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Online:Piercing Spear

Elder Scrolls Online: Skills: Aedric Spear
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ON-icon-skill-Aedric Spear-Piercing Spear.png Piercing Spear
Line Aedric Spear
Skill Rank Line Rank
Rank I 1 8
Rank II 2 18
Piercing Spear I: Increases your Critical Damage by 5%. Increases your damage done to blocking targets by 5%.
Piercing Spear II: Increases your Critical Damage by 10%. Increases your damage done to blocking targets by 10%.

Piercing Spear increases your damage from critical strikes and your damage against blocking targets.

Patch NotesEdit

* This passive now adds a melee critical strike in addition to a spell critical strike when using spear abilities.
* This passive now provides increased critical damage when a spear ability is slotted, instead of increased critical hit.
* Fixed an issue where this passive ability was not applying after relogging or zoning into a new area.
* This passive ability now only affects Critical Damage, and does not affect Critical Healing.
* Fixed an issue where this passive did not work against blocking targets.