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Prefect Calo
Location Sandswirl Manor, Rimmen, Dov-Vahl Shrine, Moon Gate of Anequina
Race Imperial Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Cygnus Irregulars
Prefect Calo

Prefect Calo is an Imperial and commander of the Cygnus Irregulars found in Sandswirl Manor. Though he was originally part of the invading Euraxian army, he disagreed with Euraxia Tharn's rule and tactics. So outspoken on this, he was arrested and held prisoner in the manor. It's up to you to free him and convince him to join the fight with you and Abnur Tharn.

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The Final OrderEdit

Prisoner Calo

When you approach his cell in Sandswirl Manor, he'll call out to you.

Prefect Calo : "Interesting. You're not one of Euraxia's mercenaries."
"I'm Prefect Calo, commander of the Cygnus Irregulars. And you're that outsider working with the Khajiiti militia. I expected you hours ago.
Well, let's not dawdle. You have an assassination squad to stop, I assume, so if you'd open my cell .…"
How do you know who I am?
"It's elementary. I pay attention to every significant event that occurs in the region. Comes with my job description. I have agents, spies, and informers from Riverhold to Rimmen. The dossier on you could choke a wamasu.
Now about this door …."
First, tell me why they locked you in that cell.
"I'm an Imperial without an Emperor. My cohort was assigned to accompany Euraxia on a fact-finding mission. She turned it into a conquest. I've tried to temper her more violent tendencies, but her mercenaries outnumber my legionaries by a wide margin."
So why lock you up now?
"I refused a direct order. Wouldn't give Saulinia my soldiers or my file on the last Dragonguard. So here I am.
How about this? You can find a copy of the report in my office. If the information it contains helps you, then come back and set me free."
You seem unusually willing to cooperate with an ally of the rightful Khajiiti queen.
"I'm a reasonable man. I have no great love for this land, but neither do I want to see it destroyed. Dragons were the last straw. In other words, this is me making a stand.
You can find a copy of the Dragonguard report in my office upstairs."
Tell me about Captain Saulinia.
"She burst into my office with orders from Euraxia. Demanded I provide soldiers to support her assassination squad. Then commanded that I turn over my file on this so-called last Dragonguard.
I politely refused both requests and she had me arrested."
What's an assassination squad?
"An elite unit of mercenaries. They're rabid dogs that Euraxia points at her enemies. They like to kill and they're extremely good at it.
With the urging of the Dragons, she pointed them at their current target—the so-called last Dragonguard."
That was Euraxia's final order. She issued it right before I killed her.
"Well, that puts a new spin on the situation.
Saulinia took my file. Then she and her soldiers went to assassinate this supposed last Dragonguard to appease Euraxia's Dragon allies. There's a copy of the file in my office, but I suggest you hurry."
What can you tell me about the Dragonguard?
"Not much. I never got around to reviewing the report. You can read it yourself, in my office.
For some reason, this rumor of a last Dragonguard inspired Euraxia's ire. Maybe because the legends say they were once renowned Dragon hunters?"
So Euraxia wasn't sent to conquer Rimmen?
"Conquer Rimmen? Euraxia was sent on Imperial business to a province that owed us fealty. There was no reason to conquer a place we historically controlled.
No, she decided to make her own play for power while Emperor Varen was otherwise engaged."
And you went along with that?
"It was … complicated.
Look, our quick visit turned into an invasion. Euraxia contracted an army of Nibenese mercenaries to back her up. And then the Emperor disappeared and his Empire collapsed. We were stuck here without orders or assistance."

Find his report, and he will somehow be free of his prison and standing the next room.

Prefect Calo : "I see you found the report. Now we can continue our conversation without being separated by those inconvenient bars."
"Don't look so shocked. My Irregulars are very good at what they do. It was simple enough for them to sneak in and set me free.
Now, what did you learn from the report? Anything that will help us stop Captain Saulinia and her assassination squad?"
Us? Why would you want to help stop the assassination of the Dragonguard?
"As I said, we were never willing participants in Euraxia's conquest of Northern Elsweyr. My Irregulars did as little as possible to advance her agenda, and we worked to sabotage it as often as not.
Besides, have you forgotten about the Dragons?"
What about the Dragons?
"The Dragons won't stop after they kill or subjugate the Khajiit. We're in as much danger as everyone else! If Lord Gharesh-ri pardons my soldiers, we'll help fight the Dragons.
But we're going to need the Dragonguard. Do you know where he is?"
The report suggests the last Dragonguard is hiding in an Akaviri shrine in the Scar.

Calo will then address Tharn standing nearby:

Prefect Calo : "Grand Chancellor, I propose that you get Gharesh-ri to pardon the Cygnus Irregulars so we can form an alliance."
Abnur Tharn : "An alliance? Interesting. Comrades would be helpful in the battles to come."

