Lore:Silverhoof Vale

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Silverhoof Vale
Type Valley
Continent Tamriel
Province High Rock
Region Rivenspire
Appears in ESO
Silverhoof Vale circa 2E 582

Silverhoof Vale, also called the Vale of Silverhoof, is a pastoral basin located on the northwest coast of the High Rock region of Rivenspire, some leagues west of the city of Shornhelm. It is inhabited by the Horsemen, Redguard nomads known for breeding horses.[1] The inhabitants of Silverhoof Vale live in caves in the side of the mountain. This keeps them from having to build shelter, and gives them protection against beasts such as Harpies.[2]


In the early sixth century of the First Era, during a period of upheaval in High Rock, the Horsemen arrived on Silverhoof Vale from Yokuda and established themselves before they could be driven out or absorbed by the indigenes.[1]

In 2E 582, the Horsemen's horses were attacked by harpies, causing them to hire a band of travelling fighters to deal with them.[3][4]

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