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Morrowind:Ebony Mail (artifact)

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Ebony Mail
Artifact: Ebony Mail (ebon_plate_cuirass_unique)
(lore page)
Type Cuirass
Armor Rating Rating 100 (333 Max)
Armor Rating Rating 100 (333 Max) Health Health 3,000
Weight Weight 20 (Medium) Value Value 120,000
Constant Effect
Resist Fire Resist Fire 75 pts on Self
Shield Shield 50 pts on Self
Resist Magicka Resist Magicka 20 pts on Self
Ebony Mail

The Ebony Mail is a breastplate created before recorded history by the Dark Elven goddess Boethiah. It is she who determines who should possess the Ebony Mail and for how long a time. If judged worthy, its power grants the wearer added resistance of fire, magicka, and grants a magical shield. It is Boethiah alone who determines when a person is ineligible to bear the Ebony Mail any longer, and the goddess can be very capricious.Yagrum Bagarn, Tamrielic Lore

The armor is obtained via a high ranking quest for the Tribunal Temple. See the Ebony Mail quest for more information.


  • With the Tribunal expansion, this artifact can be sold to Torasa Aram in the museum for 30,000 gold.
  • Despite being medium armor rather than heavy, this artifact ties the Dragonbone cuirass and Lord's Mail as the cuirass with the highest armor rating. However because its constant effect Shield fortifies the armor rating by 50 points, it has the highest effective armor rating out of the three cuirasses.
  • This artifact also appears in Arena, Daggerfall, with similar enchantments. In Skyrim, it appears with different effects.