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Lord Gharesh-ri
Home Settlement Haven
Race Cathay-raht Gender Male
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Aldmeri Dominion, Northern Elsweyr Defense Force
Lord Gharesh-ri
Lord Gharesh-ri in Northern Elsweyr

Lord Gharesh-ri is a Khajiit acting as the Speaker of the Mane. He is tasked with going to various places across the Aldmeri Dominion to speak on behalf of the Mane. He is also a long-time friend of the current Mane, Akkhuz-ri.

In Northern Elsweyr, he is tasked with leading the Northern Elsweyr Defense Force against the dragons and Euraxians.

Related QuestsEdit


Aldmeri DominionEdit

Unsafe HavenEdit

The Speaker is found in an Abandoned House inside the city of Haven. If you somehow managed to sneak into the building without starting the related quest, he'll only say:

"The pirates took Haven, but we'll get it back."

Otherwise, he'll elaborate:

"Without the weight of numbers, we can't retake Haven by direct assault. The key to victory is the fort."
Lieutenant Kazargi said you needed some help.
"Sharp clawed, that one. It's why I left her in charge.
This has been enlightening 
[sic] training cruise for my soldiers.
I wanted to show them life outside of Elsweyr, for them to see what it means to be a Dominion citizen! I never expected this."
Lieutenant Kazargi mentioned something about Haven's garrison?
"Ah, yes. The great General Endare! I wanted to introduce my soldiers to a real Dominion hero.
Shame that she's gone. Pulled her fearsome Jade Dragoons out of town before we arrived, and left the place defenseless. Seems the pirates decided to fill the void."
Why would she leave?
"A question for another time.
Right now, we need to deal with these pirates—Jackdaws, they call themselves. We spotted a few giving orders to the others. These Jackdaw lieutenants are the key."
What do you mean?
"We must know why have the Jackdaws lingered in Haven. What do they plan for its citizens?
Take my notebook and find the Jackdaw lieutenants. Make note of anything they say which gives us a clearer understanding."
Can't I just kill them?
"I can't see why not. If they're of any importance to the Jackdaw's captain, they'll have written orders.
As long as we learn their plans, I don't care how you do it."
I'll see what I can learn.

If you speak to him again, he'll give you a warning.

"Their streets are thick with Jackdaws. They're celebrating, so they aren't too alert … but if they see you, they'll sober up fast."

After infiltrating the fort and opening the gate from the inside, the Speaker will stand outside with Lieutenant Kazargi. He'll commend you:

Lord Gharesh-ri: "You've done it! Excellent work!"

Speak to him.

"Well done, my friend! Lieutenant Kazargi brought me what you found."
What should we do next?
"The pirate leader intends to fill Haven's streets with undead slaves, but there's still time to stop them.
They're coming from the Fighters Guild. I need someone I can trust to get inside and disrupt their foul rituals. Can I count on you once more?"
Why me?
"My soldiers are loyal, but if I'm not beside them they'll fight with half a heart.
And this way, we keep the pirates' focus on the Speaker for the Mane's flashing weapons and luxurious hair. Meanwhile, you can gut them when they aren't looking."
All right, I'll do it.
Of course.
"By Alkosh's scaly nethers, I knew you'd come through!
Now, the pirates are likely to have the Fighters Guild heavily guarded and locked down."
How do I get the key?
"I hand it to you. Found it on a pirate's corpse and recognized the markings. The luck of Rajhin was with me!
I'm sure the Fighters Guild will approve of you smashing anything that doesn't belong. When you finish, inform Lieutenant Kazargi of your success!"

If you speak to him again before entering the Fighters Guild, he'll urge you once again:

"We'll distract the pirates while you slip into the Fighters Guild.
Hurry, before they can arm their undead with every weapon in that building."
"An honor to fight beside you."

Talk to Lord Gharesh-ri after stopping the necromantic ritual:

"Ha! I knew you'd done it the moment those undead fell to tatters!
Half of the pirates surrendered on the spot. They must've thought whatever you did to the undead would happen to them next!"
The pirate leader is dead.
"This means three things. First, you were instrumental in crushing the pirate invasion of Haven. Second, the Dominion's leadership owes you a debt of thanks.
And third, I am privileged to be the one who pays it. An honor to fight beside you."

