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Lore:Bjoulsae River Tribes

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This article is about the Breton tribes. For the Redguard tribe, see Silverhoof Horsemen.

River Horse Bretons

The Bjoulsae River Tribes[1][2] (also known as the Horse-People of the Bjoulsae River,[3] the River Horse Bretons,[4] or simply the horsemen)[5] are the indigenous groups of tribal Bretons that live in the Bjoulsae River region. While information on them is scarce, the horsemen are a nomadic, primitive folk that wear fur armor, bone necklaces,[3] and turbans.[5] As the name suggests, they are known for their horses.[2] Their battle strategies and tactics are described as straight-forward, which is the "way of the horse men", in the book The Mirror.[5]

The Bjoulsae River Tribes participated in the Siege of Orsinium.[1] Their greatest legacy is the modern-day Kingdom of Evermore, which was founded in 1E 983 after they helped suppress the Orcs, which opened trade through the Bjoulsae River region. According to the Decretal of Fiefdoms by Empress Hestra, the city's earliest leader was "Barron Guy Marde of ye Rivver Banke", an ancestor of House Guimard, the ruling house of Evermore during the mid-Second Era.[4] One renowned horseman was a master of defensive combat, Mindothrax, who fought in many battles until he perished at the battle of Ain-Kolur against a rival River Horse Breton tribe led by Chief Iymbez.[5] They are known to cremate their dead.[6]


  • Another group known as "Horsemen" are tribal Redguards that live in Silverhoof Vale, southwest of Shornhelm. They are an off-shoot of the Yokudans that evidently arrived in northern High Rock almost three centuries prior to the main exodus from Yokuda and its arrival in Hammerfell.[7] There is no known connection between the Horsemen of Silverhoof and the Horsemen of the Bjoulsae River.