutability of Daedra and the Princes. You convince them that perhaps the concept of Ithelias different selves on the Many Paths can be used to find a way to make Ithelia see what is happening to her and get her to stop for a moment. Scruut will then suggest making a relic based on a mortal wizard's device that showed people their innermost thoughts and dreams. You will then be asked to go to Ceyond with your companions to recover a fragment of the Primordial Shattered Titan to use as the base of the relic.

After you defeat the Primordial Shattered Titan and collect the fragment, Torvesard will ambush you and attempt to erase you by using a reality tear. It is only due to Curate Gadayn sacrificing himself that you survive. You then return to Skingrad to inform Leramil what happened and work with her to create the Mirror of Truth.

With the Mirror in hand, it is now time to find and confront Ithelia.

Fate of the Forgotten PrinceEdit

With the creation of the Mirror of Truth, it is time to put the plan for stopping Ithelia into action. But you will need to find Ithelia quickly as reality is beginning crack and break. When you enter Apocrypha, you and Leramil will use the Skein of Secrets, and enter the Orphic Tunnels to find a secret entrance to the Mythos, Hermaeus Mora will call to you for assistance as you reach the portal. Once in the Mythos, you will find Ithelia's forces doing battle, and the surroundings changing to reflect Ithelia's realm. You will have to use the Lamp, Abolisher and the Skein at various points to get through the maze and reach Mora's Sanctum.

The final obstacle is when you reach the Sanctum entrance. You will see it is sealed by a Mirrormoor gate and is insultingly flanked by statues of Ithelia.

Using the Echonir, it will show Ithelia and Torvesard as they stand in front of the door:

<Ithelia turn to Torvesard.>
Ithelia: "Mora hides in his sanctum? I will transform this realm and make it his tomb! Set wards in place, my scion. Fate's minions must not be allowed to interfere."
Torvesard "Yes, my Prince. None shall find the wards."
<The vision ends.>
Leramil the Wise: "We must locate those hidden wards, proxy. Perhaps the Skein of Secrets can serve us here."

When you enter the Sanctum, just like at the Outcast Inn, the skies of the Mythos have changed to resemble those of Fargrave due to Ithelia's presence. At the far end of the space, you will see Hermaeus Mora is suspended above a structure resembling the one that serves as the entrance to Ithelia's prison, Ithelia and Torvesard stand on either side of him, draining his power, Torvesard wielding the Staff of Many Paths to do so.

Approaching them, you will hear their conversation:

Hermaeus Mora: "You have become the very threat I foresaw, Ithelia."
Ithelia: "Only a threat to you, Mora!"
Hermaeus Mora: "Can you not see? Reality collapses around you as fate's threads unravel."
Ithelia: "Your reality, fate-seer, not mine. Witness the ascension of the Prince of Paths to her rightful place of power!"
<Ithelia notices you and teleports down to meet you.>
Ithelia: "Keep draining Mora, scion. I will deal with his champions!"
Torvesard: "With pleasure, my Prince."
Ithelia: "I am the Unweaver! I am the Dark Tomorrow! I am the last path you will ever walk."
Leramil the Wise: "Stop Ithelia, proxy!"

(lore page)
Location Hermaeus Mora's Sanctum
Race Daedric Prince Gender Female
Health 1159977 Difficulty  
Reaction Hostile
Ithelia in Hermaeus Mora's Sanctum

You then fight Ithelia while Torvesard keeps draining Hermaeus Mora in the background. During the fight Ithelia will fly up, stand before Mora's eye, and drain his power herself. You will need to use Abolisher to destroy the Mirrormoor portals as she opens them.

During the fight:

Ithelia: "Warriors of Mirrormoor, defend your Prince!"

When Ithelia slams back down:

Ithelia: "I will restore what was lost, mortal! I must!"

You will have to stay alive long enough to wear Ithelia down and get the opportunity to use the Mirror of Truth.

Ithelia: "No, I cannot be undone by a mortal!"
Leramil the Wise: "Over here, proxy! Use the Mirror of Truth!"

