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A statue of Morwha

Morwha, (also called the Teat God,[1] Lady Morwha,[2] and Desire's Root)[3] is the Yokudan goddess of fertility and love. She is a fundamental deity in the Yokudan pantheon and is the favorite wife of Tall Papa. Morwha is always portrayed as four-armed, so that she can 'grab more husbands'.[1] Her shrines are the shape of a beehive.[4] She was described by potentate Versidue-Shaie as the lusty fertility goddess of the Yokudans, but not as lusty as Dibella.[5] She is sometimes depicted alongside her winged guardians,[6] or surrounded by flames and spears.[7]


Morwha statue in Stros M'Kai

Her priestesses are known to officiate and marry couples.[8] She can be conflated with Mara of the divines, another goddess of fertility.[1] There is a Morwha conservatorium in the city of Hegathe.[5] Visiting worshippers may place candles on her shrine.[4]

Ornate silver teaspoon sets of four are a way of honoring Morwha, one for each of her breasts.[2] Silver plates and ceramic milk pitchers adorned with Morwha imagery are common in Hammerfell.[9][10] There is one known play involving Morwha, 'Lady Morwha's Latest Marriage'.[11]

Children in Hammerfell are known to play a game called Morwha's Grasp, which requires the use of one of the many statues of Morwha. Kids place the statue on a moving surface, such as a potter's wheel or on a greased plate or rock so that the statue can spin easily. One kid spins the statue, then runs away. The rest of the kids try to toss various rocks, rings, and so on and try to get Morwha to "catch" them. The first player to get an object in one of the Morwha's hands or hanging from her arms is the winner. Getting something wrapped around her head does not count. The priests of Morwha do not mind this game and even encourage it.[UOL 1]

Known ExpressionsEdit

  • By Morwha's left teat[12]
  • Morwha's blessed bosom[13]
  • Morwha's bosom[14]
  • Morwha's four hands[15]
  • Morwha's mercy[16]
  • Sweet Morwha's left tit[17]

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