You can tell him about Kazargi's wounds after the quest is complete.

"I'd like to know why General Endare pulled her Jade Dragoons from Haven. Their absence nearly led to the Jackdaws' success."
Lieutenant Kazargi was seriously wounded.
"What? The last I saw, she was carving her way through undead warriors. How bad is it?"
It seemed bad. She didn't want you to worry.
"Nonsense. I'll send for Mages Guild healers to treat her immediately.
Don't you worry about Lieutenant Kazargi. She fought like she was born with six claws. There's no way she'll go without a fight."

Striking at the HeartEdit

His lordship will be among the party waiting outside Hectahame with Queen Ayrenn.

"Ah, you must be the one Ayrenn is waiting for."

After greeting the Queen, he'll say:

"While at first we thought only the Bosmer may be affected, we quickly realized the minds of others were in jeopardy as well.
Indaenir said there is something special about you. We pray he is right."

After you defeat Naemon, he will be at the bridge leading to the grotto and will say:

"It's good to see Akkhuz-ri made it out safe and sound. Gharesh-ri tried to warn him of the danger, but he doesn't always listen. He sometimes forgets he's a spiritual leader and not a hardened warrior."

Once Queen Ayrenn announces Indaenir as the new Silvenar, he will bow to him and will add:

"With Naemon and Estre behind us, Queen Ayrenn will focus on Malabal Tor now."

After completing the quest, he'll say:

"It seems a ceremony is in order. Indaenir will meet up with the Green Lady and the two will be united in Silvenar. This one hopes to see you there."

The Dark ManeEdit

Exit the Silvenar Audience Hall, and Lord Gharesh-ri will be seated on a chair being tended to by a Silvenar Bonemender with dead Silvenar warriors and wounded Ghaja's Fangs:

"Quickly. Before it's too late."

Finding out what happened during the chaos:

"The pain is bad enough. The surprise and betrayal, worse."
What happened here?
"The Mane … we were escorting him to the handfast, when something happened. He stumbled as we crossed the bridge. We stopped to help him and he … he just went mad. He attacked us with tooth and claw … and something else."
What else?
"Magic. Dark magic! The guards were dead before we could drive him … it off. It fled north. I think it's heading toward the March. You must find him! Stand back. I can cast a small spell … find where he's headed."
Just tell me where he's going. I'll find the Mane.

Gharesh-ri will stand and say a prayer.

Lord Gharesh-ri : "Search for him in Reaper's March, near Fort Grimwatch. I sense his presence there."

He'll sit with effort and say:

"Agh … that hurt. Probably should not have done that, but … you have to find him. Fort Grimwatch is in the Northern Woods, high up the Reaper's March. This one thinks … that is where he's gone."
I'll find him. Can I ask you a few things before I go?

Asking few more questions before heading off to Reaper's March:

"Of course. I have been Akkhuz-ri's Speaker for years. Our relationship is far older than this Dominion we struggle to keep together. Ask me what you will."
At least we're not assaulting a city this time. (If you helped him free Haven in Grahtwood)
"Who knows? It may come to that. Haven is a long way away, but it was a warning to all of us. No stronghold is safe. I'm just glad you're here. There's no one I would trust more with such a task."
What can you tell me about the Mane?
"His true name is Akkhuz-ri. We've been friends since we were children. He was brought up by the lunar clergy, as all Manes are. I was the son of Elsweyr nobility. We both knew we'd make our mark on the world. I never thought it would be like this."
What do you think happened to him?
"I don't … can't know for sure. He never even showed an interest in magic! He's always been a good leader. Quieter than usual these last years, but I just thought he was adjusting to our new Alliance. Dark Moons. Dark Moons."
How were you able to find where he went?
"When we were younger I had fears that Akkhuz-ri would be taken captive. The Mane would make for a tempting hostage, I thought. We had Mages enchant a ring he wears on his right hand. My prayer caught up to this ring, and told me where he'd gone."

If you speak to him before leaving, he'll add:

"Find the Mane, please. Now, of all times, for the Khajiiti people to lose their way … we can't."

