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Skill Books is a collection of books that make up part of the Eidetic Memory. These books all provide a bonus to a skill or set of skills, along with a number of other skill books.

Title Author Description Location
ON-icon-book-Generic 154.png
A Grifter's Apology
Anonymous A former con-artist's advice
ON-icon-book-Generic 533.png
A Hero's Weapon
Lizabet Delrusc A panegyric to the greatsword
ON-icon-quest-Scroll 01.png
A Hypothetical Treachery, Part 1
Anthil Morvir A One Act Play
ON-icon-quest-Shadowfen map.png
A New Recipe?
A controversial culinary experiment
ON-icon-book-Generic 233.png
ON-icon-book-Generic 325.png
A Request for Relief
Defessus Magister An enchanter's plea regarding manufactured glyphs and the collapse of the enchanting market
ON-icon-book-Generic 553.png
A World of Corpses
An aggressive guide on how to find corpses
ON-icon-book-Generic 441.png
Achieving Harmony with Death
Ymirra, Master of Bone and Scythe Musings on Necromancy
ON-icon-book-Generic 452.png
Advances in Lockpicking
An experienced thief summarizes the intricacies of lockpicking
ON-icon-quest-Letter 02.png
Alchemy Practicum
Defessus Lector A reminder on the proper way to create new potions
ON-icon-book-Generic 334.png
Alchemy: Discovering Traits
Defessus Lector A guide to basic alchemy
ON-icon-book-Generic 554.png
An Archer's Archive
Sabarid the Seeker The far-ranging travels of a student of archery
ON-icon-book-Generic 122.png
Ardent Flame: Draconic or Endemic?
Gabrielle Benele
ON-icon-book-Generic 553.png
Armor of Myth and Legend
Aurelienne Dulroi Famous (and possibly fictional) armors
ON-icon-book-Generic 521.png
Aura of the Righteous
Ptolus the Bright, of Notes on the different forms of Stendarr's gift
ON-icon-book-Generic 312.png
Azarrid's Race
The tale of a group of adventurers and their race to claim a priceless gemstone
ON-icon-book-Generic 223.png
Baandari Mutton Stew
A recipe for stew
ON-icon-book-Generic 352.png
Benevolent Necromancy, it Exists
Yisareh of the Undaunted A different take on necromancy
ON-icon-book-Generic 124.png
ON-icon-book-Generic 111.png
Bowyer and Fletcher
Hoary Durotzel, the Wood Butcher of Ska'vyn A lesson on the various bow types
ON-icon-book-Generic 332.png
Call to the Faithful
Prudentia Blaesus A call to religious followers
ON-icon-book-Generic 124.png
Cantillon's Correspondence
Margaux Cantillon A letter from a renowned Restoration healer regarding a gifted staff
ON-icon-book-Generic 323.png
Ceryolminwe's Translation
Ceryolminwe A study of an ancient Ayleid text
ON-icon-book-Generic 323.png
Chronicles of Ehtelar, Vol. 1
The first part of a tale of two Alik'r caravaneers and their ill-fated trek into an Ayleid ruin
ON-icon-book-Generic 314.png
Clothier: Light Armor Basics
Lady Eloisse, Fifth Countess Manteau A brief description of light armor
ON-icon-book-Generic 114.png
Cooking Mastery, The Easy Way
the Malachite Chef A guide to easy cooking
ON-icon-book-Generic 524.png
Crush, Slash, Bash, and Stab
Weapon-master Grutsug A warrior's musing on various combat styles
ON-icon-book-Generic 111.png
Dark Magic: Three Pretexts
the Aureate Serpent A rebuttal addressing the criticism against Dark Magic
ON-icon-book-Generic 343.png
Destruction or Distraction
Humius Acidinus A criticism against the trend of excessive intellectualism in magical study
ON-icon-book-Generic 234.png
Discomforts of War
Robier Douare, Alchemist Alchemical advice to protect against common health threats
ON-icon-book-Generic 121.png
Enigma of the Runestones
On the runestones of Tamriel
ON-icon-book-Generic 434.png
Father of the Niben, Fragment One
Florin Jaliil Fragment of a journal of Topal the Pilot
ON-icon-book-Generic 554.png
Folly in Fixation
Estiraamo An essay extolling the virtues of mastering both spell and sword
ON-icon-book-Generic 244.png
Forged in the Heart of Mundus
the Dragonsmith of Bruma Notes on the abilities granted unto the Children of the Mundus
ON-icon-book-Generic 434.png
Fundaments of Alchemy