You use the Mirror and a golden light emerges from it, it causes Ithelia to freeze and recoil. The red glow fades from her and there is then a flash of light. She stands before you afterwards and demands to know what happened:

Ithelia: "What … what did I see? Mortal, tell me what this means!"

Speaking with Ithelia, it will have shown her her long-forgotten realization:

"That mirror … it showed me the truth. I have become the monster that Mora predicted. And I remember. I saw it, too. As Mora sealed my prison all those eons ago, I realized at the end … he was right.
I am the Last Tomorrow."
What does that mean, the Last Tomorrow?
"It was what Mora saw when he examined my threads of fate. That I would become the Unweaver, the Destroyer of Reality. In that last moment, as the door to my prison slammed shut and my memories frayed, I saw it, too. But it was too late."
Why was it too late?
"Because I had already set the compulsion in Torvesard's mind. I had already unspooled the thread to freedom.
Now your actions have brought me a moment of clarity, but it will not last. Already I feel the power, the madness, reasserting itself."
But you saw the truth. You know what happened. You can change.
"A nice thought, but I am Daedra. I cannot change. And once the madness comes upon me, I doubt you will be able to contain me again. Forgotten memories and near-limitless power blinded me. It led us exactly to the moment in time Mora feared."
Can't you simply surrender?
"Not while the power of the Loom and the energy I took from Hermaeus Mora flows through me.
I must shed this power once and for all. Only then can the growing madness be quelled."
All right. If you can shed the power, do it now.

At this, Ithelia will attempt to return Mora's stolen power back to him:

Ithelia: "Hermaeus Mora, you were right. I am a danger to fate and reality. Let me return what is rightfully yours."
<Ithelia raises her hands and Mora's power rises into the air and takes the form of a giant glass orb.>
Torvesard: "You are surrendering? Abandoning our sacred quest?"
Torvesard: "No! We are too close! I claim the power! I will finish this!"
<Torvesard uses the Staff of Many Paths to absorb both Hermaeus Mora' and Ithelia's power into himself. Ithelia will be pulled into a glass orb to keep her out of the way.>
Ithelia: "Mortal, my scion has taken the power. You must stop Torvesard!"
Leramil the Wise: "I shall aid Hermaeus Mora while you try to stop Torvesard."

With Torvesard's refusal to accept Ithelia's surrender, he will use the Staff of Many Paths to absorb both Hermaeus Mora's power and Ithelia's own might into himself and intends to finish things himself. During the fight, he will call copies of himself and Leramil will assist by summoning your allies to battle. Eventually Torvesard will grow immense in size and your combined efforts will defeat him.

"And Torvesard, my most faithful. I consign your essence to nothingness, never to return. Be at peace at last."

Once Torvesard has been defeated, he will rise in the air and vanish in a burst of golden light. Ithelia, now freed, floats down to the platform:

Ithelia: "I created my scions to save me from a fate I finally accepted, though I had forgotten until you reminded me."
<Torvesard's transluscent Vestige appears and bows before her.>
Torvesard: "No, my Prince! I am Dremora! I am eternal! I will reform and complete the task you set before me."
Ithelia: "Such is the nature of Daedra. Never changing. Never growing. I return your power to you, Mora! And I disperse mine into the Void!"
<Golden light gathers in her palms and disappears. She then gently places her hand on Torvesard's head.>
Ithelia: "And Torvesard, my most faithful. I consign your essence to nothingness, never to return. Be at peace at last."
<White flame emerges from her hand and Torvesard's Vestige disappears in gold sparks.>
Ithelia: "Poor Torvesard. Blinded by a compulsion I never should have bestowed."

At this point Hermaeus Mora, now freed and with his power restored, will intervene, opening a portal to Ithelia's Prison:

Hermaeus Mora: "Fate's chosen has accomplished the tasks I set before them. Now let us enter the portal and conclude this heinous business. Your prison awaits, Ithelia."
<Ithelia enter the portal.>

If you manage to talk to her before she enters the portal:[verification needed — see talk page]

"Hermaeus Mora, the One Who Knows. For all his knowledge and foresight, his solution remains the same. To repeat our cycle. Such is the nature of the Daedra, mortal.
Let us proceed."

