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Bloodmoon:Raw Stalhrim

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Raw Stalhrim
Raw Stalhrim
Value 300 Weight 5.0
Alchemy Effects
1st Resist Frost Resist Frost
2nd Frost Damage Frost Damage
3rd Paralyze Paralyze
4th Restore Health Restore Health
# Samples 0
Ore Stalhrim  % 100
# Rocks 26
Raw Stalhrim
A Stalhrim deposit

Raw Stalhrim is a rare material used by the ancient Nords in their burial rituals. It can only be mined by using the Ancient Nordic Pick Axe, which you will acquire one way or another by doing the East Empire Company Quests. It can be used to fashion Ice Armor, a good quality Medium Armor. It is also used to make Stalhrim weapons. There are only 26 samples available, and they do not respawn. If you side with Falco Galenus, you can have armor and weapons made from Stalhrim by Aenar and Hidar. Each armor or weapon piece will require one piece of Raw Stalhrim and two days of waiting. If you side with Carnius Magius instead, he will give you armor and weapons in exchange for Raw Stalhrim, but you will need two pieces for each instead of just one. There are just barely enough pieces out there to get a complete set if you work for Carnius, but you will need to find nearly every single one. This is one distinct benefit of following Falco's quests instead.

The 26 pieces of Raw Stalhrim are spread throughout 17 locations:


  • Stál hrím is Icelandic for 'steel frost'.