The First StepEdit

Upon entering the temple, he will be in attendance for the ritual.

If you have met him before:

"Hallowed. Strange to refer to you by that title after everything else you've done for the Dominion. But then, I suppose this was ordained in the moonlight, yes?"

Otherwise, if this is your first meeting with him:

"Hallowed. It is good to finally put a face to all the tales I've heard."

He will be supportive of both candidates:

It's been a journey. How does the common Khajiit feel about this?
"News of Akkhuz-ri's fall has spread as fast as the wind. All of Elsweyr is talking about these two young women. As you probably know, this is the first time we've had two candidates for the Mane at the same time. There's a great deal of … talk."
Are you worried about how your people will react?
"I signed the Elden Accord. The people trust me, they trust my judgment. They know that I will serve ably as Speaker to the next Mane. With my help, the people will grow to love her."

Once you've spoken to Kauzanabi-jo, he will tell you:

"The people of Elsweyr are behind you, Hallowed. May the Bright Moons be with you."

After the trials he will say:

"My people are lucky to have someone like you standing by the candidates. Well done, Hallowed."

After the quest:

"Take good care of the Champions, Hallowed. We are all counting on you. Until Dune, then."

The Fires of DuneEdit

Arrive in Dune and you'll find him and other Dominion leaders in the ruined house across from Crafty Mazduni's Caravan:

"My city. My beautiful, wonderful city."

After you've spoken to Queen Ayrenn, he'll say:

"Kazargi is in there. Watch over her. She is very dear to me, young though she is."

After the quest, he will be at the Temple of the Dance:

"You have saved a precious jewel from devastation. My people thank you."

The Moonlit PathEdit

When you arrive at the Temple of the Dance, you'll find him and others outside the entrance. After speaking to the Lunar Champion, he'll say:

"The hopes of my people go with you, Hallowed."

After the quest, if you returned to him:

"Hunal tells me you've already progressed well along the path. You continue to impress me, Hallowed."

The Den of LorkhajEdit

After returning from the Path with the Mane, you will find Gharesh-ri in attendance to watch the Mane be recognized by the Lunar clergy.

"I don't claim the Bright Moons listen to me, Hallowed … but you are in my prayers."

After the quest:

"Your actions today humbled me, Hallowed. That you would work to secure the future of my people so earnestly … truly, the Bright Moons do shine down upon you."

response different to Khajiit players?

Northern ElsweyrEdit

A Rage of DragonsEdit

After receiving a summons from Abnur Tharn to travel to Northern Elsweyr, you can meet Lord Gharesh-ri with Tharn and Khamira at the K'har Zhab Hall in Riverhold. They will have been going over strategies to deal with the recent Dragon threat among other things.

Lord Gharesh-ri: "Blaming Abnur Tharn will not end the Dragon infestation, Khamira."
Abnur Tharn: "Ever the voice of reason, Speaker. Ah, here comes someone who can help us now."

If you speak with Gharesh-ri before Tharn, his greeting will depend on any previous interactions.

If he met you previously:

"When Abnur Tharn spoke of a hero of renown, I had no idea he was referring to you. It's so good to see you again, though I wish the circumstances were not so dire.
Well, you helped the Mane before. I have no doubt you will do so again."

Otherwise he will instead say:

"You're responding to Abnur Tharn's letter? One of the promising adventures? I hope you can help us.
But where are my manners? Welcome to Riverhold and the province of Northern Elsweyr, also known as Anequina. I am the Speaker of the Mane."

After you have spoken with Tharn, you have the option of asking Lord Gharesh-ri further questions. If you have completed the Elsweyr Prologue previously:

Is the Mane here?
"No. Matters in other parts of Elsweyr occupy the Mane right now. That's why I'm here.
I originally arrived to take charge of the Northern Elsweyr Defense Force. Efforts to expel the usurper Euraxia Tharn were well underway when the Dragons appeared."
Tell me about Euraxia Tharn.
"A few years ago, Abnur Tharn's half-sister conquered Rimmen and parts of Northern Elsweyr. We recently liberated Riverhold and were about to do the same for Rimmen when the Dragons spread across the land.
It's almost as if they came to her aid."
What can I do to help?
"Talk to Abnur Tharn. He has agreed to serve as my advisor, a role he knows well from his years standing beside the Ruby Throne.
His strategies and tactics for use against the Dragons sound outrageous, but he knows what he's doing."

