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Morrowind:The Twin Lamps

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Find and rescue an escaped slave.
Quest Giver: Ilmeni Dren at the St. Delyn Canton in Vivec
Location(s): Vivec, Ald Velothi, Ashalmawia
Prerequisite Quest: Literacy Campaign
Next Quest: Free Hides-His-Foot
Reward: None
Disposition: +20 (Ilmeni Dren)
Reputation Gain: +5 (Hlaalu),
+1 Reputation
ID: HH_TwinLamps1
Required Rank: Kinsman
J'Saddha hiding near the ruins

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Ilmeni Dren in Vivec for business.
  2. Travel to Ald Velothi and meet with Galyn Arvel to learn that J'Saddha is hiding in Ashalmawia.
  3. Either:
    • Kill the slave-hunters following J'Saddha.
    • Convince them to leave town on a wild goose chase.
  4. Escort J'Saddha to the Fair Helas at the docks.
  5. Return to Ilmeni.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit


For Ilmeni Dren's next quest, you will need to have freed a number of slaves (at least 20), inquired about the Twin Lamps, and received the key phrase, They light the way to freedom. Once you know this phrase you can talk to Ilmeni about business and then slavery, and use the phrase to unlock her next two quests. She will ask you to help the Twin Lamps in Ald Velothi.

The Runaway SlaveEdit

Travel to Ald Velothi and meet with Galyn Arvel at the docks. You'll learn that a runaway slave, the Khajiit J'Saddha, was supposed to escape with her on the boat, the Fair Helas. Unfortunately, the slave did not make it and is instead hiding near the Daedric ruins of Ashalmawia to the east, with several slave-hunters on his trail.

The Slave-HuntersEdit

The slave-hunters are Anes Hlaren, Garyn Girith and Sadal Doren. They are wandering by the outpost, the docks and just beyond town towards the ruins respectively. You have several options to help J'Saddha. You can kill the slave-hunters to make the quest easier, though if you don't either Taunt or Frenzy them into attacking first, this is considered murder. Otherwise, you'll have to try and sneak J'Saddha back into town. If you talk with the slave-hunters, and raise their disposition to 60 or higher, you can convince them to leave town on a wild goose chase. Once they are out of the way, find J'Saddha waiting just inside the ruins and escort him back to Galyn Arvel.

Return to Ilmeni in Vivec to complete the quest.


  • This quest can be done by anyone that has freed enough slaves. One of them will tell you about the "Twin Lamps" and the codephrase. This dialogue is received after freeing a slave, then talking to them again and selecting the "Go free" dialogue option again.
  • The slave-hunters do not leave entirely after being told J'Saddha is gone, but rather congregate in a dip just south of Ald Velothi. They will still attack J'Saddha on sight if you lead him to them.


  • You might not get the passphrase when you should. ?
    •   If you are sure you have freed enough slaves already, you can give it to yourself with the console command Journal, HH_TwinLamps1, 5.
  • You might not get the "slavery" topic when you should.
    •   If you are sure you have freed enough slaves already, but Ilmeni Dren doesn't have a topic for this quest, during the talk with her type the command, and next time you talk with her you'll have required topic. console command AddTopic "slavery".
  • If J'Saddha is following you, and you get too far away from him, he will say "Hey! Wait for me!" in a High Elf voice, rather than a Khajiit voice. This doesn't affect anything else, though. ?
    • This is probably caused by his script specifically playing the High Elf voice file Flw_HM004.mp3, rather than the Khajiit voice file Flw_KM001.mp3.

Quest StagesEdit

The following Quest_ID and Index codes can be used with the Journal Console command to manually update the quest to a certain point.

The Twin Lamps (HH_TwinLamps1)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
5 I was told that the Twin Lamps are an anti-slavery organization. If I am asked "Have you seen the Twin Lamps?" I should say "They light the way to freedom."
10 Ilmeni Dren asked me to speak with Galyn Arvel in Ald Velothi.
30 Galyn Arvel told me that there are slavehunters looking for an escaped slave nearby. I need to find the slaves and get them past the slavehunters. I may need to get rid of the slavehunters before trying to escort the slaves to the Arvel's boat.
50 J'Saddha agreed to follow me to the Arvel's boat.
70 J'Saddha arrived safely at the Arvel's boat.
100 Finishes quest  Ilmeni Dren thanked me for helping the Arvel family in Ald Velothi.

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