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Elder Scrolls Online: People
Zumog Phoom
Location Rimmen Palace
Desert Wind Caverns
Sepulcher of Mischance
Race Orc Gender Male
Health 215106 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 1.png
Reaction Varies
Other Information
Faction(s) Euraxians
Zumog Phoom

Zumog Phoom is an Orc who serves as Euraxia Tharn's chief necromancer and strategist. He is often accompanied by Cadwell the Betrayer.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related DialogueEdit

A Rage of DragonsEdit

When you reach Gravestalker Gemmia in Sleepy Senche Mine, she will be getting orders from Zumog Phoom's projection.

Zumog Phoom: "No more excuses, no more delays. Double your output or your reanimated body will march at the head of Euraxia's forces."

The projection will then disappear.

The Usurper QueenEdit

Rimmen PalaceEdit

"Ah, here come Queen Euraxia's guests now."

After you and Abnur Tharn arrive at Rimmen to parlay with Euraxia, Zumog Phoom will intercept you at the door to the throne room. He'll have a strangely familiar companion with him:

Zumog Phoom: "Ah, here come Queen Euraxia's guests now."
Cadwell the Betrayer: "I don't like the looks of these meddlers. I say we feed them to the Dragons and be done with it."

Talk with Zumog to see what he wants. He will claim he wanted see if you were a threat to Euraxia or not. Zumog concludes it is the latter.

"So you're Abnur Tharn's bodyguard and valet? Not what I expected.
I assume you want to follow your master into the queen's inner sanctum, hmm? I'll allow it. But first, I want to gauge the measure of your marrow."
You're one of Euraxia's necromancers?
"I am Queen Euraxia's chief necromancer. You may call me Zumog Phoom. The other gravecallers answer to me.
And this is my familiar and confidant, Sir Cadwell the Betrayer."
Is that Cadwell's head?
"Ah, yes. The Betrayer saw you when it looked through the Soul Shriven's eyes. The creature you know is a pale shadow of the dark knight that once walked these lands. I exhumed his remains and reanimated him.
Well, his head. It was all I could find."
Why did you dig up Cadwell's head?
"My actions don't concern you. I just wanted to meet Abnur Tharn's lackey and determine if Queen Euraxia had anything to fear.
The answer is quite clear. Your insignificance rivals that of the Soul Shriven fool, which makes you eminently forgettable."

Once you are dismissed, Cadwell the Betrayer will speak up again:

Cadwell the Betrayer: "Now, about the rest of my body, O pestilent one …."
Zumog Phoom: "Your insults won't hasten the process, Betrayer."
Cadwell the Betrayer: "But there's a terrible draft in what used to be my nether regions!"

Speak to him again, and he'll say:

"You are no longer of any consequence to Zumog Phoom. I suggest you go and bow before Queen Euraxia before she has you thrown to the Dragons."

After your attempt at parley with Euraxia falls flat, Zumog will enter the room to report to Euraxia.

Euraxia Tharn: "Enough! Zumog Phoom, what news do you bring?"
Zumog Phoom: "The Desert Wind Adeptorium has fallen. We move against Riverhold on your word."
Euraxia Tharn: "Then the word is given. Now, half-brother—"
Abnur Tharn: "I think not!"

Tharn will the teleport you both away.

Desert Wind CavernEdit

Inside the Desert Wind Cavern's Grand Adept's Chambers, Zumog Phoom will appear as you try to help Lieutenant Lepida. He'll gloat as he consumes her soul:

Zumog Phoom: "You are wrong. The secret belongs to me."
Zumog Phoom: "What the battlemage knew in life, she whispers to me in death. Soon Riverhold will fall and the Betrayer will be restored."

The Battle for RiverholdEdit

"Riverhold belongs to Queen Euraxia, cats!"

When Zumog Phoom appears in Riverhold, he will sacrifice the nearby Euraxian soldiers and turn them into the undead before leaving:

Captain Nala-do : "Strike hard! Drive back the Euraxians! Five-claw, did the Speaker send orders?"
Zumog Phoom : "Riverhold belongs to Queen Euraxia, cats!"
Captain Nala-do : "Grave robbing cur!"
Zumog Phoom : "Every death is just a new recruit for Euraxia's army!"
Captain Nala-do : "This one hates killing the same fools again and again!"

Two QueensEdit

As you accompany Captain Nala-do and Zamarak through the Rimmen Palace, you will be trapped in the Chapel of the Guiding Moons by Zumog. Cadwell will then taunt you:

Captain Nala-do : "It's the necromancer, Zumog Phoom!"
Captain Nala-do : "They locked us in!"
Zumog Phoom : "Queen Euraxia will be delighted to hear that we have guests!"
Cadwell the Betrayer : "Oh, look! More cats! I do adore flaying and then roasting the nasty creatures!"
Zumog Phoom : "If you'll excuse us, we have another member of your party to deal with."
Cadwell the Betrayer : "I'm of two minds. I want to watch your cadavers tear these cheeky mudcrabs apart, but I also want to deal with my inferior duplicate. What to do, what to do?"

When you catch up to them in the Great Hall, you will find performing some ritual on Cadwell:

Cadwell: "Help! They're going to destroy me!"
Cadwell the Betrayer: "Destroy you? No. We're simply correcting a mistake of nature."
Zumog Phoom: "We will transfer your duplicate's animus into you, Head. But our time with Queen Euraxia has reached its end. Come along."
Cadwell: "Please … not like this …."

Cadwell the BetrayerEdit

"You really think you can stop me? Neither you nor that bumbling corpse stand a chance."

Once you make your way to Zumog Phoom's Lair, Cadwell will run ahead only to be stopped: Enter Zumog Phoom's Lair and the following scene will play out:

Zumog Phoom : "You really think you can stop me? Neither you nor that bumbling corpse stand a chance."
Cadwell : "Corpse!? I never! I'll have you know I'm barely one-quarter-cadaver on my mother's side!"
Cadwell : "Argh! What's happening …?"
Zumog Phoom : "Two of you can't exist in the same reality, Soul Shriven. The stronger the Betrayer becomes, the weaker you will grow."

Battle Phoom and he'll cast many spells with the words:

Zumog Phoom : "Rise and destroy, my minions!" (During Summoning)
Zumog Phoom : "Let the essence of death flow free!"

Spells and AbilitiesEdit

A hostile Zumog Phoom

He will repeatably summon skeletal minions while he hits you with spells.

spell names needed

When he reaches low health, he will transform into a Bone Colossus.

Trailer DialogueEdit

In The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr — Become The Necromancer trailer, Zumog Phoom says the following:

"I am the necromancer, master of the dark arts."
"Hear my voice, and fear my words, for vile spirits obey my commands."
"And the dead themselves, lend me their power!"
"Here in Elsweyr, all things are possible."
"So join us. I will teach you the ways of necromancy."
"Together, we will command the forces of the dead!"


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