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Books of Blackwood is a collection of 118 books found in Blackwood, that make up part of the Eidetic Memory.

Title Author Description Location
ON-icon-book-Generic 554.png
A Legionary's History of Fort Redmane
Pristan Vinicio, Centurion, 19 Sun's Dawn, 2E 233 A history of an unused fort
ON-icon-book-Generic 245.png
A Perfect Drink
ON-icon-book-Generic 244.png
Across the Niben Bar
(Niben River Song)
ON-icon-book-Note 04.png
Adder's Ransom Note
Pungent Adder A criminal's ransom note
ON-icon-book-Note 05.png
Adventurers Wanted for Exciting Opportunity!
and Mirri Elendis A request for aid
ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png
Alizinda's Journal
Alizinda The journal of a scorned lover
  • At a ruined cottage northeast of Gideon
ON-icon-book-Scroll 02.png
Aloysius's Note
Aloysius Fulvianus
ON-icon-book-Generic 315.png
An Interview with Countess Caro
Mercuro Catraso A transcription of an interview with Countess Caro of Leyawiin
ON-icon-book-Generic 133.png
Ardia's Journal
ON-icon-quest-Letter 01.png
Author's Assistant Wanted!
Yisara An offer of employment
ON-icon-book-Paper 01.png
Bazaar Directory Rubbing
An old listing of shops at Zenithar's Abbey
ON-icon-book-Generic 115.png
Before the Gates of Gideon
Wud-Selas Historical fiction about an Argonian attack on Gideon during the Blackwater War
ON-icon-book-Generic 554.png
Birds of Gloommire
Domind Kamaz and Junior Researcher Unila Rotheloth A description of avian fauna in Gloommire
ON-icon-book-Generic 125.png
Brigadine's Journal
ON-icon-book-Note 04.png
Cerise's Farewell Note
A murder suspect's last words
  • In a cave out in the swamp southeast of Gideon
ON-icon-book-Generic 554.png
Chimes of Silver
Geem-Shah, Singing Mouth of the Naka-Desh Tribe A recollection of Kothringi music
ON-icon-book-Note 01.png
Come One, Come All!
A poster for the House of Reveries' show in Blackwood
  • On a pole south of Farmer's Nook
  • On a pole northwest of Farmer's Nook
  • On a pole northeast of Farmer's Nook
ON-icon-book-Generic 111.png
Councilor Abor's Journal
The remains of a journal
ON-icon-quest-Letter 01.png
Councilor Jirich's Records
Emperor Leovic A record of a letter sent by Emperor Leovic
ON-icon-book-Generic 141.png
Countess Caro's Birthday
Primus Falto, Countess Caro's Majordomo A description of the extravagance of Countess Caro's birthday celebrations
ON-icon-quest-Letter 02.png
Courier-Delivered Letter
Elam Drals
ON-icon-book-Note 01.png
Deet-Loh's Notes: Frog Songs
Deet-Loh Notes on frog songs
  • Near the Ayleid well, inside Vunalk
ON-icon-book-Note 01.png
Deet-Loh's Notes: Nereid Curses
Deet-Loh Notes on nereid curses
  • In the square second room, Vunalk, by the pillar
ON-icon-book-Note 01.png
Deet-Loh's Notes: The Frog Witch
Deet-Loh Deet-Loh's observations of Sister of Pools
  • Near the frog pool, Vunalk, in the NW corner of the map
ON-icon-book-Note 01.png
Demands of the Painted Eye
Demands from terrorists
ON-icon-book-Generic 125.png
Destron's Journal
Destron The personal thoughts of Destron
ON-icon-book-Note 04.png
Disastrix Zansora's Journal
Disastrix Zansora
ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png
Duchess Astella's Notes
Duchess Astella Galenus A plan to bring back a departed loved one
ON-icon-quest-Book 03.png
Edvilda's Log Book
Edvilda Stone-Stalker The journal of an antiquity hunter
ON-icon-book-Generic 552.png
Esdir's Old Journal
Esdir A merchant lord's journal
ON-icon-book-Generic 125.png
Fang-Furls' Business Ledger
A criminal's ledger
ON-icon-book-Note 01.png
Fang-Furls' Dead Drop
The first of a criminal dead drop
ON-icon-book-Note 02.png
Fang-Furls' Second Dead Drop
The second criminal dead drop
ON-icon-book-Note 03.png
Fang-Furls' Third Dead Drop
The third criminal dead drop
ON-icon-book-Generic 122.png
Foolish Wings
Romien Garvette of the Whispering Shadows A Nocturnal cultist's thoughts on the Daedric Crows of their Mistress
  • Arpenia, in the large south-east room.
