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High King Ar-Azal
Race Redguard Gender Male
Previous Ruler Ja-Fr
Next Ruler Arlimahera
Resided in Hegathe

High King Ar-Azal was the ruler of Hammerfell in the early-Second Era, being the last to rule king when the province was incorporated in the Second Empire. Ar-Azal was a Crown of the Phyllocid Dynasty and considered the most noble of all the Reman era High Kings. Upon ascension to the throne he brought peace between the rival parties, the Crowns and Forebears, by taking the Forebear wife Fereshtah and Crown wife Arlimahera,[1] later called the "Blood Queen."[2] His descendants would rule Hammerfell for generations to come.[3][4]


Upon the passing of his father King Ja-Fr, Ar-Azal (then Prince of Hegathe) assumed the Throne of Hegathe, and wore the Diadem of Diagna during his coronation, thereafter bearing the title High King of Hammerfell. All the nobles of Hammerfell sojourned to Hegathe to pay him obeisance. Ja-Fr's reign ended in contempt by both the Crowns and Forebears, and Ar-Azal had an incredibly low amount of support.[1]

Ar-Azal prayed in his High Tower gazing out at the Abecean, and went to Admirable Zaqeeb, a Priestess of Satakal who served as his tutor and mentor, who gave him a libation to drink and find guidance in his dreams. He dreamed of Satakal the World-Snake, who came to him in the guise of a "Snakehead Potentate", and told him he would be a worthy king if he could solve his riddle, the answer to which would be found at the Shrine of Tava.[1]

Ar-Azal awoke to the cry of Tava's sacred Goshawk and made his way to the Shrine of Tava. He looked upon the Fresco of the Goshawk, which depicted Tava "in his nest with his mate, where once there was one mate depicted in the nest, now there were two, the second mate agleam in the morning light." Ar-Azal took this to refer to Arlimahera, the fierce and clever daughter of Murahd, the Crown Grandee of Rihad in southern Hammerfell, and Fereshtah, the daughter of the Forebears Grandee of Sentinel, Ebrahim. He married them both, and the three together had split the rift between the ancient groups and had created a more unified Hammerfell under the Phyllocid Dynasty.[1]


  • Conjurers are able to compel Atronachs to adopt the form of camels. Corvus Direnni astounded High King Ar-Azal by summoning the first storm atronach camel.[5]