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This character only appears during the New Life Festival event
New Life Herald
(lore page)
Location New Life Tent, found south of Windhelm
Race Nord Gender Female
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly

Breda the New Life Herald is a Nord lumberjack found at a tent south of Windhelm during the New Life Festival. She spreads knowledge of the Festival and how it is celebrated by the different races of Tamriel.

She serves as both the giver of the New Life Festival repeatable quests and the person who you turn them in to. For each quest she explains the story behind that tradition, which race celebrates it, and where it is located.

The New Life Herald is only a temporary position which was bestowed upon Breda, who travels on a pilgrimage every year from the Knotty Pines Lumber Mill to meet her festival friends in Eastmarch. She sends a barrel of mead back to her mill workers, which has led to accidents before.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

The New Life FestivalEdit

If you approach her to start the quest, she will say "All are welcome to start the New Life!"

Speaking to her:

"You're here for the New Life Festival? I'm happy to serve as a herald. I can tell you all you need to know!"
What is the New Life Festival?
"It marks a fresh start to the new year, for all who walk beneath the sun. Everyone in Tamriel celebrates!
Well, perhaps not the Maormer - but everyone else. You should try it for yourself and see!"
I'm interested. Tell me more about it.
"The New Life Festival was once a celebration of Magnus, the sun god. I have a book—you're welcome to read about the history, if you care to.
But I'd rather tell you about the celebrations. Very few involve a chance of paper cuts!"
"Celebrations?" There are more than one?
"Of course! They're different all over. I've taken part in cliff jumping, anchor tossing, and even drunken echatere racing ... though Orsinium had to cancel that one.
Simply ask, and I'll send you to the best celebrations in Tamriel!"

If you exit out of the conversation before turning in the quest, she will say one of the greetings and you'll have an alternative question alternatively say:

Everyone celebrates New Life? So is there more than one way to enjoy the festival? (Leads to same ending quest dialogue)

Speaking to her again:

"Off you go. See the celebration for yourself!"

Speak to her for another quest, and she will greet you with one of the following:

"Local traditions are essential to the New Life. Sometimes they change, year to year!"
"Everyone celebrates the New Life their own way. I do so love the variety."
"You are curious about New Life traditions, aren't you?"
"I am only a New Life Herald during the festival. Otherwise, I run a lumbermill."
"The New Life is about what the old year was and what the new year can be."
"It warms my heart to share the New Life Festival. The drink? It warms my belly!"
What's another way people celebrate the New Life Festival?
"Everyone celebrates the New Life their own way. I do so love the variety."

Lava Foot StompEdit

"Once, very briefly, the city of Ebonheart decreed dancing to be illegal. The Dark Elves promptly invented the Lava Foot Stomp, which they called a necessity should their boots ever catch aflame.
They practiced it in taverns, while wearing a small pin."
What sort of pin?
"A dazzling pin such as this showed they were in friendly company. Now, it's a symbol of participation.
Best to experience the Lava Foot Stomp for yourself. I'll mark the taverns on your map. Now, go forth and dance!"
All right, I'll dance the Lava Foot Stomp.
"Off you go. See the celebration for yourself!"

Return and she'll tell you:

"You have the smell of soot about you! Did you just return from Ebonheart?"
I completed the Lava Foot Stomp.
"So you brought some much needed joy into the dour lands of Stonefalls? This is why the Lava Foot Stomp occurs each year. At least for a time, the warm feeling comes from within—and not all the nearby volcanoes."

War Orphan's SojournEdit

"The High Elves of Haven have the War Orphan's Sojourn. They travel to a temple in the heart of Grahtwood and donate what they can.
I'll mark your map. It's quite simple—give what you are able to give."
All right, I'll walk the War Orphan's Sojourn.
"Off you go. See the celebration for yourself!"

Return and she'll tell you:

"You return, after quite the journey.
I completed the War Orphan's Sojourn. I did all I could to help the children.
"Then you truly understand the War Orphan's Sojourn. The children have lost everything. Providing what you can, and then even more, gives them New Life in a new year.
It is not easy. But it eases their burden, which is all they know."

The Trial of Five-Clawed GuileEdit

"Khajiit of Rawl'kha honor their trickster god Rajhin with the Trial of Five-Clawed Guile.
Travel to Reaper's March and speak with Tumira. She'll help you celebrate the New Life with the slightest of hand!"
All right, I'll head to Rawl'kha.
"Off you go. See the celebration for yourself!"

Return and she'll tell you:

"Ah, you return from a land of grass and sweetrolls to one of snow and mead!
How was your visit to Rawl'kha?"
I completed the Trial of Five-Clawed Guile.
"What did Tumira ask you to do? Retrieve the coins from the chest, or from the victor's purse?
No, don't tell me—I'll ask her when she visits."

Stonetooth BashEdit

"The Orcs of Betnikh celebrate through the Stonetooth Bash—a constant party, not the repeated punching of faces. Though sometimes there is punching.
Matron Borbuga is an old friend. Seek her out on Betnikh! She will show you."
All right, I'll celebrate the Stonetooth Bash.