If you have not completed the prologue and you have not met Lord Gharesh-ri before:

The Speaker of the Mane?
"A position in which I've served faithfully for many years. I represent our spiritual leader, the Mane. In addition, I command the Northern Elsweyr Defense Force during this time of trouble.
We're dealing with more than just Dragons, unfortunately."
More than Dragons?
"A few years ago, Abnur Tharn's half-sister Euraxia conquered Rimmen and parts of Northern Elsweyr. We recently liberated Riverhold and were about to do the same for Rimmen when the Dragons appeared.
It's almost as if they came to her aid."
What can I do to help?
"Do what Abnur Tharn asked. Just as he once served as advisor to emperors, he has agreed to help me formulate strategies and tactics for use against the Dragons.
It is the least he can do, since he had a hand in setting the horrid beasts loose."

While you were dealing with the necromancers in Sleepy Senche Mine and meeting Mulaamnir, Ghareshi-ri will have been going over plans to deal with the varied threats.

"Tharn and Nala-do gave me their accounts of the attack on the outpost. Dragons, undead, Euraxia's soldiers. Our foes seem as numerous as grains of sand in the desert.
Tharn and I have discussed options, but we have not settled on our next move yet."

The Usurper QueenEdit

After you have convinced Tharn to attempt a parley with Euraxia and listened to his initial plan, you can ask for Gharesh-ri's opinion. While he doesn't think it will succeed, he believes the temporary reprieve will be beneficial.

"A parley with the Usurper Queen? I doubt she'll agree to any sort of diplomatic solution, but it will buy us time to replenish our resources.
Very well. Take Tharn and meet with Euraxia. In the meantime, we will rebuild what remains of the militia."
Why do you refer to Euraxia as the Usurper Queen?
"She marched into Anequina with a mercenary army and conquered Rimmen. Her forces killed the royal family and she illegally proclaimed herself queen. That makes her a usurper.
I pray I live to see her pay for her crimes."
"Our immediate concern must be the defense of Riverhold. We can't afford to lose it again."

Once you return from the Desert Wind Caverns, Lord Gharesh-ri will be looking at plans with Abnur. When you talk with him, he will ask for your report.

"Euraxia seeks to divide our attention, what with Dragons and undead and such. Well, never pick more than one pocket at a time, I always say. Save Riverhold, then deal with the rest.
But tell me, what did you learn at the Desert Wind Adeptorium?"
The Euraxians attacked the Desert Wind Adeptorium, killed the Grand Adept, and stole information.
"Grand Adept Sehana was a good friend and the combat techniques of the Desert Wind are formidable. This is another crime the Usurper Queen must pay for.
Do you know what secrets they forced from the Grand Adept before they killed her?"
The locations of Cadwell the Betrayer's severed body parts.
"Euraxia's court necromancer, Zumog Phoom, seeks to bring back a villain from the Moon-Singers' most ancient tales? By Jone and Jode, to what end?
No matter. Our immediate concern must be the defense of Riverhold. We can't afford to lose it again."
The remaining Desert Wind adepts have agreed to help defend the city.
"That's excellent news! You should have delivered that at the start. We will welcome the adepts and sing their praises, for one Desert Wind warrior is worth ten of Euraxia's thugs!
Now, talk to Abnur Tharn and see how he thinks we can use you."

The Battle for RiverholdEdit

Prior to defending Riverhold from Euraxia's army, you have the option of discussing recent events with Gharesh-ri:

