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Solitude Soliloquies is a collection of 118 books found in Western Skyrim and Blackreach, that make up part of the Eidetic Memory.

Title Author Description Location
Anjuld's Journal
Anjuld A clothier's journal
Assassin's Letter
Sister Tharda
Ateian Fife
The description of a legendary flute
Balgvir's Siege Journal
  • Kyne's Aegis on a crate before first big opening (39.59X - 64.75Y)
Bards College Salskap Tonight!
  • Given by Leiborn at the start of the quest
Blackreach: Fictions and Facts
The Blossoms of Maelmoth
Maelmoth the Mysterious
Brokel (Exhumed)
Epitaph of an old herder
Brondold's Journal
Brondold The journal of an agent and his findings in Solitude
Brondold's Papers
Korvynn and Brondold A bundle of blood-smudged notes
Burnt Papers
Callisos' Lodestone
Cheeses of Skyrim: Hjaalmarch, Haafingar
B. Notable cheeses of Western Skyrim
Cheeses of Skyrim: Riften, Falkreath
B. Descriptions of the cheeses of Skyrim
Cheeses of Skyrim: The Reach, The Pale
Cheeses of Skyrim: Whiterun, Winterhold, Eastmarch
B. Notable cheeses of Eastern Skyrim
Chime of the Endless
Convergence of Maestros, Volume 1
Hartlin Treg Meeting minutes from a Maestro summit
Convergence of Maestros, Volume 2
Hartlin Treg Meeting minutes from a Maestro summit
The Danger of Morokei
Dictate of Renewal
Lady Essenia
Distillation Calibrations and Instructions
Divines and the Nords
High Priest Ingurt A text on how ancient Nordic totemic religion transformed into modern worship of the Eight Divines
Dozzen Talharpa
Ecology of the Death Hound
Odgrete Bjersen A description of death hounds
Freiwen's Diary
Freiwen The diary of a jarl's daughter
Frelytte and Pular: A Love Song
Gray Host Communique
Rada al-Saran
Gray Host Orders
Rada al-Saran
Guide to Western Skyrim: Haafingar
Imperial Surveyor Buntara Gravius A guide to the hold of Haafingar
Guide to Western Skyrim: Hjaalmarch
Imperial Surveyor Buntara Gravius A guide to the hold of Hjaalmarch
Guide to Western Skyrim: Karthald
Imperial Surveyor Buntara Gravius A guide to the hold of Karthald
Harlock the Bastard (Exhumed)
Epitaph of a wastrel
Highmourn Dizi
Holy Sweetroll Liturgy
How to Pronounce Dwemer Words
Amadri Drevin, student
Hydrik Deep-Delve's Wit and Wisdom
Hydrik Deep-Delve A Guildmember's guide to the delves in Western Skyrim
Incantation of Reversal, First Fragment
Maelmoth the Mysterious
Incantation of Reversal, Second Fragment
Maelmoth the Mysterious
Incantation of Reversal, Third Fragment
Maelmoth the Mysterious
Investigator Vale and the Sober Nord
Investigator Vale investigates a death in a Nord tavern
Isendore Fish-Gutter
Epitaph of a fishmonger
Jahar Fuso'ja
The description of the Mane's qunan
Jhunal the Rune God
Journal of a Telvanni Emissary
Elvali Trandel, Mouth of House Telvanni, Emissary to Skyrim
Kal Druun's Notes
Kal Druun
King Thunder
Kothringi Leviathan Horn
Lekka the Corpulent (Exhumed)
Epitaph of an Argonian scholar
Letter from Ena
Ena White-Eye
Letter from the Skald-King's Agent
Letter to Thane Ogvar
Letter to the Overseer
Letter to the Pentarch
Letter to Warlord Rukar
List of Targets
Overseer Urlvar
Long Fire
Lycanthropic Immunity
Exarch Tzinghalis A journal detailing the tests done on werewolves and their immunity to Harrowstorms
The Lute of Blue Longing
Maelmoth's Final Journal
Maelmoth the Mysterious
Maelmoth's Marvelous Masterpiece
Maelmoth, Master of Mysterious Illusions!
Maxten's Research Journal
Maxten Favrete
Message from Fennorian
Miner's Journal
Missing Miners
Overseer Urlvar
Monsters of Northern Folklore
Minerva Calo, Imperial Chronicler Eyewitness accounts of Snow Ghosts in Skyrim
Morokei's Power
My Beloved Siblings, the Exarchs
Rada al-Saran A list of all the Gray Host's leaders
The Mysterium's Threshold
Maelmoth the Mysterious
Narsis Dren's Skyrim Journal
Narsis Dren
Nel the Orphan
Epitaph of a young vagabond
Nel's Hidden Loves
Nel Farsong
Nelfthea's Crumpled Note
Netherroot Notes
Exarch Tzinghalis Notes covering the refinement of the Netherroot Brew
Nord Cuisine: Savory Edition
Gilbard Bacqure
Nord Cuisine: Sweets Edition
Gilbard Bacqure
Nord War Song
Ode to the Founding
Old Nord Drinking Song
On Harrowstorms
Fennorian of House Ravenwatch A first draft of a treatise on harrowstorms
The Pale Man
Pan Flute of Morachellis Hag-Husband
Pentarch's Orders
The Penultimate Laugh
Maelmoth the Mysterious
Pickle's Treats
Reach Loyalist's Letter
Reach Warrior
The Reach's Progress
Warlord Vund
Reman War Drum
Report for Bitterblade
Research Notes: Chaotica Vampiris
Lady Essenia, Master Alchemist and High Chamberlain of Greymoor Keep An account on the creation of Bloodknights.
Research Notes: The Heir of Verandis
Lady Essenia, Master Alchemist and High Chamberlain of Greymoor Keep Notes on Count Verandis Ravenwatch's vampiric bloodline.
Scandals of Solitude's Royalty
Erisa Sylbenitte of the Coterie of Organized Scholars Stories about the lesser known High Kings of Western Skyrim
Scared Little Snow Moth
Epitaph of a young soldier
Seeking Brave Souls and Able Bodies
Silgrett the Moneylender A request for adventurers
Epitaph of a priestess
Shadow of Rahjin
Shield-Guard Karthi
Epitaph of a guardsman
Sister Elra's Proclamation
Sister Elra
Solitude Bedtime Stories
A collection of bedtime stories
Solitude: A Charred Journal
Ysogar Entries from a ruined journal about strange dreams
The Song of Gods
Thaddeus's List of Parts
Thaddeus Cosma
Things My Great-Gran Said
A Threnody to Lost Love
Today's Instructions
Maxten Favrete
The Tower of the Wolf
Masonry of Solitude Digest
Travels Around the Western Holds
Inky-Claws An Argonian's account of the Holds of Western Skyrim
Unknown (Exhumed)
Epitaph of an unknown Nord merchant
Uthbet (Exhumed)
Epitaph of a warrior
The Wolf of Solitude
Pjetr the Skald, of the Bards College A biography of High King Svargrim
Words of Entry
Lady Essenia