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Celebrate the New Life Festival with the Redguards of Bergama.
Quest Giver: Breda, tent south of Windhelm
Location(s): Bergama (Alik'r Desert)
Prerequisite Quest: The New Life Festival
Reward: New Life Gift Box
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard
RepeatableRepeatable: Daily
An unlit signal fire
This quest is only available during the New Life Festival
Breda, a New Life Herald in Eastmarch, spoke of Bergama's New Life Festival in Alik'r Desert.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Breda, south of Windhelm.
  2. Go to Bergama and speak with Aubatha.
  3. Light the four signal fires.
  4. Return to Aubatha.
  5. Return to Breda.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

This quest can be obtained once a day by talking to Breda, south of Windhelm. She will give you one of 9 quests; you can abandon a quest and get a new one from her to get a different one.

"Redguards of Bergama have the Signal Fire Sprint. It honors an ancestor who saved their city from certain doom, a true gift of New Life.
Go there, to the Alik'r Desert, and speak with Aubatha. She can explain!"
All right, I'll head to Bergama.

Travel to Bergama in the Alik'r Desert. Once there, talk to Aubatha:

"You are unfamiliar, but not unwelcome. What brings you to Bergama?"
I'm here for the Signal Fire Sprint.
"You honor us with your journey.
Light Bergama's signal fires before I end my count, as Zoreh the Tenacious did long ago."
Who is Zoreh the Tenacious?
"Long ago, a great sickness swept through Bergama. Those who survived were gravely ill. This included Bergama's sworn blades ... her protectors.
Go on.
"Emeesh Poison-Tongue, a warlord of the sands, learned of Bergama's weakness. One night his band of cutthroats approached the city, hoping to take our wealth and slaughter our people.
One sworn blade stood watch."
Zoreh the Tenacious?
"Indeed. Though afflicted, she alone stood her post. But she knew there was no hope against so many.
Yet, she knew how to save Bergama. If she lit the signal fires quickly, Emeesh would think the illness had passed. That our defenders were ready."
I'm listening.
"Zoreh sprinted to each unlit signal fire. Alone, she ran, despite her illness, and lit every one. She rallied every sworn blade in Bergama.
As we took the field, Emeesh's band panicked and fled. Even ill, our defenders cut down every desert dog."
What happened to Zoreh?
"Sadly, the illness took her that night, but not before Emeesh was driven off. But Zoreh died knowing Bergama was safe.
So now, every year, we honor her sacrifice. Few could ask for a better legacy."
Do you have any tips for lighting the fires in time?
"Zoreh wasn't called "the Tenacious" for endurance alone. Her keen mind allowed her to defend Bergama from its enemies.
As our hero did, learn where we keep each signal fire and plot your route."
What if I'm not fast enough?
"Our celebration is open to all—the young, the elderly, and injured alike. Consequently, the signal fires may be lit as a team.
Zoreh's love for her community was deep and abiding. Working together to light the fires does honor to her memory."

Lighting the FiresEdit

You must light the four fires in 55 seconds (the timer is started once you light the first fire) to complete the quest. While lighting the fires, ensure you stay on the bridges (the ones that go between buildings). The fastest method of lighting the fires is lighting them in this order:

  1. North-West (Referred to as North in-game)
  2. North-East (Referred to as East in-game)
  3. South-West (Referred to as West in-game)
  4. South-East (Referred to as South in-game)

Doing this in 55 seconds is not difficult; even with no attributes in Stamina, no Stamina potions, and no abilities that grant extra speed, it is still possible to do this. However, for the achievement (Signal Fire Zephyr) you will either need attributes in Stamina, abilities that make you move faster, or powerful Stamina potions. Alternatively, you can do the quest in a group (with each member only lighting one or two fires).

If you fail to light the fires in time, Aubatha will call you over, by yelling "Quickly, to me. The warlord prepares to strike!"

When spoken to, she will assure you that there is no shame in failing this task.

"There is no shame in failing to light the fires. It reveals just how fast Zoreh had to move."
Can I try to light the fires again?
"Of course. Unlike Zoreh's fateful night, we have the luxury of time."

Once you have lit the fires within the time limit, return to Aubatha:

"And with the signal fires lit and our defenders alerted, Zoreh finally collapsed. Such courage drove our ancestors to victory against the warlord and his band.
To understand her sacrifice is to understand Bergama."
I see. What now?
"Now, I bid you a fond farewell. You honored our city by respecting Zoreh's memory. Tall Papa look kindly upon you. May you always find water and shade."

Returning to BredaEdit

At this point, you can ask Aubatha about Zoreh's story if you already done so. In any case, return to Breda:

"Back from Bergama? I could never get used to the heat and sand."
I completed the Signal Fire Sprint.
"Ah, Zoreh's tale is a lovely one. Bergama's celebration honors the sacrifices we must sometimes make, so that others may enjoy a new dawn.
A toast to your swift legs!"


This quest is associated with the following achievements:

Achievement Points Description
ON-icon-achievement-Signal Fire Zephyr.png Signal Fire Zephyr 5 During the Signal Fire Sprint in Bergama, light all signal fires in 35 seconds or less.
ON-icon-achievement-New Life Celebrant.png New Life Celebrant 10 Complete all New Life Festival celebrations across Tamriel.
ON-icon-achievement-Glory of Magnus.png Glory of Magnus 50 Complete each of the achievements associated with the New Life Festival.

Quest StagesEdit

Signal Fire Sprint
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I should travel to Bergama and speak with Aubatha about the Signal Fire Sprint.
Objective: Travel to Bergama
I should speak with Aubatha in Bergama about the Signal Fire Sprint.
Objective: Talk to Aubatha
To complete the Signal Fire Sprint, I should light the warning fires around Bergama before Aubatha finishes the count.
Objective: Light West Signal Fire
Objective: Light South Signal Fire
Objective: Light East Signal Fire
Objective: Light North Signal Fire
☒Fails quest You failed to light the fires in time.
Objective: Talk to Aubatha
I should speak with Aubatha about the Signal Fire Sprint.
Objective: Talk to Aubatha
I should return to Eastmarch and speak with Breda.
Objective: Return to Breda
☑Finishes quest I should speak with Breda about celebrating the New Life Festival.
Objective: Talk to Breda