Sleepy Senche Mine
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Striking Locale
Discoverable Yes
Completion None
Bone Flayers, Euraxian Necromancers, Euraxian Skullguards, a Flesh Atronach, Gravestalker Gemmia, Rats, Skeletal Brutes, a Skeletal Senche, Zombies
In addition Mulaamnir, Zumog Phoom, and undead archers can be encountered but not interacted with.
The ScarNorthern Elsweyr
Southwestern Northern Elsweyr
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During the construction boom in Cyrodiil during the Second Empire, the Sleepy Senche Mine exported limestone to builders in the north. When the Empire collapsed, the mine was shut down.
The exterior of the Sleepy Senche Mine

The Sleepy Senche Mine is a disused limestone mine found in Elsweyr. Abandoned since the fall of the Empire, the mine has become a base of operations for Euraxian necromancers led by Gravestalker Gemmia to launch incursions against the Northern Elsweyr Defense Force from.

A necromancer practices his art

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  • The Sleepy Senche Mine is referred to internally as Mulaamnir's Lair.
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