Alyandon Mathierry A fundamental primer on Alchemy
ON-icon-book-Generic 551.png
Glinting Talons
Ablahar at-Tanul An essay surrounding Ra Gada fighting styles and philosophy
ON-icon-book-Generic 211.png
Glyphs and Enchantment
Sanessalmo of A brief overview of enchanting glyphs and runestones
ON-icon-book-Generic 435.png
Heavy Armor Forging
Sven Two-Hammers A guide to creating Heavy Armor
ON-icon-book-Generic 551.png
Heavy Armor: A Forge-Wife's Advice
Garshag gra-Sharkub How to get started smithing
ON-icon-book-Generic 253.png
How to Win a Fight
Caelius Imbrex A concise, but primitive, guide on effective fighting techniques
ON-icon-book-Generic 225.png
Husks and Bones
Sorexius Lentulus The journal of an enterprising merchant and his experiences in Valenwood
ON-icon-book-Generic 212.png
Jewels of Yokuda
Master-Jeweler Donielle Geonette Notes on ancient Yokudan jewelry crafting
  • Randomly found in bookcases across Summerset
ON-icon-quest-Shadowfen map.png
Jornibret's Last Dance
Song involving men and women's parts
ON-icon-book-Generic 553.png
Journal of Thracius Mento
Thracius Mento The journal of a priest of the Divines
ON-icon-book-Generic 413.png
Legacy of the Dragonguard
Kiasa-Veda, the Chronicler of Blades A history of the Dragonguard
ON-icon-book-Generic 334.png
Mace Etiquette
A warrior's instruction pamphlet on proper mace tactics
ON-icon-book-Generic 545.png
Mazubar-do's Advice
Mazubar-do An essay on fighting and its relationship with dance
ON-icon-book-Generic 521.png
Medium Armor: Tannins and Leather
Defessus Lector
ON-icon-book-Generic 244.png
Mora'at's Theory of Lightning
Mora'at the Lesser, Wizard of A Mages Guild theory on the inner workings of shock spells
ON-icon-book-Generic 314.png
Mythical Beast, Real Powers
Drusus Ovicula, Proctor of the An Imperial scholar's notes on his experience with Dragonknights
ON-icon-book-Generic 511.png
Nord Armorers and Armsmen
Notes on Nordic blacksmithing culture and techniques
ON-icon-book-Generic 422.png
Notes on Racial Phylogeny
the Council of Healers, Imperial University About the similarities and differences between the races of Tamriel
ON-icon-book-Generic 255.png
On the Utility of Shock Magic
Vanus Galerion Archmage Galerion's notes on the flexibility of shock magic
ON-icon-book-Generic 335.png
One Staff, Many Staves
Hoary Durotzel, the Wood Butcher of Ska'vyn A children's guide to staff making
ON-icon-book-Generic 422.png
Oshgura's Destruction Journal
Oshgura An Orcish sorcerer's journal recounting his difficulty learning spells
ON-icon-book-Generic 125.png
Precepts of Stendarr
Ptolus the Bright, Resolute of Evangelical doctrine for the God of Mercy and Charity
ON-icon-book-Magicka Lore 01.png
Principles of Conjuration
Corvus Direnni A brief introduction to the basics of Conjuration magic
ON-icon-book-Generic 552.png
Prudence in Practice
Elleraame of Sunhold Proper magical practice technique
ON-icon-book-Generic 543.png
Quotes from the Greats
Scaporius Pulex Words of advice from arena champions
ON-icon-book-Generic 315.png
Redoran Cooking Secrets
How to cook "Crab Meat Stew" and "Frog Muffin"
ON-icon-book-Generic 431.png
Report: Quality of Recruits
Captain Lampronius A military report on the training of new recruits
ON-icon-book-Generic 141.png
Rislav the Righteous, Part 1
Sinjin Heroic tales of Rislav Larich, ancient King of Skingrad
ON-icon-book-Generic 241.png
Rituals of the Harmonious Masters
Aritanwe of Lillandril Religious doctrine surrounding Stendarr and the promotion of his healing magic
ON-icon-book-Generic 443.png
Saving Your Hide
Lieutenant Anders Gemane On the finer points of dagger use
ON-icon-book-Generic 245.png
Settling the Debate
Ralevyn Nerano On what type of leather armor to use
ON-icon-book-Generic 315.png
Shadow Draining: A Hypothesis
the Glimmering Foxbat On the magical effect of absorbing another's life force
ON-icon-book-Generic 522.png
Smithing: A Worthy Endeavor
Cuinaamo, Great Sage of the Forge On the merits of smithing
ON-icon-book-Generic 313.png
Sorcery is Not Necromancy!