When you enter the portal, you will find only Leramil is with you, and then you will witness the two Princes discuss Ithelia's imprisonment and the pitfalls:

Hermaeus Mora: "Ithelia, it is time to resume your imprisonment."
Ithelia: "To what end? As long as I remain in this reality, the threat I pose persists. My power will always find a way to return to me. Such is the nature of our princely dispositions."
Hermaeus Mora: "The threads of fate agree with you, but what choice do we have? You are Daedra. Immortal. Forever. I see no other path before us."
Ithelia: "Our natures confound us. We need a different perspective. One you so elegantly provided. Mortal, let us speak."

Talk with Ithelia and explain your idea to her, providing a much needed new perspective:

"My very nature makes returning me to prison a temporary reprieve at best. My power will always find a way back to me. And with it, the threat of the madness that overcomes me and can unravel reality.
Mortal, talk with me more about change."
Mortals change all the time. And we saw different versions of you on the Many Paths.
"Yes, my reflections. When we walked the Many Paths at the Outcast Inn, we visited realities where things had gone another way. I am different in those realities, but that is not choice. That is consequence. The aftermath of alternate events."
Do the Many Paths only lead to alternate realities?
"The Many Paths lead everywhere. Other places, other possibilities, parallel realities. You can go anywhere, if you can just find the path."
If the threat to reality comes from your power, what about someplace where there is no power?
"No power? A path where Daedra and magicka do not exist? Hmm. It would need to be a place where my Daedric power held no sway and could gain no foothold.
I feel the tendrils of my discarded power searching, reaching toward me. We must hurry, mortal."
Is such a path possible? What would we need to do to make that happen?
"Indeed. Hermaeus Mora can find an acceptable path and I can show him how to open the way. And then we would need you to use Abolisher. To destroy the path so that I could never return to this reality.
Ask Mora if this will suffice."

If you try and speak to her again, she will urge you to talk to Mora:

"Speak with the Prince of Fate, mortal. We do not have much time before my power returns and the madness overtakes me again."

You inform Mora of your idea, he is skeptical at first, but ultimately agrees when you say will use Abolisher to destroy any path back between your reality and the unknown one. At this, the pair of Princes will work together to find a new path:

Hermaeus Mora: "What say you, Prince of Paths? Will you accept eternal banishment in a realm where your power does not exist?"
Ithelia: "I accept that fate, Hermaeus Mora."
Hermaeus Mora: "Than allow me to turn my gaze upon the Many Paths, to find a worthy reality."
Ithelia: "And allow me to show you how to open that path, while I still have the will to do so."
<Streams of golden magic shoot out from Mora's eye and Ithelia's hand, joining to form the portal that has contains elements of both Princes.>
Ithelia: "An excellent portal, Mora. Now—"
<Leramil calls out and runs up to Ithelia.>
Leramil the Wise: "Wait! We lost a … good friend to one of the reality tears. Is there anything …"
Ithelia: "The tears were not my creation, only an effect of my passing."
Ithelia: "All I can offer is this wisdom to ease your mind."
<Ithelia extends her hand, Leramil's head glows with purple light and then she clutches it in her hands before nearly collapsing.>
Ithelia: "Now, you have shown we who are called Daedric Princes that there are always possibilities. Even for us. Farewell, mortal."
<Ithelia transforms back into her hooded form from your early encounters with her and walks through the portal.>
Hermaeus Mora: "Ithelia has walked the path to her exile. Take Boethiah's blade and destroy the portal. Cut off the path so that she may never return."

You then use Abolisher to destroy the portal, after this Hermaeus Mora will create a portal back to Skingrad to reunite with the rest of your allies. During In Memory Of, Hermaeus Mora will summon you for a final conversation where he reveals that he will remove all memory of Ithelia from reality once more to protect existance. He will only allow two beings to remember Ithelia and the truth of recent events—himself and you.


  • Ithelia is voiced by Alix Wilton Regan.[1]
  • Ithelia uses unique facial features including exclusive full lips, eyes, etc. and is implemented as a full npc model not corresponding to any race, similar to polymorphs.
  • A statue of Ithelia is available for pre-order on the Bethesda Gear Store.



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