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Rock carving of Tava

Tava, (also known as the Lady of the Air) is the spirit of the air and goddess of weather in the Redguard pantheon, and has dominion over all elements of sun and storm, save only for the stars, which belong to Ruptga.[1] Tava is most famous for leading the Yokudans to the isle of Herne after the destruction of their homeland. She has since become assimilated into the mythology of Kynareth. She is still very popular in Hammerfell among sailors, and her shrines can be found in most port cities.[2] In the mid-Second Era, the city of Lainlyn was called "Tava's Blessing" before being renamed after the Lainlyn family.[3]

The redtail hawk is considered sacred to Tava as is the goshawk.[4][5] Conversely, harpies are seen as abominations by her faithful.[6]


The second Warrior Wave, or "Tavan" wave, so-called because it was spearheaded by the Hattu Metropoles brigade, which revered Tava greatly, had their arms and armor repleted with bird imagery.[7][8]

Priests of Tava are known to bless astrolabes for Redguard high rank royal naval officers.[9]