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Library of Incunabula is a collection of books found inside the primary locations for the Dungeon Pack DLCs: Shadows of the Hist, Horns of the Reach, Dragon Bones, Wolfhunter, Wrathstone, Scalebreaker and Harrowstorm.

Title Author Description Location
A Boon for the Tribe
Lorhiel, Wood Elf Huntress The diary of a Wood Elf tracker
A Brother's Plea
Hjarkborn A Dragon cultist's letter to a concerned sister
A Cure for Lycanthropy
Archivist Ernarde of the Silver Dawn A lycanthropy researcher's journal
A Sister's Regret
Ruelde A Dragon cultist's remorseful letter regarding the betrayal of their priest
A Sister's Retort
Ruelde A Dragon cultist's letter regarding their order's downfall
An Unusual Hare
Maveld Bearfang A hunter's thoughts on hunting indriks
Neramo A history of the Dwemer Clan Kragen's expansion into Skyrim
Balorgh's Plan
Burnt Scripture
A page fragment written in Ta'agra
Burr's Writing Practice
Burr The writing practice of one Riekling
  • Frostvault, near the entrance inside a bucket next to a cart
By Order of the Silver Dawn
Captain Abitius
Cadaver Preparation Findings
A necromancers notes on Nordic mummification
Caluurion's Notes
Caluurion The ancient journal of a stranded dragon-slayer
  • Fang Lair, east side of room where you fight Caluurion
Captive's Crumpled Note
Captive's Discreet Warning
Captive's Journal
Concerning Balorgh
Death is No Laughing Matter
  • Fang Lair, in the lowest part of the top middle room. On a mammoth’s forehead
Defiant Graffiti
Dranos's Diary
Dranos Velador
Enough Kitten Play!
Epitaph of Bjarfrud Skjoralmor
An epitaph to the founder of Falkreath
Farewell Note
Frostbitten Journal
The journal of a follower of Umaril
Geel-Ma's Diary
Improvised Memorial
An epitaph found in the Bloodroot Forge
In Pursuit of Mhuvnak
The journal of a Wrathstone searcher
  • Frostvault, near the southern door in the small circular area of Vault of Mhuvnak
In Reply to Concerning Rumors
Jarl Hjurgol Skjoralmor A jarl's thoughts on frightening rumors
Journal of Orryn the Black
Orryn the Black
  • Fang Lair, east side of room where you fight Orryn
Kjalnar's Research Notes
Leave the Dragons Where they Lie
R A letter from one Dragonguard to another
Letter to Balorgh
Letter to Haeralf
Letter to the Icereach Coven
Rada al-Saran
Letter to Mother Ciannait
Letter to Mylenne
Letter to Nabor
Voria the Heart-Thief
Log #321: Unexpected Results
Archivist Ernarde of the Moon Hunter Pack Research notes on the alteration of a werewolf's transformation
Maarselok Reconnaissance Log One
Maarselok Reconnaissance Log Two
Maarselok Reconnaissance Log Three
Maarselok Reconnaissance Log Four
Na-Kesh's Journal
Tree-Minder Na-Kesh
Nicolard's Note to Self
Nicolard Lia
Nicolard's Notes on Ruin Origins
Nicolard Lia A researcher's notes on the Bloodroot Forge
Nicolard's Notes on the Forge
Nicolard Lia A researcher's notes on an ancient Nedic forge
Nicolard Lia's Journal
Nicolard Lia A researcher's personal journal
Nisaazda's Journal
Nisaazda The Hollowfang Clan Mother's journal
No! No! No!
Norgorgol's Journal
Norgorgol The journal of an Orc bandit
Observations on Tenmar Valley
Warlock Carindon
Observations on the Changeling
Warlock Carindon
Ondagore's Journal
Picking up the Pieces
Tharayya An adventurer's notes on a hapless associate
Plan to Escape
A plan for a suicide pact
Pyre Watch Precepts
Reanimation Experiment Findings
Reanimation Specimen Collection
Research of Nathien Mortieu, Vol. 1
Nathien Mortieu
Research of Nathien Mortieu, Vol. 2
Nathien Mortieu
Research of Nathien Mortieu, Vol. 3
Nathien Mortieu
Rolea's Journal
Rolea A werewolf's final words
Scrawled Tally
Send Your Forces, Narilmor
Skeevaton Modification and Operation
Associate Zanon
  • Frostvault, Near the northern door in the small circular area of Vault of Mhuvnak
The Glory of the Hunt
Wyress Strigidae
The Hedge Maze
Lantoine Beaufort
The History of Zaan the Scalecaller
Jorvuld Davaux, Dragon Priest Historian The short biography of a minor Dragon Priest
The Hungry Cat's Curse
Vykosa the Ascendant
The Huntsman Prince
Hanu of the Zainab Tribe
Umaril is Undone
Unearthing Garlas Malatar
Unfinished Letter to Marika
Urgent Letter
Urgent Missive
Eerika Skjoralmor The plea of a Falkreath Thane
Web-Covered Diary