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(RefID: 000294C9)
Home City Skingrad
House Tamika's House
Race Redguard Gender Female
Level 10 Class Commoner
RefID 000294C9 BaseID 000294CC
Other Information
Health 109 Magicka 107
Responsibility 30 Aggression 5
Faction(s) Skingrad Citizen; Tamika Winery
Tamika working in her garden
Tamika pausing to eat

Tamika is a Redguard commoner living in Skingrad. When not at home, she can usually be found working at Tamika Vineyards, one of two fine wineries in Cyrodiil.

Tamika spends her life working her vineyard just outside the city walls. She sleeps from midnight to 6am in either of the beds on the top floor of her upper-class house. As long as it isn't raining, she will exit through the backdoor at 7am and plough the vineyard behind her house for four hours. At 11am, whatever the weather, she pauses for a two hour lunch break at her current location, which can either be behind or inside her house. Once she is finished, assuming it is not raining, she will travel to her vineyard in the West Weald and work it for six hours. At 7pm she will again stop whatever she is doing for a two-hour dinner, which functions the same way as her lunch break. At 9pm, if she is out in the fields, she will return to her house and wander around until her bedtime. Any other free time she has she spends inside, which is usually only for one hour in the morning unless it rains, in which case she doesn't go to work and remains inside until it stops.

Tamika wears a set of middle-class clothing: a brown shirt, tan linens and a pair of thick cowhide shoes. She carries a hoe, a rake, her key and some gold.


Speaking to Tamika, for the first time or roughly every one in five times that you start a conversation with her, will have her greet you by identifying herself and mentioning her business:

"I'm Tamika. We grow our own grapes, and make fine wines."
"Skingrad's wines are the best in Tamriel. I invite you... try them for yourself. Here, it is perfect for grapes, and perfect for wine. The sun and soil here are like my native Hammerfell, but the climate is milder, and the rainfall more reliable."


As long as Tamika is still alive, Skingrad citizens can be heard talking positively about her:

"Tamika makes some truly fine wines at her winery. I think they're every bit as good as the Surilie Brothers wines."
"I enjoy the wines that Tamika makes at her vineyard. And they're reasonably priced, as well."

To which others will reply:

"Her wines are excellent, and she's a fine person as well."
"I'll have to buy a bit more of her wine. It's just excellent. A fine choice for any meal."

Her competitor Davide Surilie also respects her greatly:

"Gaston and I make great wines, reasonably priced. Skingrad has two great vintners - Tamika and Surilie. I'll never say a word against Tamika's wines."



  • Tamika's tan linens infinitely respawn if taken from her.
  • Tamika does not own her bed, making it possible for you to sleep in it during the day.
  • She will always leave her house unlocked during the day due to her sleep package being flagged to unlock doors at end.
  • Tamika is supposed to continue working her morning shift at the vineyard until 1pm, but her lunch break interrupts the AI package.