"I sent Khamira out to coordinate the city's defenses while Tharn and I continue to refine our strategy. Can we hold the city or should we fall back? I hope the battlemage can pull a miracle out of his ear, but we cannot count on that."
Why did you put Khamira in charge of the city's defenses?
"Khamira knows Riverhold and its people well. Her training has prepared her for this. She is more than capable of organizing our defenses and converting our strategies into actionable tactics.
She is very good at getting things done."
You really think Euraxia will attack the city?
"When Euraxia first conquered our home, she occupied the entire upper tier of Northern Elsweyr, from Riverhold to Rimmen.
It took many years and much blood to retake the northwest and confine her to Rimmen. I have no doubt she will attack."
Can you actually hold out against Euraxia's forces?
"It won't be easy, but our strategy is sound and Khamira excels at executing tactics. Between Captain Nala-do's remaining warriors and the Desert Wind adepts you brought, we should have the forces we need.
Provided Euraxia does not send a Dragon."
I'll go find Khamira.
The BattleEdit

Once you arrive at the defended Riverhold with the Euraxians at the doorstep, you can overhear Khamira's report:

Khamira : "Speaker! We have news."
Lord Gharesh-ri : "Report, Khamira."
Khamira : "The Euraxians have necromancers in their ranks."
Lord Gharesh-ri : "The Usurper Queen dares send undead against us? Five-claw, find Captain Nala-do and warn her!"

You can then report to Lord Gharesh-ri:

"Too much Khajiiti blood has been spilled to allow Euraxia to retake this city."
How did the Euraxians get inside the town so fast?
"Expert planning and flawless execution. They encircled the city and came at us from all sides. Euraxia's hired soldiers are well trained.
The Northern Elsweyr Defense Force isn't to be trifled with, but it's a militia, not a professional army."
You don't sound confident about the outcome of the battle.
"I have complete faith in our forces. Any Khajiit is worth two Euraxians. But when you add in the undead, the odds turn more desperate.
Which is why you need to warn Captain Nala-do. A split second could mean the difference between victory or defeat."
Where can I find Captain Nala-do?
"The captain took command of the forces defending the town square. Warn her about the necromancers and the possibility of undead aiding the Euraxians.
I have no doubt she developed a strategy after the events at the outpost."

After you manage to stop the undead, the dragons will begin to fly over the town, only to prompt a revelation:

Kaalgrontiid : "Such pathetic creatures. Flee before Kaalgrontiid, you insignificant morsels!"
Khamira : "No. Riverhold belongs to the Khajiit."
Lord Gharesh-ri : "Khamira, consider your next words very carefully …."
Khamira : "Now I will speak the words my people need to hear!"
Khamira : "We are Khajiit! We are the children of Alkosh, the daughters and sons of Jone and Jode! We do not run, even from Dragons!"
Kaalgrontiid : "Bahlokdaan! Prove your worth. Destroy these paltry insects!"
Khamira : "Stand with me, people of Anequina! For I am Khamira, daughter of King Hemakar! I am your queen!"
Khamira : "Now, five-claw! Use the ballista and drive the Dragon to the ground!"
Khamira : "Well done! Now finish this!"

Defeat Bahlokdaan and the battle is won, but the war has just begun:

Captain Nala-do : "The Dragon is dead! All hail Queen Khamira!"
Khamira : "Well fought! We have shown that the Khajiit will not run. Not even from a Dragon!"
Lord Gharesh-ri : "All hail Khamira, daughter of King Hemakar and Queen Numara!"
Khamira : "Soon Rimmen and all of Anequina will once again belong to us!"
Khamira : "The reign of the Usurper Queen nears its end."
Khamira : "On this I give you my word as the heir of Anequina, the daughter of King Hemakar, and the true queen of Rimmen!"
Lord Gharesh-ri : "We have plans to make! War council, with me!"
Abnur Tharn : "The Speaker is correct. There's still work to do. Let's convene in K'har Zhab Hall."
"Abnur Tharn and I worked out our next move. Talk to him. He is much better at describing strategies and tactics than I am."
The War CouncilEdit

Once you enter the hall, you can ask Gharesh-ri about Khamira and her revelation:

"Thank you for helping defend Riverhold from the Usurper Queen's forces. And killing a Dragon! That was … that was amazing.
I just wish Khamira had not revealed herself in quite so open a fashion."
Is what Khamira said true? Is she really the heir to the throne of Rimmen?
"Khamira is indeed the daughter of King Hemakar and Queen Numara. She alone survived the murder of the royal family and has served as my aide ever since. The Mane and I hoped to reveal her identity after we had the Euraxia situation more well in hand."
So you think Khamira made a mistake revealing her true identity to rally your people?
"A mistake? No. I trust her instincts. She will make a good queen for our people.
But Khamira lets her emotions get the better of her, and she can be reckless. I worry that those tendencies could end her rule before it truly begins."
How is it that Khamira's identity was able to remain a secret all this time?
"Euraxia killed most of the palace staff and quickly spread word that the royal family was dead. Khamira hid in plain sight, often working far from Rimmen. And her pendant protects her from magical detection.
Now talk to Tharn. Plans must be made."
I'll talk to Abnur Tharn.

