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Zeht, Yokudan God of Farms, is the Yokudan god of agriculture, civil law, mathematics,[1] and food.[2] He renounced his father after the world was created, which is why Tall Papa makes it so hard to grow food.[1] He is the father of Zeqqi. He forsakes the land of Hew's Bane, preventing most food from growing there.[3] Occasionally farming utensils of the Zeht's faithful such as digging spades are decorated with semi-precious stones and blessed by a priests of Zeht.[4] The white camel is believed to be sacred to Zeht and pious Redguards tend to bow to passing Cloud Camels.[2]


Aurbical AbacusEdit

The Aurbical Abacus was an ancient Yokudan relic created by distilling the knowledge and wisdom of twenty generations of the priest-wizards of the Yokudan god Zeht. It had the physical appearance of having glass gears and ivory pistons, and suffused with the blue glow of star-magic. It was used to track the movements of the moons, constellations, and planets and calculate the exact turn of the seasons. It detected the directional origin of star-magicka, or "varliance," and stored it as data. It can also predict the weather and even control it on a continental scale. It was brought to Hew’s Bane after Yokuda sank, by the Zeht priesthood, where it was buried in the old Hubalajad family tomb known as Bahraha's Gloom.



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