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Commandant Salerius
Daily Job Broker
Home City Skingrad
Race Imperial Gender Male
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) West Weald Legion
Commandant Salerius

Commandant Salerius is an Imperial member of the Imperial Legion of West Weald. He is currently acting as the daily job broker on behalf of Count Calantius and can be found in Skingrad.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related DialogueEdit

The first time you approach him for a job, he will greet you with the following:

"You there! The Imperial Legion of West Weald has need of your services. There are problems throughout the region and not enough legionaries to deal with them.
Would you be available to hire?"

With subsequent jobs, he'll greet you with one of the following:

"Count Calantius has authorized the Imperial Legion of West Weald to hire capable individuals to handle delicate situations throughout the region. Would you be interested perhaps?"
"You have the look of someone who likes to get things done. Care to help out the Imperial Legion and earn some gold along the way?"
"Perhaps you've heard. Imperial City is engulfed in war and a good portion of the Imperial Legion is off, trying to keep it contained. So, I have been authorized to hire adventurers and mercenaries to deal with more local issues. Care to hear more?"
"West Weald has needs that the local Imperial Legion cohorts aren't quite equipped to deal with at the moment. I am authorized to pay very well for any services rendered. Would you be interested in such work?"

After accepting a quest:

"Everything is recorded and official. Now get to it. The sooner you complete the task, the sooner you get paid."
"I remember when the Legion was beyond number, when we had no need of adventurers-for-hire. Alas, those days are gone.
Still, I expect you to bear in mind that Skingrad and Count Calantius are funding your efforts. Conduct yourself accordingly."
"If you encounter any problems as you go about this task, remember that the Legion may not be available to assist you. We're spread so thin across the region as it is.
That's why we hired you."
"The wilds of West Weald have become increasingly more dangerous. I assume by your dress and weaponry, you're no stranger to trouble. Still, it pays to be cautious.
Should you survive and do well, I'm sure we can extend this arrangement."

Returning to him after completing your task, he may say one of the following:

"Another mercenary back from the field. Give me the news, soldier." (he may you greet you with other line)
"Ah, if only my old cohort were back from Cyrodiil. But at least you have returned. Were you able to accomplish the task I assigned to you?"
"You return. Tell me, has the assignment been completed?"
"That was fast. Report, mercenary!"

If you finished your daily quest for the day:

"All of my tasks have been dealt with for the moment. Return later and I am certain to have something else for you to do. Count Calantius and the Imperial Legion appreciate your interest."
"No more assignments are available, adventurer. Come back later. Some new threat or danger is sure to appear eventually. It always does."
"My day is done and so is yours, adventurer. Get some rest and we can find you more work on the morrow. Skingrad and the Legion can certainly use the help."
"No more work available today. I must finish these reports for Count Calantius. Return tomorrow and I am sure to offer you something intriguing."

You also have the option of asking about himself regardless what mission you are doing for him:

Is the Imperial Legion really stretched so thin that you have to hire mercenaries?
"Believe me, I would rather send trained legionaries, but there are none to spare. When Emperor Varen disappeared, cohorts from across the Empire were summoned to Imperial City. We barely have enough soldiers to protect Skingrad, let alone the Weald."
What kinds of tasks do you need help with?
"Anything that threatens the safety of Skingrad and West Weald. As I said, just a few years ago, Count Calantius and the Legion would never stoop to hiring common mercenaries. But times change.
If you're willing to help, you will be paid well."
Who are you exactly?
"I am a commandant in the Imperial Legion, assigned to the Third Cohort in Skingrad and currently serving as an attache to Count Calantius.
I have been tasked with evaluating threats and securing mercenaries such as yourself to deal with them."

A Study in TharrikerEdit

What do you need me to do?
"Are you familiar with the tharriker? It's a relatively recent addition to the Weald's wildlife. Not sure where it comes from, but it appeared shortly after the southwestern transformation.
I need someone to find out more about these creatures."
What exactly do you need me to do?
"Reports indicate sightings to the southwest, near Fyrelight Cave. I need someone to see if the tharriker are establishing dens. Then collect samples for our mages to study. Claws, fangs, feathers, and eggshells should suffice.
I'll go to Fyrelight Cave and investigate the tharriker.

After you accept the assigment, you can ask him questions:

Anything else I should know about tharrikers?
"The tharriker were first spotted shortly after the transformation of the southwestern Weald. The new area of jungle growth the Wood Elves call Dawnwood.
They appear to be wild and vicious, so take every precaution as you observe them."
You think the tharriker serve the Wood Elves?
"We don't honestly know, which is why we need someone to learn more about them. Gather the items I mentioned and bring them to me. Then I can get Legion beast handlers and the Mages Guild to study them and tell us more."

