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Dispatches from the Deadlands is a collection of 81 books, letters and notes found in the Deadlands, that make up part of the Eidetic Memory.

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Title Author Description Location
ON-icon-book-Note 05.png
A Constant Hunger
The Ravener The oath of the Ravener
ON-icon-book-Generic 124.png
A Guide to the Deadlands
Treads-the-Stars A Gleaner's guide to the Deadlands
ON-icon-book-Generic 132.png
A Supplicant's Song
ON-icon-book-Generic 254.png
A Vision of the Twin Citadels
Devastator Irenian Dast
ON-icon-book-Generic 322.png
Audiences with the Longhouse Emperors
Sentanus Marillin, aide to the Elder Council The author's account of meeting the three Longhouse Emperors over his career
ON-icon-quest-Plans 01.png
Blood Pit Prisoner Roll
A list of prisoners held in a daedric prison
ON-icon-book-Generic 541.png
Brugurikh's Journal
Brugurikh A journal of Scaled Court member and their search for a Mantikora thief
ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png
Charred Journal
ON-icon-book-Generic 332.png
Dagonists Through the Ages
Larina Hanus, scholar on Daedric cults A short essay on known Dagonic cults in Tamriel in the Second Era
ON-icon-book-Note 01.png
Devastator Ursana's Letter
Sister Celdina
ON-icon-quest-Book 02.png
Discarded Diary
ON-icon-book-Generic 151.png
Doombringer Celdina's Testament
Doombringer Celdina The words of Sister Celdina
ON-icon-book-Generic 132.png
Dremora Never Die
A Fargrave Drinking Song
  • Fargrave, northwest corner, just N of Outlaws Refuge entrance and NW of Felicitous Furnishings entrance
ON-icon-book-Generic 454.png
Dremora Stories About Mortals
Skald Helgnea A collection of tales as told by Dremora about Mortals
ON-icon-book-Generic 454.png
Epics of Mehrunes Dagon, Volume 1
High Chronicler Valentine Liore of the Order of the Waking Flame Tales of Mehrunes Dagon
ON-icon-book-Generic 513.png
Epics of Mehrunes Dagon, Volume 2
High Chronicler Valentine Liore of the Order of the Waking Flame Tales of Mehrunes Dagon
ON-icon-book-Note 02.png
Eveli's Speech Ideas
Eveli Sharp-Arrow Eveli's notes for her speech in Leyawiin
ON-icon-book-Generic 521.png
Fargrave's Song
A song about the city of Fargrave
ON-icon-book-Generic 345.png
Fargrave Happenings
Ilark Kynval, Witness of Fargrave, volume 94 An ongoing chronicle of the events of Fargrave
ON-icon-book-Scroll 01.png
Faven's Note
Faven Indoril A decree from the mortal leader of Wretched Spire
ON-icon-book-Generic 132.png
Flora and Fauna of the Burn
Anthropus Galia, Mages Guild Researcher A treatise on the flora and fauna of the Burn
ON-icon-book-Generic 132.png
Flora and Fauna of the Sever
Anthropus Galia, Mages Guild Researcher A treatise on the flora and fauna of the Sever
ON-icon-book-Generic 415.png
Food of the Deadlands
Fralav Polus, Quartermaster A guide to edible foods found in the Deadlands
ON-icon-book-Generic 532.png
Gangs of the Shambles
Nathyn Farandas, Chief of Security to the Saraathu Tong A guide to the three prominent gangs in the Shambles
ON-icon-book-Scroll 01.png
Head Overseer's Orders
Orders for the acolytes in Brandfire Reformatory
ON-icon-book-Scroll 03.png
Improved Cataclyst Model
Devastator Nomio
ON-icon-book-Generic 531.png
Intoxicants of the Shambles
Bahraxa A Daedra's guide to creating certain drugs in Fargrave
ON-icon-book-Generic 251.png
Journal of Scamp Naal
Naal The journal of an ill-fated scamp
ON-icon-book-Generic 125.png
Kastav's Journal
The journal of a prisoner of Ardent Hope
ON-icon-book-Generic 524.png
Lessons on Lucents
Roganus Atius, Chief Researcher of House Hexos A researcher's thoughts on Lucents
ON-icon-quest-Letter 01.png
Letter of Complaint
High Overseer, Brandfire Reformatory
ON-icon-quest-Letter 01.png
Letter to the High Priest
Disastrix Celdina
ON-icon-quest-Scroll 01.png
Letter to Vibius Sosia
ON-icon-book-Note 01.png
Mairead's Diary, Entry 3
Mairead A child's diary entry
ON-icon-book-Note 02.png
Mairead's Diary, Entry 346
Mairead A diary entry after the author was moved to Doomvault Vulpinaz
ON-icon-book-Note 03.png
Mairead's Diary, Entry 712
Mairead The author recalls an attack
ON-icon-book-Note 05.png
Merchandise Retrieval Order
ON-icon-book-Note 01.png
Mikget's To-Do List
Mikget The to-do list of a scamp
ON-icon-book-Generic 132.png
Minwileth's Diary
ON-icon-book-Note 01.png