ON-icon-book-Generic 114.png
Gift of the Lilmothiit
Chanil-Shehs A story of an Argonian hatching and a Lilmothiit kit.
ON-icon-book-Generic 342.png
Glenbridge's Argonian Shrine to Sithis
Ghalzir of the House of Wayfarers in Rimmen A document on the ancient xanmeer in Glenbridge
ON-icon-quest-Book 03.png
Grenetta's Journal
Grenetta Fassel The journal of a cook who wants more in life.
ON-icon-book-Note 01.png
Happy Averno Shipping Company Sign
Iulius and Scipion Averno A recently added, totally official sign
ON-icon-book-Note 02.png
High Priest's Orders
Councilor Vandacia
ON-icon-book-Generic 425.png
Homesteads in the Black Marsh
the Imperial Council of Potentate Versidue-Shaie A copy of the edict used for Imperial settlement in the Black Marsh
ON-icon-book-Generic 434.png
How Hackwing Got Her Tail
Tsuleenkeesh A traditional Argonian children's tale about the Hackwing.
ON-icon-book-Generic 554.png
Hymn of Zenithar
A song extolling Zenithar
ON-icon-book-Note 03.png
I Need Your Help!
Toomon A request for aid
ON-icon-quest-Book 02.png
Imperial Deception Song
A song about the decadence of Imperial society.
ON-icon-book-Scroll 04.png
Invitation Cover Letter
ON-icon-book-Note 01.png
Join the Order of the Waking Flame
A pamphlet advertising a Dagonist cult.
ON-icon-book-Coldharbour Lore 07.png
Ledger of Souls
A killer's list of victims
ON-icon-book-Generic 554.png
Legate Minutes: Concerning Goblins
Tacita Maenius, Frostfall 26th, 2E 581 A transcription of a complaint about local goblin attacks
ON-icon-book-Generic 211.png
Legend of Veyond
Ilelnil Duleri Stories about the Ayleid ruin Veyond.
ON-icon-book-Generic 554.png
Leovic's Great Spirits Proclamation
An Imperial Decree allowing for Daedra worship in the Empire
ON-icon-book-Note 01.png
Letter from Astara
Astara Caerellius
ON-icon-quest-Letter 01.png
Letter from Farrul Lupus
Farrul Lupus A warning sent to Councilor Jirich.
ON-icon-book-Note 05.png
Letter from Inalieth
ON-icon-quest-Letter 02.png
Letter from Quistley Silvelle
Quistley Silvelle A letter to a former foster brother.
ON-icon-quest-Letter 02.png
Letter to Councilor Lovidicus
Councilor Jirich An unsent letter.
ON-icon-book-Note 03.png
Letter to Darene
Tumma-Maxath A request for aid
ON-icon-quest-Letter 01.png
Letter to Matus Amnis
Moris Olcinius
ON-icon-book-Note 05.png
Letter to Otumi-Ra
Elossi, the Sudden Gust A letter nostalgic about the Winds' glory days.
ON-icon-book-Paper 01.png
Leyawiin Shipping Schedule
Annyce Favraud An annotated list of shipping departures from Leyawiin
ON-icon-book-Note 01.png
Lovingly Written Note
A warning letter to someone's partner about goings-on at the Abbey.
