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There are a total of 28 obtainable disguises. They are used during quests to blend in around certain groups of enemies and all of them have a Level requirement of 1. These should not be confused with costumes, which do not use an equipment slot. They are purely cosmetic and wearing them will not affect your current gear's stats. Some of them have randomized facial hair, adornments, or equipment every time you enter a new zone, and some disguises are only obtainable during a quest, which means you can never get them again once you've completed it. Costumes used to take up the same equipment slot as disguises, but have since been moved to the Collections tab.

While in disguise, you will not be attacked by certain enemies who would normally be hostile. You will see a stealth icon in the center of the screen, just like you see while sneaking. Sneaking is not actually possible wearing a disguise - attempting to do so will bring up a warning: "Sneaking would arouse suspicion".

There will often be more alert enemies who can see through your disguise and alert their compatriots. You can identify them by the red glow around them, while other enemies will have a yellow glow. If they are humanoid, they will also generally be carrying a torch. Non-humanoid enemies such as dogs or wolves are almost always immune to disguises. If you get near them, you will see a glowing red eye above their head indicating that they are suspicious. Running away and getting out of their line of sight will usually keep them from pursuing.

If you are caught, or if you initiate an attack on any hostile or non-hostile enemy, the disguise will be removed from your inventory. (You can usually find another the same way you found the first.) Quest-specific disguises are generally removed from your inventory when you complete the part of the quest requiring them, but if you remove the disguise manually, you may keep it to use at any time. Note that most disguises will not function outside of the quest for which they are intended, even if you encounter other enemies of the same faction elsewhere. However, disguises can continue to be used in a similar way to Costumes in order to alter your appearance once their quest is finished. Note that, if you are wearing a disguise for its appearance and re-enter its associated quest area, you may lose it if you enter combat, and be unable to reacquire it.

All disguises are bound to your account and cannot be traded to other players. It is not possible to have multiple copies of the same disguise, even in your bank.

Aldmeri Dominion DisguisesEdit

Colovian UniformEdit

Colovian Uniform

Courier UniformEdit

Courier Uniform

Hollow Moon GarbEdit

Hollow Moon Garb

Kollopi EssenceEdit

Kollopi Essence

Note: The Kollopi Essence disguise cannot be used in PvP zones.

Phaer Mercenary DisguiseEdit

Phaer Mercenary Disguise

Quendeluun Veiled Heritance DisguiseEdit

Quendeluun Veiled Heritance Disguise

Sea Viper ArmorEdit

Sea Viper Armor

Steel Shrike UniformEdit

Steel Shrike Uniform

Vulkhel Guard Marine DisguiseEdit

Vulkhel Guard Marine Disguise

Daggerfall Covenant DisguisesEdit

Bloodthorn DisguiseEdit

Bloodthorn Disguise

Crown DishdashaEdit

Crown Dishdasha

Forebear DishdashaEdit

Forebear Dishdasha

Hallin's Stand Seventh Legion DisguiseEdit

Hallin's Stand Seventh Legion Disguise

Imperial DisguiseEdit

Imperial Disguise

Midnight Union DisguiseEdit

Midnight Union Disguise
Old Midnight Union Disguise

Pirate DisguiseEdit

Pirate Disguise

Red Rook DisguiseEdit

Red Rook Disguise

Seadrake DisguiseEdit

Seadrake Disguise

Servant's RobesEdit

Servant's Robes

Ebonheart Pact DisguisesEdit

Dunmer Cultural GarbEdit

Dunmer Cultural Garb

Fort Amol Guard DisguiseEdit

Fort Amol Guard Disguise

Frostedge Bandit DisguiseEdit

Frostedge Bandit Disguise

Keeper's GarbEdit

Keeper's Garb

Northwind DisguiseEdit

Northwind Disguise

Shadowsilk GemEdit

Shadowsilk Gem

Stormfist DisguiseEdit

Stormfist Disguise

Vanguard UniformEdit

Vanguard Uniform

DLC DisguisesEdit

Servant's OutfitEdit

Servant's Outfit

Sapphire Society DisguiseEdit

Sapphire Society Disguise

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