After you have collected the Tharriker samples, you can return to Commandant Salerius:

I gathered the items you wanted from Fyrelight Cave.
"Well done! I'm not squeamish, but the claws and fangs of this unnatural beast make my skin crawl. I'll deliver them to a Legion mage and let them deal with it. Hopefully, they'll tell us much about the creatures.
Now take this with my thanks."

A Calamitous ErrorEdit

What do you need me to do?
"It's a delicate matter, I'm afraid. I was tasked with preparing invitations for Count Calantius's upcoming gala and the printer made a grievous mistake.
We must destroy those insidious invitations before anyone notices the calamitous error."
What sort of calamitous error?
"The printer rearranged the words I provided. The finished document contains a terrible insult to both the count and Skingrad. I need someone to travel north to Fort Colovia and burn the crates containing the invitations before they get distributed."
I can travel to Fort Colovia and burn the crates.

After you accept the mission, you can ask some questions:

Why is it so important that I destroy these gala invitations?
"With no shortage of tasks and workers at a premium, Count Calantius assigned the task of preparing invitations for his upcoming gala to me. Busy as I am, well, I may not have paid close enough attention to the printer I hired."
"When the printer sent me the invoice, a printed invitation was included. That's when I noticed the … errors.
Now the invitations refer to that feeble-minded count instead of fastidious, and call Skingrad ineffective instead of influential."
And this is bad?
"Do you know nothing of the intricacies of Colovian etiquette and protocol? Slights and insults have consequence! And Count Calantius is particularly sensitive to the smallest slander.
Where you see an innocent mistake, I see disaster!"
If these invitations are for the count, why were the crates sent to Fort Colovia?
"Fort Colovia is a Legion training center, though our ranks aren't nearly as full as in the past. Still, who better to guard and deliver the count's invitations than raw recruits?
Please, destroy those crates before they deliver a single invitation."

After you have successfully burnt the invitations, you can return to the Commandant:

I burned those misprinted gala invitations for you.
"Oh, that is good news! If word of the insults contained in that invitation reached Count Calantius, heads would have rolled—specifically, mine.
The Legion appreciates your efforts and hopes you find this compensation acceptable. And so do I."

Loan RecallEdit

What do you need me to do?
"A contingent of workers borrowed high-quality tools from the Legion storehouse for use at Haldain Lumber Camp. They were to be returned once the camp's supplies arrived, but we've had no word.
I need someone to go and retrieve the tools."
Tell me about these high-quality tools.
"We equipped the workers with packs of the best logging equipment in the Imperial stores. Retrieve any packs you find and bring them to me so I can catalog them and return them to inventory.
The Legion can't afford to lose such valuable tools."
I'll return with any tool packs I find at the Haldain Lumber Camp.

After you accept the quest, you can ask questions. Your questions will depend on if you have visited Haldain Lumber Camp previously:

Haldain Lumber Camp Incomplete:
Haldain Lumber Camp Completed:
What can you tell me about the Haldain Lumber Camp?
"Not very much, I'm afraid. I only just received the order to reclaim the tool packs the camp borrowed from the Legion.
I can tell you the camp lies to the south, in what I understand is now the area of devastation at the edge of the new forest."
Devastation? New forest?
"You must know about the forest that sprang into existence seemingly overnight a few months back? And the ring of devastation that surrounds it? The count has legionaries investigating the situation, but no conclusions have been reached as yet."
And Haldain Lumber Camp is in this devastated region?
"As I understand it, yes. Which could explain why they have yet to return the tool packs. Unfortunately, the Legion can't be everywhere, not in these trying times.
I suppose you could check on the workers while you're there, if you're so inclined."
I've been to the Haldain Lumber Camp. The place was devastated.
"Well. That is unfortunate. And it explains why the workers haven't returned the tool packs of their own accord. That makes it even more imperative that you return there and recover the Legion's property.
Anything else you can tell me?"
The devastated area has affected the wildlife. Altered creatures attacked the camp.
"Interesting. I'll make a note of that. I've seen other reports of strange beasts in the area, but I assumed they were just exaggerations. Something else to put on our to-do list, I suppose. Thank you for the information."

After you return from about the Haldain Lumber Camp:

I retrieved those tool packs you requested.
"Hmm. Perhaps a bit lighter than when we loaned them out, but these things happen. I shall catalog the contents and return them to the storehouse. They will be available to requisition again soon.
Many thanks, mercenary. Your payment, as promised."

