Morrowind: Alchemy / Items: Ingredients
Value 10 Weight 0.1
Alchemy Effects
1st Restore Health Restore Health
2nd Restore Speed Restore Speed
3rd Burden Burden
4th Resist Common Disease Resist Common Disease
# Samples 34

"Resins are the tough, soluble substances of vegetable origin used by the Dunmer as glues and stiffeners in the manufacture of their unique chitin and bonemold armors and weapons."

Resin is a somewhat rare ingredient, as the only reliable supply of it is what you can purchase from vendors or find lying around. Resin is one of only two ingredients in vanilla Morrowind which can be used to create restore speed potions, the other ingredient being raw ebony. The Tribunal expansion adds two other ingredients with a restore speed effect.

The following vendors keep a restocking supply:

Loose samples can be found in the following locations: