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Morrowind:Pilgrimage to Mount Kand

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Demonstrate your wisdom and bravery by visiting the Mount Kand shrine.
Quest Giver: Tharer Rotheloth in Molag Mar
Location(s): Mount Kand
Prerequisite Quest: Cure Lette
Next Quest: Necromancer in Mawia
Reward: None
Reputation Gain: +1 Reputation
ID: TT_MountKand
Required Rank: None
Mount Kand cavern

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Tharer Rotheloth at the Temple in Molag Mar for your duties.
  2. Travel to Mount Kand to make the pilgrimage to its shrine.
  3. Enter Mount Kand, Cavern and solve the riddles presented by the Flame, Frost and Storm Atronachs.
  4. Activate the shrine at the end of the cavern.
  5. Return to Tharer to complete the quest.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit


Tharer Rotheloth in the Molag Mar Tribunal Temple asks you to make the Pilgrimage to Mount Kand shrine. Tharer gives you four Quality Potions of Night-Eye and warns you that you should be good with riddles or find The Yellow Book of Riddles (found randomly at many booksellers like the one in Balmora). Mount Kand should now be marked on your map and is northwest of Molag Mar.

Mount Kand ShrineEdit

The entrance to the shrine is at the top of the mountain and is simply labeled Mount Kand, Cavern (not the Assu cave entrance, which is nearby).

Inside you will encounter a Flame Atronach, which you should not attack but talk to (if you attack and kill it you will have to wait until it respawns which can be a few days). The riddle you receive is:

A metal neither black nor red
As heavy as man's golden greed
What you do to stay ahead
With friend or arrow or steed

The choices to answer this riddle are: Ebony, Glass, Daedric, Lead and Iron, with the relatively obvious correct choice of lead. If you answer incorrectly you will have to kill the creature and wait until it respawns.

Continue on to find a Frost Atronach on a frozen pool who again offers you a riddle:

If you lie to me I will slay you with my sword. If you tell me the truth, I will slay you with a spell.

If you answer that the atronach will kill you with a spell, he will demonstrate that it is indeed the truth by attacking you. If, instead, you say he will slay you with a sword, he is caught in a paradox: unable to prove your statement true (by attacking you with a sword, since he will only do that if you lie to him) or false (by attacking you with a spell, since he will only do that if you tell the truth to him), he can do neither, and therefore must let you pass.

Continue on to find a Storm Atronach offering the longer riddle:

My fellow Atronach, Zedias-soko, was slain. The Altmer claims the Dunmer is guilty. The Dunmer says the Khajiit did it. The Orc swears he didn't kill Zedias-soko. The Khajiit says the Dunmer is lying. If only one of these speaks the truth, who killed Zedias-soko?

If the Dunmer is telling the truth, then the Khajiit is lying, but if the Khajiit is telling the truth, then the Dunmer is lying. Either the Dunmer or the Khajiit is telling the truth, and since only one of these suspects speaks the truth, then all the others are lying. This confirms that both the Altmer and Orc are lying, which means the Orc is the murderer. The answer to this riddle is that the Orc did it. Continue past the Storm Atronach to the shrine to finish your pilgrimage.

When the shrine is activated, you will receive a Reputation point, and the Blessings of the Mount Kand Shrine: Fortify Endurance +10 and Fortify Intelligence +10 for 48 minutes.

Return to Tharer for his blessings.


  • It is good idea to quicksave before approaching each Atronach in order to avoid having to wait until it respawns if you fail a riddle.
  • If you answer incorrectly the first time, you can cast a Calm spell and try to answer the riddle again. The Atronach you calm will still attack you after the spell wears off, however.
  • These are roughly the same riddles found in The Yellow Book of Riddles.
  • You can do this quest at any time, even without being a member of the Temple. The shrine will give you only one Reputation point.
  • The passageway to the Shrine of Mount Kand can be difficult to see. If you can't find it check your mini map for a circle next to the Storm Atronach. The passage is behind it.

Quest StagesEdit

The following Quest_ID and Index codes can be used with the Journal Console command to manually update the quest to a certain point.

Pilgrimage to Mount Kand (TT_MountKand)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 Tharer Rotheloth asked me to make the Pilgrimage to Mount Kand.
25 I answered the Fire Daedra's riddle correctly.
50 I answered the Frost Daedra's riddle correctly.
75 I answered the Storm Daedra's riddle correctly. I should go to the Triolith of Mount Kand to receive my wisdom.
100 Finishes quest  I received Vivec's blessings from the shrine at Mount Kand.
110 Finishes quest  Tharer Rotheloth thanked me for making the pilgrimage to Mount Kand.

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