Ruinous EvaluationEdit

What do you need me to do?
"The Legion plans to renovate the ruins of Nonungalo and turn them into an armory.
I need someone to enter the ruins and take note of any hostile creatures, hazards, or other dangers before we send laborers in there to begin the work."
What kind of dangers do you want me to look for?
"Oh, just what one expects to find in Ayleid ruins. Spirits, ancient traps, natural hazards, structural instability. Those sorts of things.
Take this journal and record your finding in it. Then return it to me when you're done. And do be careful."
All right. I'll investigate Nonungalo and record my findings in this journal.

After you accept the mission, you can ask some questions:

What do you know about Nonungalo?
"Oh, not very much. I've never been there myself. But if you've seen one Ayleid ruin you've seen them all, am I right?
It might be empty or falling apart. Or it could be full of bandits or undead or wild creatures. Anything is possible."
Why do you call them Ayleid ruins?
"Because that's who built them. The so-called Heartland High Elves of ancient Tamriel. I'm not really a scholar of Ayleid history, but I know their empire collapsed a very long time ago.
Be careful. Even unoccupied ruins can be dangerous."

Once you have completed your observations of Nonungalo, you can return to Skingrad:

Here are my notes about the dangers of Nunungalo.
"Ah, let me see. Traps, crumbling walls, Ayleid spirits … yes, yes, just what I expected.
I suppose we'll need to delay the renovation project until we can spare a cohort to clear the place out. Ah, well. So it goes. Here's your pay."

Trinkets from the ReachEdit

What do you need me to do?
"Root around in rubble and retrieve any Reachfolk trinkets you can find. It seems that during Varen Aquilarios's uprising to claim the Ruby Throne, Leovic requested aid from the Reachfolk. One such clan met its end at what is now called Varen's Watch."
Why are you interest in old Reachfolk trinkets?
"Oh, I'm not. But Count Calantius is, and he tasked the Legion with recovering them for a Reach diplomat. Apparently these trinkets, that Varen's forces considered unimportant and tossed in rubble heaps, actually have some sort of sentimental value."
All right. I'll gather the Reachfolk trinkets from Varen's Watch.

You have the option of asking more questions about the mission:

Why does a Reach diplomat care about some old, discarded trinkets?
"Have you ever met a Reachfolk? They're a superstitious lot. As I understand it now, their warriors carry these trinkets into battle to appease their gods or give them luck or something. Anyway, they also have some sort of spiritual connotation."
What do you mean?
"The Reach diplomat claims the clans cannot rest until the trinkets are returned to them and certain rites are performed. It's all beyond me, but Count Calantius says we can't risk angering the Despot of Markarth. We have enough problems as it is."
The Despot of Markarth?
"Ard Caddach, ruler of the Reach. The diplomat bears his seal and speaks with his authority. The count would prefer to just return the trinkets and mollify the despot, thus avoiding escalating the situation.
Besides, we have no need of the trinkets."
Oh, you mean Ard Caddach. (if you met Ard Caddach)
"Why, yes. I wasn't aware you and the despot were on a first-name basis. Regardless, the diplomat bears his seal and speaks with his authority. They want the trinkets and the count wants to return them.
He'd prefer to just resolve this situation."

After your return:

Here are the Reachfolk trinkets I recovered.
"Gods, they certainly smell rather Reachy. But if returning these baubles to Caddach's diplomat will please the count, then I too am pleased.
Now, take this for your troubles. I suspect you will find it more valuable than what you have just given me."

Venom HuntEdit

What do you need me to do?
"I need someone to gather venom from crystaljack wasps for our alchemists to study. The foul insects have recently infested Legion's Rest.
Initial reports indicate that the wasps create venom crystals. Those should be easy to find and transport."
Why are you interested in crystaljack venom?
"These crystaljacks have never been seen in the area and we have no idea how dangerous they truly are. Studying their venom can help us ascertain that.
Just gather a few of the scattered crystals or take some from wasp corpses."
All right. I'll gather the crystaljack venom crystals from Legion's Rest.

After you accept the assignment, you can ask about the Crystaljack Wasps:

You really don't know where these crystaljack wasps came from?
"As I've said, they are not native to West Weald and none of the mages or alchemists I spoke to have ever heard of such creatures before. Are they dangerous? That's more important than where they come from and what we need to determine."
You must have some theory.
"Well, between the new forest to our west and reports of strange crystalline creatures attacking travelers and trade caravans, we certainly don't have a shortage of mysteries to deal with.
Are they all connected? I have no idea."

After you have collected the venom crystals you can return to Skingrad:

I gathered the venom crystals from the crystaljacks.
"Oh, how beautiful. If they turn out to be harmless, I might actually keep one of these. But thank you. The last thing West Weald needs right now is a new poisonous insect flittering about.
Here, I'm sure this compensation is adequate."