A famed wizard's objections to being labeled a necromancer
ON-icon-book-Generic 431.png
Sporting Chance
ON-icon-book-Generic 143.png
Stendarr's Divine Spear
Ptolus the Bright, A poem extolling the power of Stendarr's magic
ON-icon-book-Generic 525.png
Stepping through Shadows
the Glimmering Foxbat On teleportation magic
ON-icon-book-Generic 423.png
Sword-Wisdom of Saikhalar
Advice from a sword master
ON-icon-book-Generic 355.png
The Book of Circles: Forging Maxims
Frandar Hunding Proverbs on the creation and use of swords
ON-icon-book-Generic 415.png
The Chopping Block
Kajuld Blackfox A Nord teaches his younger brother how to wield an axe
ON-icon-book-Generic 321.png
The Four Abominations
Vinicius Imbrex, Archbishop of , 1E 10511087 A description of the unnatural enemies of mortals, which are hated by Stendarr
ON-icon-book-Generic 325.png
The Friend of All Mortals
the Resolute Templar of Ska'vyn On Stendarr, the God of Mercy and Justice
ON-icon-book-Generic 333.png
The Legendary Sancre Tor, 1st Ed.
Matera Chapel An attempt to chronicle the rise and fall of Sancre Tor
ON-icon-book-Generic 555.png
The Masters' Hall
Unknown Young and optimistic adventurers seek out a lost ruin in the Jerall Mountains
ON-icon-book-Generic 443.png
The Philosophy of Stealth
the Red Asp, How not to be seen
ON-icon-book-Generic 141.png
The Pretension of High Elf Jewelry
Elredith, Elden Root Jewelry Crafter A Bosmer's observations on Altmeri jewelry crafting
ON-icon-book-Generic 552.png
The Rotwood Enigma
The mystery of a benevolent, silent adventurer
ON-icon-book-Generic 322.png
The Source of the Bone
Selalleth The Death Stories of the Bosmer
ON-icon-book-Generic 241.png
The Vanishing Crux
Masura-dra, Sentinel Magister On the Osseous Crux
ON-icon-book-Generic 323.png
To Smite with Dragon Claws
Battle Chant of the Intrepid Two Hundred
ON-icon-book-Generic 225.png
Treatise on Metallurgical Anomalies
Ovuld, Master Metallurgist Introduction to a scholarly treatise on strange metals
ON-icon-book-Generic 113.png
Undeniable Truths of Attire
Elenuume the Impeccable On proper mage attire
ON-icon-book-Generic 123.png
Who Are the Wardens?
of A description of the Wardens
ON-icon-book-Generic 241.png
Wulfmare's Guide to Better Thieving
Wulfmare Shadow-Cloak A boastful thief discusses the tricks of the trade
ON-icon-book-Generic 113.png
Wuunding and Tumult
Vothel Bethalas Two legends of Wuunding
ON-icon-book-Generic 134.png
Xil-Go's Spell
Adzi-Kahz How an Argonian village fought off slavers from House Dres