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A statue of Morwha

Morwha, (also called the Teat God and Lady Morwha) is the Yokudan goddess of fertility and love. She is a fundamental deity in the Yokudan pantheon and is the favorite wife of Tall Papa. Morwha is always portrayed as four-armed, so that she can 'grab more husbands'.[1] Her shrines are the shape of a beehive.[2] She was described by potentate Versidue-Shaie as the lusty fertility goddess of the Yokudans, but not as lusty as Dibella.[3] Her priestesses are known to officiate and marry couples.[4] Sources have conflated Arkay of the divines with Morwha in the past although it’s unknown if this was speaking to a true connection or was simply a scholarly mistake.[5]

Ornate silver teaspoon sets of four are a way of honoring Morwha, one for each of her breasts.[6] There is a Morwha conservatorium in the city of Hegathe.[3] Silver plates adorned with Morwha imagery are common in Hammerfell.[7] There is one known play involving Morwha, 'Lady Morwha's Latest Marriage'.[8] Visiting worshippers may place candles on her shrine.[2]


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