Speak to Calo before leaving, and he'll say:

"Captain Saulinia and her assassins left the estate shortly before you arrived. If you're going to catch them before they find and kill the last Dragonguard, you really ought to get a move on."
How do I know we can trust you?
"I've been nothing but helpful since you met me. Besides, I give you my word as an Imperial officer. I pledge myself and the Cygnus Irregulars to the service of the new Khajiiti queen for the duration of the Dragon infestation."
And then what happens?
"Then? I haven't given it much thought. To tell you the truth, I don't expect us to survive whatever it is the Dragons are up to.
If we happen to find a way to win the day, I'll extend my offer of an alliance for as long as the queen will have us."
You must have some idea where this hidden Akaviri shrine is located.
"Just what was in the report. No, wait a moment. There was something else. I didn't connect the two until just now.
A merchant in the Stitches was selling actual Akaviri relics. Claimed to have found them in a cave in the western section of the Scar."
Do you know how Euraxia and the Dragons wound up working together?
"As you can probably guess, Euraxia didn't go out of her way to consult with me. Especially after I refused to turn over command of the Irregulars.
From what I gathered, she and her necromancer, Zumog Phoom, had or knew something the Dragons wanted."
Any idea what that might have been?
"Most likely something that Zumog Phoom has promised to deliver, seeing as he's still in league with the Dragons.
I couldn't figure out what it was, but it must have something to do with the creepy floating head that follows the necromancer around."

After you receive the ring from the last Dragonguard, you will find the Prefect alongside some of his irregulars in Dov-Vahl Shrine's Sanctuary. Talk with him to see what he has to say:

"Ah, there you are. We came as soon as we could. Were you able to stop Captain Saulinia and her assassins?"
Saulinia is dead, but so is the Dragonguard. Did Khamira accept your terms of alliance?
"Both dead? Saulinia deserved it. A shame about the Dragonguard, though.
And, yes. It took some convincing and Tharn's most diplomatic negotiation tactics, but Queen Khamira has accepted our help. Provisionally."
"The Cygnus Irregulars are on probation. For now. Once Queen Khamira sees us in action, I'm sure she'll come around.
Until then, I wanted to make sure you were all right. Beating Saulinia is no small feat! I'm sorry we lost the Dragonguard, though."
The Dragonguard gave me a key to his sanctuary. We were on our way to retrieve a Dragonhorn.
"A Dragonhorn? Like the one at Star Haven Adeptorium? Hmm.
Well, if you think this old relic can help, lead the way!"

Activate the pedestal and he'll say:

"Well, let's get on with it. That old relic isn't going to collect itself.
My Irregulars will stand guard in case any more of Saulinia's Euraxians still want a fight."

Once inside the sanctuary, He'll comment:

Prefect Calo : "Are these the remains of the Dragonguard?"

You can now probe deeper into his true intentions:

What are you really doing here, Calo?
"We're in a Dragonguard sanctuary! Old relics like this Dragonhorn are all well and good, but I want to see if we can find any books or scrolls that can tell us something about how to fight the Dragons.
We need every advantage we can get!"
So you believe the Dragonguard once fought Dragons?
"Dragonguard, Akaviri, ancient Nord warriors … someone battled the Dragons successfully in the past. Who's to say we won't find a record of their tactics and techniques here?
It certainly won't hurt to look around."

Enter the next room and it'll be lined with bookshelves.

Prefect Calo : "Books and scrolls! I knew it! Knowledge is power, my friend, you'll see!"

Find and take the horn and he'll comment: "Well, now that you have the Dragonhorn, I suppose we should get back to Rimmen and see what Queen Khamira and Chancellor Tharn want us to do next.
You know, it feels good to be doing something other than trying to rein in Euraxia for a change."

Start to leave, and Calo will express a desire to stay and explore. Zamarak feels like keeping an eye on him:

Prefect Calo : "I want to take another look at these books. We'll meet you back in Rimmen."
Zamarak : "Zamarak will linger as well … to make sure the Imperials find their way back."

Return to the palace where you'll witness the following council:

Abnur Tharn : "The archives were extremely helpful, once I found the appropriate documents.
Khamira : "Our Moon-Singers and Moon-Priests have always paid particular attention to detail. What did you learn?
Lord Gharesh-ri : "Tharn found documents regarding an ancient agreement with the Dragonguard. They apparently provided a weapon to use against the Dragons.
Khamira : "This relates to the legends of Khunzar-ri and Queen Anequina, yes?
Prefect Calo : "Pardon the interruption, Queen Khamira, but that sounds like the Dragonhorn we found.
Prefect Calo : "That Dragonguard didn't survive, but he gave us the Anequina Dragonhorn.
Khamira : "Hrrm. So this alliance I reluctantly agreed to has borne fruit?
Prefect Calo : "The Cygnus Irregulars assisted, but your agent did the important work.
Khamira : "A weapon from the Dragonguard? Interesting. Come, five-claw. I want to hear your report."