If you talk to him after receiving your reward, he will direct you to Tharn:

"Riverhold remains free, thanks to your efforts and the blood and sweat of our people. What happens next may just determine the fate of all of Elsweyr.
Abnur Tharn wants to talk to you. He does so love the sound of his own voice."

Two QueensEdit

After completing the quest with Tharn, the council convenes and discusses next steps:

Khamira : "Now that I have revealed my true heritage, we need to act quickly, Lord Speaker."
Abnur Tharn : "I agree with the princess. The time has come to remove my half-sister from the throne."
Khamira : "Queen, Tharn. I have not been a princess in a very long time."
Abnur Tharn : "I stand corrected. Queen Khamira. You said you had a way to get us into the palace, Lord Speaker?"
Lord Gharesh-ri : "I do. Five-claw, let us speak."

Speak to him and he'll say:

"Like most of Abnur Tharn's plans, it is both brilliant and daring. If it has any chance to succeed, however, we need a way to get a small force into the palace without being seen.
Luckily, I may have an answer."
So, what's your idea for getting us into the palace without alerting Euraxia's guards?
"The former custodian of the palace. He knew the place like the back of his paw. Remarkably, he survived Euraxia's conquest and the purge of the royal family.
Find him and he should be able to provide us with an unseen path into the palace."
Who is this custodian and where do I find him?
"Aneshi. He served as castellan for Rimmen Palace under King Hemakar.
You can find Aneshi southeast of here, where he now cares for a shrine to the ancient hero, Khunzar-ri. Learn what he knows. Then meet the rest of the strike force in Rimmen."
I'll head to the shrine and talk to Aneshi.
"Castellan Aneshi will provide the information we require. He has to. Remind him that it is his duty. And that both the Speaker of the Mane and his queen command it.
But do it gently. Aneshi is quite old for a Khajiit."

Once Euraxia is defeated, Gharesh-ri will be there to see Khamira take the throne:

Khamira : "This throne … for too long a tyrant has sat upon it. But now …?
Lord Gharesh-ri : "The Mane must recognize you as the heir of Anequina, but the people already cheer your name."

The Final OrderEdit

Directly after Khamira takes the throne, Gharesh-ri will want to speak with you, "A word, five-claw."

"Khamira's parents would be proud of how she has stepped forward in these dark times. Moons, I am proud of her!
While Khamira gathers her thoughts, the rest of us have work to do. Tell me, what happened in the palace?"
We killed Euraxia, but Nala-do died, and the Dragons and necromancers are still working together.
"You bring news both welcome and grim, but we can neither celebrate the victory nor mourn the good captain until later, I fear.
We need to determine why the Dragons are willing to associate with wielders of dark magic."
I heard them mention a Moon Gate to the southwest. Kaalgrontiid seems interested in the place.
"Could they be interested in the Moon Gate of Anequina? It lies in that direction.
I wonder if this pertains to Euraxia's final order? A soldier mentioned it after we captured her, but she refused to elaborate. Maybe you can help Tharn find out more."
I'll help Abnur Tharn determine the significance of Euraxia's final order.
"Even now, Abnur Tharn searches through the documents in the royal study, seeking information concerning this final order.
Despite his show of indifference, Euraxia was his half-sister. Her death is bound to affect him. I suggest you tread warily."
You're worried about Abnur Tharn?
"Worried? No, that would imply I had any feelings toward the man whatsoever.
I'd say I'm more concerned that his nonchalant attitude toward his sister's death might be hiding his true emotions. I trust that he's here to help, but he's still a Tharn."

