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Treasure Maps can be found throughout the game. They only appear as random drops, generally from killing boss monsters, or in valuable loot stashes. When you find one, a dirt pile will be added to a specific location, hinted at by the picture on the map. If you activate it, you will dig up a treasure with some valuable items inside. These chests do not exist unless you've found their respective map. It is possible to find the same map more than once. If this occurs, the treasure will respawn, so you can find it again. Once you dig up a treasure the map is consumed; until then they are freely tradeable.

There are 6 standard maps in every major zone (18 in Cyrodiil), and 4 more per Alliance in the starter zones. In addition, there are special Collector's Edition Maps, 1 for each major zone (except Cyrodiil) and 2 per Alliance in the start zones. These maps are only available with the Explorer's Pack or Adventurer Pack.

Chests found from treasure maps have a higher chance of containing Malachite Shards. They also have a chance to contain pieces from Overland Sets for that specific zone. Treasure chests can sometimes contain zone-specific Antiquity leads. This is not the case with CE maps, which offer very poor loot consisting of only generic equipment and gold.

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