Cadwell the BetrayerEdit

After speaking to the council and Kharmira, look for Tharn and you'll find Cadwell in the throws of yet another episode. Speak to Calo and he'll comment:

"So that's a Soul Shriven? I've heard of such creatures, of course, but I never expected to see one. Especially not among the leaders of the Khajiiti resistance."

After speaking to Cadwell, and after Cadwell vanishes, Calo will say: "Now, I'm no mage, but a Soul Shriven leaping through a portal? That's just not a natural occurrence."

Speak to him again after speaking to Abnur Tharn and he'll say: "We need to proceed cautiously where Zumog Phoom is concerned. He's not only powerful, he's crafty. He won't be defeated as easily as his followers."

When you find Calo in the crypt at the Sepulchre of Mischance, he'll be surrounded by two ghostly beings and Necromancer Otho:

Cygnus Irregular : "You left us to die, Calo!"
Cygnus Irregular : "Our blood is on your hands!"

After defeating the necromancer, he'll say: "That glowing cloud … it's holding this ritual together!"

Return the "cloud" (Cadwell's essence) to Cadwell and speak to Calo:

"Those soldiers … were under my command. They died following my orders.
Thank you for releasing me from that … ordeal."
What was the purpose of that ritual?
"Other than torturing me? I think it was part of a larger ritual being performed by Zumog Phoom.
They were using my suffering, merging it with Cadwell's energy to … I don't know, it felt like something was feeding from me … growing stronger."
Do you know where Zamarak was taken?
"Phoom's followers fell upon us the moment we entered the crypts. We never stood a chance. They dragged us in different directions and immediately began their ritual.
I assume Zamarak was taken deeper into the lair."

After meeting with Khamira, you'll overhear Lord Gharash-ri and Prefect Calo making plans in the Palace.

Lord Gharesh-ri : "We need to send your Cygnus Irregulars to the Moon Gate, Prefect Calo."
Prefect Calo : "Agreed. We've been practicing in anticipation of joining forces for more than a year."
Lord Gharesh-ri : "A year? But a year ago, we were still enemies."
Prefect Calo : "Perhaps, but I always knew we'd wind up fighting the Euraxians side-by-side some day."

Speak to him and he'll say:

"There aren't a lot of us, but the Cygnus Irregulars will stand with Queen Khamira's forces at the Moon Gate of Anequina. If the Dragons or the remaining Euraxians show up there, we'll give them a fight to remember!"

Jode's CoreEdit

You'll find Calo southwest of the Rimmen Artisans District:

"The quiet moments between battles. I like to spend the time catching up on my reading.
History, military strategy, recipe books. My secret pleasure is a good mystery, though, and the new Investigator Vale is a real page turner!"
Khamira wants us to gather at the Moon Gate of Anequina.
"I've been waiting for the order to move out. I sent most of the Cygnus Irregulars on ahead with Gharesh-ri, but a small contingent remained here in case our earlier guess was wrong.
I assume events in the ruins confirmed our theory?"
Yes. I killed the Betrayer, but not before he set the moons in motion to open the Moon Gate.
"Understood. We need to defend the Moon Gate and stop the Dragons from using it when it opens. Keep them from reaching Jode's Core. Well, at least now we have a mission.
I just hope the Khajiit can get over their aversion to working with my troops."
Has there been much trouble integrating your forces with the Khajiit?
"Queen Euraxia's tyranny made the Khajiit wary. I don't blame them for that. I just want to show them that not all Imperials are tyrants. That they can trust at least a few of us.
It will come—as long as we don't turn on each other first."
I'll see you at the Moon Gate.

Speaking with him again before leaving for the Moon Gate:

"I'd prefer if we had another cohort or two at our disposal. Facing a Dragon is no small task, and a horde of them ... well, that's just excessive.
Still, the Cygnus Irregulars will stand with you. Whatever the outcome."

Arrive at the camp and you'll be directed to speak to Calo by Lord Gharesh-ri. Find him and he'll say: "An eclipse is an eerie sight, but where are the Dragons?"