Speaking to her again:

"Off you go. See the celebration for yourself!"

Return and she'll tell you:

"Welcome back! Did you enjoy your journey to the island of Betnikh?"
I took part in the Stonetooth Bash.
"Good food, good drink, and good times are the heart of Betnikh's celebration of the New Life. I'm glad Matron Borbuga could show you herself.
I do miss the adventures we had in our younger days. I'd tell stories, but I don't want to burn your ears off."

Mud Ball MerrimentEdit

"Wood Elf immigrants to Auridon introduced the locals of Skywatch to Mud Ball Merriment.
It is as you'd expect—mud balls thrown at everyone. But each year, there is a specific target the Wood Elves agree most needs to be humbled."
Who is this year's target?
"There are three! Ambassadors of each Alliance meet in Auridon to speak with righteous purpose. No doubt to argue the shape of the negotiating table, or which wine to serve next.
They should take themselves less seriously, don't you think?"
All right, I'll introduce them to Mud Ball Merriment.
"You are curious about New Life traditions, aren't you?"

Return and she'll tell you:

"Is that a bit of mud on your hands? How was your visit to Skywatch?"
I took part in the Mud Ball Merriment.
"Wonderful! Mud on the face reminds us that life is not always so self-important. With New Life comes a bit of fun, for those who aren't too proud to take part."

Fish Boon FeastEdit

"The Argonians of Hissmir have the Fish Boon Feast, one of Shadowfen's oldest celebrations.
It's quite simple—those who are able, bring fish. Those who are not, eat fish."
That sounds simple enough. What would I do?
"Go fishing! Best to catch them in Shadowfen's waters—but if you hate to fish, you can still feed the hungry. Trade with friends, or seek them from a guild trader.
When you have enough, deliver them to Gentle-Heart at Hissmir."
All right, I'll help the Fish Boon Feast.
"Off you go. See the celebration for yourself!"

Return and she'll tell you:

"How was your trip to Shadowfen? Catch anything good?"
I assisted the Fish Boon Feast.
"The Fish Boon Feast reminds us that it warms the heart to fill a hungry belly, especially when it isn't your own.
And if you're truly in need? Well … the smallest kindness of others can help you survive and thrive."

Signal Fire SprintEdit

"Redguards of Bergama have the Signal Fire Sprint. It honors an ancestor who saved their city from certain doom, a true gift of New Life.
Go there, to the Alik'r Desert, and speak with Aubatha. She can explain!"
All right, I'll head to Bergama.
"Off you go. See the celebration for yourself!"

Return and she'll tell you:

"Back from Bergama? I could never get used to the heat and sand."
I completed the Signal Fire Sprint.
"Ah, Zoreh's tale is a lovely one. Bergama's celebration honors the sacrifices we must sometimes make, so that others may enjoy a new dawn.
A toast to your swift legs!"

Snow Bear PlungeEdit

"The Nords of Lower Yorgrim celebrate by traveling to remote places, stripping down to smallclothes, and leaping into the freezing water.
You should take the Snow Bear Plunge! It is quite invigorating."
How would I do that?
"I'll mark your map with the route. Travel to each place, shed your clothes, and take a flying leap!
Warm yourself at the bonfires before leaving. And share a drink with anyone else who takes the Plunge!"
All right, I'll take the Snow Bear Plunge.
"Off you go. See the celebration for yourself!"

Speaking to her to turn in the quest:

"You're looking hearty and hale! And a bit frosty at the edges."
I completed the Snow Bear Plunge.
"I see that! You have a glow about you. Lower Yorgrim celebrates this way to show they don't fear what the cold brings. At the end of a winter's journey is a warm fire, good mead, and wonderful company.
Also, it lets them compare tattoos!"

Castle Charm ChallengeEdit

"The Bretons of Alcaire Castle have a curious tradition called the Castle Charm Challenge.
Long ago, after a terrible war, the steward declared a contest. Any performer who most delighted the castle's survivors would win great renown."
What sort of performances?
"Here, everything in this performance kit will let you experience for yourself.
Go to Alcaire Castle in Stormhaven and perform for the crowds. They're quite friendly, so don't fear your time in front of them!"
All right, I'll take part in the Castle Charm Challenge.
"You are curious about New Life traditions, aren't you?"

Return to her, and she'll say:

"I hope you enjoyed your time at Alcaire Castle. A shame I did not see for myself!"
I completed the Castle Charm Challenge.
"Then you know its importance to Alcaire Castle. Imagine a castle recovering from a terribly bloody war. Parents lost, siblings scarred, children buried.
After such tragedy, they celebrate the New Life as a chance to laugh and wonder once more."


  • Meet This Year's Officiate - Breda, a letter from Breda to her fellow mill workers giving background on the New Life Festival and opponents to it, was released on the official site before the 2016 festival took place.