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Morrowind:Trouble with Bandits

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Help Falen again by protecting her and her herd from bandits.
Quest Giver: Neminda in Ald'ruhn
Location(s): Ald'ruhn, Telvayn Ancestral Tomb, Drulene Falen's Hut
Prerequisite Quest: Founder's Helm
Next Quest: Guard Sarethi Manor
Reward: 2 Hackle-Lo Leaves
Disposition: +5 (Neminda),
+15 (Drulene Falen)
Reputation Gain: +5 Redoran,
+1 Reputation
ID: HR_GuardGuarHerds
Required Rank: None
The bandits are hiding in this Tomb.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Speak to Neminda in the Redoran Council Hall in Ald'ruhn for duties.
  2. Travel to Drulene Falen's Hut and speak to Drulene Falen to find out what happened.
  3. Head south to Telvayn Ancestral Tomb to find the two bandits and kill them.
  4. Return to Drulene Falen with the news.
  5. Report back to Neminda.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit


When you speak to Neminda, she tells you that Drulene Falen has once again run into a problem. It seems that a pair of bandits has made off with some of her guars.

Drulene Falen's HutEdit

Once again, make the long trek west of Ald'ruhn to Drulene Falen's Hut. After you arrive, Drulene Falen will inform you that the bandits ran to a cave south of her current position.

Taking Care of the BanditsEdit

Make your way south until you reach the Telvayn Ancestral Tomb. It won't be to hard to locate, since it has two guars right outside the entrance. Simply enter the tomb and kill the two bandits.

Report BackEdit

Return to Falen to collect some more Hackle-Lo Leaves. Finally, go back to Ald'ruhn and report to Neminda.


  • This is one of the few quests that don't require you to be a member of House Redoran to receive it. You will have to use the Journal command to close the quest if you do not join the house.
  • Although Drulene mentions two more herders, Endrone Thirendas and Drovone Famori, as having been attacked, they don't exist in the game.
  • While Neminda mentions that these bandits are usually outcast Ashlanders, this does not appear to be the case and Drulene does not mention a specific background of the bandits at any point.
  • If Drulene Falen is dead or dies during the quest, and you mention her to Neminda after you are given this quest, you will be expelled from House Redoran.
  • Drulene Falen can give you this quest immediately after the Mudcrab Pests quest.
    • If you complete this quest before heading back to Neminda, be sure not to speak to her about trouble with bandits until after you have been given the quest Founder's Helm. Otherwise, the quest will be skipped. See the bugs section for more details.

Quest StagesEdit

The following Quest_ID and Index codes can be used with the Journal Console command to manually update the quest to a certain point.

Trouble with Bandits (HR_GuardGuarHerds)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 Neminda asked me to talk to Drulene Falen again. The guar herders are having trouble with bandits.
20 Drulene Falen told me that the bandits usually attack her, Endrone Thirendas, or Drovone Famori. Drulene says the bandits usually come from the south.
50 Drulene Falen thanked me for taking care of the bandits. I should report back to Neminda.
100 Finishes quest  Neminda thanked me for taking care of the bandits
110 Finishes quest  Neminda accused me of murdering Drulene Falen. I have been expelled from House Redoran, and Neminda will not give me any more duties.

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