After speaking to Tharn, reenter the throne room and you'll hear:

Khamira : "Are the people of Rimmen cowards?
Lord Gharesh-ri : " They're just afraid, Khamira. Remember, the Dragons still darken the skies overhead.
Khamira : "But we need to replenish our forces. I fear there are more battles ahead.
Lord Gharesh-ri : "You carry the weight of the kingdom, Khamira, but the crown is not yet yours.
Khamira : "Yes, yes. I must be recognized by the Mane and Queen Ayrenn. Which reminds me, has the Dominion sent us any aid?
Lord Gharesh-ri : "A few advisors, some gold. But no troops. We are on our own."

Speak to him and he'll say:

"Khamira and I must work to win the hearts and minds of the people of Rimmen. And I still need to discover the significance of the Moon Gate of Anequina. Perhaps I'll send some troops to defend the place.
Just in case."

After locating Dragonguard Orland and the Dragonhorn, you'll return to the palace where you'll witness the following council:

Abnur Tharn : "The archives were extremely helpful, once I found the appropriate documents.
Khamira : "Our Moon-Singers and Moon-Priests have always paid particular attention to detail. What did you learn?
Lord Gharesh-ri : "Tharn found documents regarding an ancient agreement with the Dragonguard. They apparently provided a weapon to use against the Dragons.
Khamira : "This relates to the legends of Khunzar-ri and Queen Anequina, yes?
Prefect Calo : "Pardon the interruption, Queen Khamira, but that sounds like the Dragonhorn we found.
Prefect Calo : "That Dragonguard didn't survive, but he gave us the Anequina Dragonhorn.
Khamira : "Hrrm. So this alliance I reluctantly agreed to has borne fruit?
Prefect Calo : "The Cygnus Irregulars assisted, but your agent did the important work.
Khamira : "A weapon from the Dragonguard? Interesting. Come, five-claw. I want to hear your report."

Cadwell the BetrayerEdit

After speaking to the council and Khamira, look for Tharn and you'll find Cadwell in the throes of yet another episode:

Cadwell : "Hold, varlet! Don't you dare attach that foot to my ankle!"
Abnur Tharn : "This is Cadwell's longest episode yet. Perhaps I can—"
Cadwell : "That's it! Time to give you knaves what for!"
Lord Gharesh-ri : "Bizarre visions, dismembered bodies … I hate necromancy! Cadwell trusts you, five-claw. You talk to him."

Speak to him and he'll tell you:

"See if you can help Cadwell snap out of his latest vision. If he cannot break the connection, we may have to rely on more drastic means."

After speaking to Cadwell, and after Cadwell vanishes, he will say: "Cadwell may have given Zumog Phoom exactly what he wanted. Talk to Abnur Tharn and figure out how we are going to salvage this situation, walker."

Speak to him again after speaking to Abnur Tharn and he'll say: "The Betrayer did terrible things to the Khajiit of old. Zumog Phoom must not be allowed to return that monster to life.
Do whatever you must, walker. Whatever you must."

After taking care of Zumog Phoom, return to the palace. Khamira and Lord Gharesh-ri will be in conference:

Khamira : "Anequina was a Moon-Priest. Could that be the key to using the Dragonhorn?"
Lord Gharesh-ri : "The same notion occurred to me, Queen Khamira."
Khamira : "Wait, here comes Tharn and the others. Five-claw, talk to me."

Speak to him before Khamira, and he'll tell you:

"The queen has been anxious since you and the others left to deal with Zumog Phoom. She's waiting to hear what happened.
I suggest you report to her immediately."

Speak to him after speaking to Khamira, and he'll say:

"So much to do, so little to do it with. Moons give us strength!"

After meeting with Khamira, you'll overhear Lord Gharash-ri and Prefect Calo planning:

Lord Gharesh-ri : "We need to send your Cygnus Irregulars to the Moon Gate, Prefect Calo."
Prefect Calo : "Agreed. We've been practicing in anticipation of joining forces for more than a year."
Lord Gharesh-ri : "A year? But a year ago, we were still enemies."
Prefect Calo : "Perhaps, but I always knew we'd wind up fighting the Euraxians side-by-side some day."