ON-icon-book-Generic 121.png
May Disaster Turn Away
Lanyaarne Abitius Song about warding off Mehrunes Dagon's natural disasters
ON-icon-book-Generic 332.png
Merchant Lords' Compiled Documents
Ralos, Quentin and Esdir A compilation of collected incriminating documents
ON-icon-book-Generic 132.png
Morgane's Guild Orders
Steward Guild orders for a pair of fighters
ON-icon-book-Generic 125.png
Necromancer's Diary
Tumma-Maxath The inner thoughts of a powerful necromancer
ON-icon-book-Generic 121.png
Notes of Lovirithel the Sage
Lovirithel the Sage A scholar's journal detailing their discoveries within Deepscorn Hollow.
ON-icon-book-Generic 554.png
On Marsh Giants: A Study
Fanemil, Associate Dean of Plant Studies, University of Gwylim A treatise on Marsh Giants
ON-icon-book-Note 01.png
On Mirrors and Crows
A cultist's questioning of their plan in Arpenia.
  • Arpenia, inside, close to the entrance
ON-icon-book-Generic 345.png
On the Chamber of Legates
A description of the ruling council of Leyawiin.
ON-icon-book-Generic 535.png
On the Ivory Brigade
, Chief Councilor and Member of the Chamber of Legates A history of the Ivory Brigade
ON-icon-book-Generic 211.png
On Topal Bay
(a love song)
ON-icon-book-Generic 121.png
On Welkynd Stones
Scholar Firenlle of the Mages Guild A study of Ayleid magic
ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png
Onimiril's Writings
Onimiril The paranoid scribblings of a mage.
ON-icon-book-Note 02.png
Phantasmal Discovery Awaits!
Revus Demnevanni An intriguing opportunity
  • On a tree near the road southwest of Veyond
  • On a tree near the road west of Veyond
  • On a tree near the road north of Veyond
  • On a tree near the road east of Veyond
ON-icon-book-Note 03.png
Pirate's Treasure Message
, Terror of the Topal Bay The start of a good old fashioned treasure hunt
  • In a bottle southeast on the shores around Blackwood
ON-icon-book-Generic 331.png
Pirates of Topal Bay
Tarnian Lovidicus, Chief Councilor A discussion of the pirates in and around Leyawiin
ON-icon-book-Note 01.png
Prayer for a Shadowscale
A prayer to Sithis
ON-icon-book-Note 03.png
Preserve the Secret
Councilor Vandacia
ON-icon-quest-Letter 01.png
Quentin's Secret Correspondence
Quentin A merchant lord's letter
ON-icon-book-Closed 08.png
Ralos's Charred Journal
Ralos A merchant lord's journal
ON-icon-quest-Letter 01.png
Rebel's Faded Letter
Plans regarding the future of Zenithar's Abbey.
ON-icon-quest-Letter 01.png
Salvitto's Invitation
ON-icon-book-Note 05.png
Save My Precious
ON-icon-quest-Scroll 01.png
Scrawled Incantation
Duchess Astella Galenus An incantation to bring back the dead
ON-icon-book-Generic 554.png
Sighs of Blackwood
An Argonian song about Blackwood
ON-icon-book-Note 01.png
Sophus's Sealed Scroll
  • Given to you by Lunia Sophus, although this version is not readable.
  • If not read during the quest, found on the porch of Councilor Sophus's House. However the book is not visible for some.
