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Lore:Lake Masobi

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Lake Masobi
Type Body of Water
Continent Tamriel
Province Morrowind
Region Ascadian Isles
Appears in Morrowind
Lake Masobi

Lake Masobi was a lake in the northwest corner of the Ascadian Isles. The busy trading village of Suran was on its north and east shores. The Nabia River flowed into the lake in its northeastern corner, connecting it to Lake Nabia. Lake Masobi, in turn, flowed into the craggy coastline of southeastern Vvardenfell. It also joined to Lake Hairan in the west via a small channel, and Lake Amaya lay to the northwest. Vivec was due south. In the days before the Red Year, it was surrounded by rich and productive agricultural fields, and some Dunmer mansions dotted its shoreline.[1] Considering the cataclysms of the Red Year,[2][3] though, it's unclear if the lake still exists.

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