"The moons come together and the sky grows dark. Ominous, isn't it? And strangely beautiful.
Where are the Dragons, though? And the remaining Euraxians? I assumed they would have started their push for the Moon Gate by now."
Are we ready for this?
"As ready as we can be. The Khajiiti militia and the Cygnus Irregulars have taken defensive positions along the path up to the Moon Gate. And whatever siege weapons we could get our hands on are set to repel the Dragons."
So you think we can stop the assault?
"Not a chance. We only hope to slow them enough to give Tharn and Khamira the time they need to stop the Moon Gate from opening—or find a way to shut it if all else fails. If the Dragons don't reach Jode's Core, we win.
Wait. What's that noise?"
You hear something?
Prefect Calo : "Dragons! Go join Queen Khamira! I'll take charge down here!"
Prefect Calo : "Get those fires out and ready the ballistae! Move it, soldiers!"

The Heir of AnequinaEdit

You'll find Calo near the main entrance to Rimmen preoccupied with his notes:

"Hmm? Oh, it's you. Good to see you're still among the living. I suppose you had a hand in getting the moons to finally pull apart?
Hang on, I need to finish my report. I find that it's best to write it all down while it's still fresh in my mind."
That's what brought me here. Khamira wants to know what happened after we entered the Moon Gate.
"It's all in my report. Our troops held their ground and fought bravely. We lost many good soldiers, Khajiiti and Imperial, but we did our duty.
We slaughtered Euraxians by the score and kept the Dragons at bay until the moons broke apart."
The ending of the eclipse was significant?
"It was crucial to our survival! When the moons separated, the Dragons broke ranks. They seemed to lose their drive. Their purpose. They stopped attacking and flew off.
And not a moment too soon. We had exhausted both our strength and our ammunition."
What did the Euraxians do then?
"The ones that survived Zamarak's charge lost what remained of their courage when the Dragons abandoned the field of battle. They scattered like sandroaches and ran in all directions.
I doubt they'll give the militia too much trouble going forward."
What will you and the Cygnus Irregulars do now?
"We still have a lot to do to heal the scars left by Euraxia and her mercenaries.
I'll offer our services to Queen Khamira and Lord Gharesh-ri. Let them use us where we'll do the most good."
So you'll help defend Elsweyr?
"If that's what they need. But the Cygnus Irregulars are mostly military engineers, scouts, and trainers. We have a lot more to offer a kingdom that needs to be rebuilt than just blades and shields.
That was our original mission. To help Elsweyr."

Speaking with him again:

"I'll send a copy of my report to Queen Khamira shortly. A modern account of a battle with Dragons—just think how this will be able to improve our training regimens and strategies moving forward!"

Calo will be present at the coronation. Speak to him and he'll tell you:

"This is my first royal coronation. I hope it isn't as long and complicated as the Imperial ceremonies I've read about."

Speak to him after the ceremony and he'll say:

"I'm glad that the Cygnus Irregulars were able to lend Queen Khamira our support. Helped make up for all the evil Euraxia brought with her to Elsweyr.
Now, where's the music? I didn't spend the last six years learning Khajiiti waltzes for nothing!"
Did you determine what happens next for the Cygnus Irregulars?
"I hate the idea of mercenary companies, but without an Imperial government in place, that seems to be what we're reduced to. Luckily, Khamira has accepted our offer of assistance and has agreed to employ us.
As engineers and aide workers, of course."
You really learned Khajiiti waltzes?
"A few. You'd be surprised how many of their dances can't be accomplished without claws or a tail. I do hope they play the Waxing Moon, though. I find it rather elegant and it's the one best suited to my … tailless posterior."

The Pride of ElsweyrEdit

Calo in Senchal

You will find him in Senchal Palace with Zamarak, Cadwell and Khamira. Speaking with him before Khamira:

"Well, look who it is! My spies informed me you were in the area, but I wasn't sure our paths would cross again."
Are you and the Cygnus Irregulars still working for Khamira?
"There's still work to be done to repair the damage caused by Euraxia. And the queen is very generous when it comes to compensation.
When Zamarak needed a few troops to bolster the royal chaperones, I volunteered to accompany the Irregulars."
See any action on your way here?
"Oh, nothing like what we faced back in Northern Elsweyr, but then again, we weren't fighting Dragons atop floating islands.
Yes, we heard all about it. Sounds exhilarating! Once everything settles down, I must hear your version of the story."

Speaking with him again after talking to Khamira:

"We also heard that the Dragonguard have returned—and led by Sai Sahan himself!
I wonder if the Irregulars would make the cut? We've battled a Dragon or two since agreeing to Queen Khamira's terms."

You'll find him outside, standing next to General Renmus. Speaking to him before the ceremony:

"Can you believe it? General Meric Renmus, standing right next to me! We studied his tactical withdrawal from Cheydinhal at the Academy!"

Speaking to him after the ceremony:

"You did it again, Champion of Anequina! I'm almost tempted to abandon my post and follow you around. See what kind of adventure you get into next time.