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Location Varies
Species Wispmother
Health 103494
140824 (Cyrodiil)
Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 1.png
Reaction Hostile

Wispmothers are hostile, ghostlike, feminine creatures. There will be several Wisps surrounding them which will put up a fight as well.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

As an elite creature, Wispmothers are immune to all crowd control effects.

The wispmother summons two weaker clones of itself with less health but identical appearance and attacks. They will disappear when the wispmother is defeated.
Rain of Wisps
The wispmother causes wisps to fall from above the player dealing moderate magical damage in an area as indicated by red circles.
Summon Witchlight
The wispmother summons Witchlights to attack the player. These will be summoned continuously throughout the fight, so players should focus on the wispmother instead.

Related QuestsEdit

Unique WispmothersEdit


Broken ApartEdit

The wispmother disguised as Alanya can be found in the cave south of Deep Graves in Shadowfen. Depending on choices you made in the related quest, she may say the following as you enter the cave:

Wispmother : "My love! Protect me!"

Regardless, when you attack, she'll exclaim:

Wispmother : "You've ruined our life together!"