Speak to him and he'll tell you:

"Prefect Calo is a very … complicated person. I think you made the right choice when you sent him to Queen Khamira.
His soldiers will help bolster our defense of the Moon Gate of Anequina, in case the Dragons move against it."
Remind me. What's the significance of the Moon Gate again?
"Before you eliminated the Usurper Queen, you heard her talking to the Dragon Mulaamnir. She indicated that they had located the Moon Gate to the southwest of Rimmen as the Dragons had requested.
The Moon Gate of Anequina lies in that direction."
Do we know what the Dragons want with the Moon Gate?
"Not yet. Little is known about these ancient structures other than they were important to the Moon-Priests.
We're sending a combined force of Khajiit militia and Cygnus Irregulars to guard the place in case the Dragons make a move."

Jode's CoreEdit

Arrive at the Moon Gate of Anequina and Gharesh-ri will hail you:

Lord Gharesh-ri : "It appears everyone has arrived. Report to Prefect Calo, five-claw, while I confer with the queen."

The Heir of AnequinaEdit

You'll find Gharesh-ri near the main entrance to Rimmen, injured, but very much alive:

"It's good to see you, five-claw. We only just returned and I have yet to report to the queen. Khamira is all right, isn't she? We saw the Moons move and the eclipse end, but we haven't heard what happened after you entered the Moon Gate."
Khamira is fine. As a matter of fact, she sent me to find out what happened to you.
"After I was caught in that Dragon blast, Zamarak tended to my wounds and took command of the soldiers defending the upper ridge.
I'm sorry to say that I was in and out of consciousness for most of what happened next."
So you don't know how the battle ended?
"I know that I am still alive and grateful to be back in Rimmen. It's a miracle, thank the Moons, that the city is free once more.
If you want to know what really occurred at the Moon Gate, you'll need to ask Zamarak and Prefect Calo."
Your injuries, do you need to see the healers?
"There are those among the troops who need the healers more than I, but perhaps a few hours in the soothing springs will restore my strength.
I'll need it, too. I have much to do to help Khamira restore Anequina to its former glory."

Enter the palace and you'll overhear:

Lord Gharesh-ri : "I assure you, Cashia, my wounds are healing quite nicely."
Envoy Cashia : "Nevertheless, this one has asked the outlander to stand beside Khamira … should I decide to give the Mane's blessing."

Enter the throne room and Gharesh-ri will hail you:

Lord Gharesh-ri : "Five-claw, a word."

Speak to him and he'll say:

"The healers were able to do wonders, my friend. I almost feel like my old self again. I will secure Khamira's claim. You just stand beside her and support her. She values your presence. As do I.
But where is Khamira? I expected you to bring her in."
Khamira's ready. We can begin the coronation.

With that, the cermony begins:

Envoy Cashia : "Who will confirm that Khamira is the daughter of King Hemakar and the rightful heir to the throne of Anequina?"
Lord Gharesh-ri : "I will, as her guardian all these years and as the Speaker of the Mane. Khamira is the rightful heir."
Lord Gharesh-ri : "Come forth, daughter of Hemakar and Numara. Come forth, child of Anequina!"
Envoy Cashia : "Khamira, do you accept the duties of the throne? Will you lead this kingdom and protect its people?"
Khamira : "I do and I will."
Envoy Cashia : "Know, then, that the Mane accepts and recognizes your claim. All hail Khamira, Queen of Anequina!"
Khamira : "I promise to serve our people. And I offer thanks to all who helped achieve our recent victories!"
Khamira : "Finally, there is one I wish to honor. One whose assistance in these matters was unprecedented and invaluable."
Queen Khamira : "Five-claw, my comrade and friend, please … approach the throne."

Speak to Gharesh-ri after the ceremony and he'll say:

"I came to Northern Elsweyr with an impossible task. I took command of the militia and sought to free Rimmen from Euraxia's grasp. With your help, we accomplished so much more.
You have my thanks for that, Champion."
What's next for the Speaker of the Mane?
"As always, I go wherever the Mane needs me. For a while, I'll remain in Rimmen to provide Queen Khamira with whatever assistance she requires.
You know, I watched Khamira grow these past six years. She will be a better queen than even I imagined."