ON-icon-book-Note 01.png
Sul-Xan Note
A cultist's note
  • Xi-Tsei, on an altar behind the pressure plate at the southernmost short hallway that goes from northwest to southeast
ON-icon-book-Generic 424.png
Sul-Xan Ritual Site
Brigadine Salviticus, member of the Ivory Brigade Observations of a group of Sul-Xan
ON-icon-book-Generic 425.png
Sweets for Sour Company
(A Khajiit Song of Insults)
ON-icon-book-Generic 141.png
Tales of Black Marsh
Juno Asellio, collector of stories A story of the marsh
ON-icon-book-Generic 312.png
Tattered Trader's Log
A merchant's tirade against the old Arbitrator of Zenithar's Abbey
ON-icon-quest-Letter 01.png
Tenarei's Contract
ON-icon-book-Generic 223.png
Terror of the Death Hopper
Remius Volsonus Writings on the elusive Death Hopper
ON-icon-quest-Book 02.png
The Feast of Saint Coellicia I
Arfons Jellicandante, Expert on Nibenese Cuisine A prelude covering the historical background and context behind the Feast of Saint Coellicia
ON-icon-quest-Book 02.png
The Feast of Saint Coellicia II
Arfons Jellicandante, Expert on Nibenese Cuisine A descriptive list of the first and second courses served during an infamous feast
ON-icon-quest-Book 02.png
The Feast of Saint Coellicia III
Arfons Jellicandante, Expert on Nibenese Cuisine A descriptive list of the third and fourth courses served during an infamous feast
ON-icon-quest-Book 02.png
The Feast of Saint Coellicia IV
Arfons Jellicandante, Expert on Nibenese Cuisine A descriptive list of the fifth and sixth courses served during an infamous feast
ON-icon-quest-Book 02.png
The Feast of Saint Coellicia V
Arfons Jellicandante, Expert on Nibenese Cuisine A descriptive list of the seventh and eighth courses served during an infamous feast
ON-icon-book-Generic 242.png
The Last Battle of Phalevon Vero
Sirino Hentor, Elder Historian The story of a Minotaur hunter's last battle
ON-icon-book-Generic 112.png
The Liberation of Leyawiin
(song about the Liberation of Leyawiin by Sai Sahan during Varen's Rebellion)
ON-icon-quest-Book 02.png
The Making of Wading-Nests
Lanyaarne Abitius A book on a traditional Argonian craft
ON-icon-book-Generic 223.png
The Order of the Waking Flame
Peregrina Pompitalus An expose on a exclusive organization
ON-icon-book-Generic 515.png
The Saga of Captain Wereshark Vol. 2
The crew of the Pale Spirit escape the tomb of Prince Vaugr
ON-icon-book-Generic 151.png
The Saga of Captain Wereshark Vol. 3
The crew of the Pale Spirit escape the draugr Prince Vaugr
ON-icon-book-Note 01.png
To My Love
An unsent letter
  • Next to a skeleton in a clearing northwest of Welke, surrounded by squirrels
ON-icon-book-Generic 553.png
Trans-Niben Delicacies
First Mate Snagoth of the Guar's Beak, second fastest treasure hauler on the Niben River A traditional recipe
ON-icon-book-Generic 325.png
Traveler's Guide to Gideon
Astinia Isauricus; Published 22 Frost Fall, 2E 570 An overview of Gideon's people, history and notable places
ON-icon-book-Generic 315.png
Traveler's Guide to Leyawiin
Astinia Isauricus; published 1 Frost Fall, 2E 569 An overview of Leyawiin's people, history and notable places
  • On a bench just inside the gates of Leyawiin
ON-icon-book-Generic 554.png
Tribes of Blackwood: Gideon and the Border
Emmanubeth Hurrent, the Wayfarers' Society of Wayrest An overview of the Argonians of Gideon
ON-icon-book-Generic 554.png
Tribes of Blackwood: Red-Dream People
Emmanubeth Hurrent, the Wayfarers' Society of Wayrest A look at the Hutsleel tribe
ON-icon-book-Generic 554.png
Tribes of Blackwood: Riverbacks
Emmanubeth Hurrent, the Wayfarers' Society of Wayrest An account of meeting the Naka-Desh tribe
ON-icon-book-Generic 215.png
Tumma-Maxath's Diary
Tumma-Maxath A diary of a young necromancer
ON-icon-quest-Letter 01.png
Unfinished Letter to Pronobius
An unfinished letter detailing their concerns about their mistress
ON-icon-book-Note 04.png
Vinnus's Note
Vinnus Reburrus The final words of a Fighters Guild member lost in the Deadlands.
ON-icon-book-Generic 533.png
Wines of Blackwood
Orius Hertano A connoisseur's guide to the vintages of Blackwood
ON-icon-book-Note 04.png
Work for Hire in Leyawiin
A request for aid
ON-icon-book-Generic 424.png
Xynaa's Book of Contracts
A record of a Dremora's many contracts
ON-icon-book-Note 04.png
Your Assistance Is Appreciated
Toomon A note of thanks