Note for Khazasha
ON-icon-book-Note 02.png
Note from Valkynaz Nokvroz
Valkynaz Nokvroz
ON-icon-book-Generic 134.png
Notes on the Visitor's Guide to the Shambles
Boss Kezo
ON-icon-book-Generic 541.png
On Dremora Clans
Divayth Fyr A description of Dremora clans
ON-icon-book-Generic 554.png
On Inferniums
Pelagius Habor, Council Daedrologist-in-Residence, Imperial City An essay about a variety of Daedra rarely seen on Nirn
ON-icon-book-Generic 531.png
On Mortal Song
The Ravener The Ravener's recollection of learning of the concept of music
ON-icon-book-Note 03.png
On Proper Whip Procedures
ON-icon-book-Generic 144.png
On the Nature of Oblivion
Cananmildil, Leading Scholar of Daedrology A daedrologist's speculation of the underlying laws of Oblivion
ON-icon-book-Generic 322.png
On the True Nature of Daedra
Cananmildil, Leading Scholar of Daedrology A daedrologist's speculation on the biology of Daedra
ON-icon-book-Note 02.png
On Valkynaz Nokvroz
Fortis Scaeva, House Hexos Chief of Operations
ON-icon-book-Generic 225.png
Pact with Khajiiti Mortal Zajukki
Pactmaker Telinax
ON-icon-quest-Book 02.png
Partially Hidden Journal
Emperor Moricar A journal noting measures made against the Prince of Destruction
ON-icon-book-Scroll 01.png
Path of the Ironclad
Doombringer Jayurth Propaganda describing the role of the Ironclad within the Waking Flame
ON-icon-book-Note 03.png
Pibiha's Note
ON-icon-book-Generic 322.png
Prayer of Fourfold Wrath
A prayer to the Prince of Destruction
ON-icon-book-Generic 132.png
Report from Markynaz Oyx
Markynaz Oyx
ON-icon-book-Generic 132.png
Rites of the Hunt
The Ravener
ON-icon-book-Note 05.png
Robhir's Letter
ON-icon-book-Generic 253.png
Secret History of the Longhouse Emperors
Councilor Vandacia A brief history of the Longhouse Emperors
ON-icon-book-Generic 333.png
Secrets of Moricar the Inheritor
Devastator Irenian Dast
ON-icon-quest-Letter 02.png
Sister Celdina's Orders
Sister Celdina
ON-icon-quest-Letter 02.png
Summons to Deadlight
Sister Celdina A letter to Waking Flame cultists ordering a retreat to Deadlight Citadel
ON-icon-book-Generic 411.png
Surviving the Shambles
Hyn A guide to surviving the Shambles
ON-icon-quest-Book 02.png
Telofasa's Diary
Telofasa The journal of an unchallenged Daedra
ON-icon-book-Scroll 01.png
Thadriax's Instructions
Sister Celdina
ON-icon-book-Generic 113.png
The Bearers of Fargrave
Orette Arbogasque, Mortal Historian A brief account of the founding of Fargrave and the rumors surrounding it
ON-icon-book-Generic 211.png
The First Gleaner
Haryfire A compilation of notes written about the founder of the Gleaners of Aurbis
ON-icon-book-Generic 245.png
The Fool of Fargrave
Tirasie Mirel The lyrics of a song about Fargrave's Anchorite
ON-icon-book-Generic 453.png
The Legend of Deadlight
A story circulated among the Gleaners of Aurbis
ON-icon-book-Generic 331.png
The Penitent's Tale
Initiate Verney Maulold
ON-icon-quest-Book 02.png
The Reformatory Register
A list of prisoners brought to the Brandfire Reformatory
ON-icon-book-Generic 152.png
The Restoration of Fort Grief
Devastator Idrian Volturno, Spring, 2E 580 Plans to reconstruction an old fort in Niben Bay
ON-icon-book-Generic 132.png
The Stricture and the Grasp
Galeria Hexos A primer for House Hexos members
ON-icon-book-Generic 352.png
The Tenets of Destruction
Quiston Merian Thoughts on the meaning of destruction for those who serve the Flame Tyrant
ON-icon-book-Note 01.png
Torn Journal Page
Selveni Andalor
ON-icon-book-Generic 451.png
Visitor's Guide to Fargrave
Osata for the Fargrave Mortal Inclusion and Visitation Program A guide to various places found in the city of Fargrave
  • By the fountain in northwestern Fargrave
ON-icon-book-Generic 214.png
Visitor's Guide to the Shambles
for the Fargrave Mortal Inclusion and Visitation Program A description of the most dangerous part of Fargrave
ON-icon-book-Generic 444.png
Vow of Consumption
The Ravener
ON-icon-book-Generic 132.png
Waking Flame Journal
Devastator Khashi
ON-icon-quest-Letter 01.png
Warden's Orders for the Day
Warden Faszon Daily instructions for the guards of the Blood Pit
ON-icon-book-Generic 443.png
When the Spires Fell
A song describing Dagon's attack on Mournhold
  • Wretched Spire, on a table in a shack east of the Innkeeper, in the southern part of the town
ON-icon-book-Note 04.png
Work for Hire in Fargrave
A flier for jobs in Fargrave