This page lists all the estates in Elder Scrolls Online.

Aldmeri DominionEdit

Reaper's MarchEdit

Daggerfall CovenantEdit



  • ON-mapicon-Estate.png at-Tura Estate — Located in southwestern Stormhaven, west of Wayrest. (map)
  • ON-mapicon-Estate.png Pariah Abbey — A monastery dedicated to Azura in central Stormhaven, northwest of Wayrest. (map)

Ebonheart PactEdit

Bleakrock IsleEdit


  • ON-mapicon-Estate.png Shad Astula — An academy of magic located in north-central Deshaan, just northeast of Mournhold. (map)

The RiftEdit



  • ON-mapicon-Estate.png Iliath Temple — A Tribunal temple in western Stonefalls, northwest of Kragenmoor. (map)


  • ON-mapicon-Estate.png Burned Estate — An estate in eastern Cyrodiil, east of Blue Road Keep. (map)
  • ON-mapicon-Estate.png Harlun's Watch — An abandoned homestead located in eastern Cyrodiil, south of Cheydinhal. (map)
  • ON-mapicon-Estate.png Hedoran Estate — An estate in southeastern Cyrodiil, southeast of Cropsford. The estate itself is in a state of decay and is inhabited by Gray Vipers. (map)
  • ON-mapicon-Estate.png Ice-Heart Home — An estate in northwestern Cyrodiil, east of Fort Warden. (map)
  • ON-mapicon-Estate.png Shurgak Clan Estate — An estate in northeastern Cyrodiil, northwest of Farragut Keep. (map)
  • ON-mapicon-Estate.png Thalara's Winery — A vineyard in southwestern Cyrodiil, north of Castle Black Boot. (map)
  • ON-mapicon-Estate.png Wilminn's Winery — A vineyard in northeastern Cyrodiil, east-northeast of Chalman Keep. (map)
  • ON-mapicon-Estate.png Zimar's Winery — A vineyard in northwestern Cyrodiil, northeast of Fort Warden. (map)


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