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Lore:Hew's Bay

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Hew's Bay
Type Body of Water
Continent Tamriel
Province Hammerfell
Hew's Bay

Hew's Bay[1] (formerly known as Hubalajad's Bay)[2] is the body of water that encompasses south-central Hammerfell, around the eastern coast of Hew's Bane and the cities of Abah's Landing and Taneth.[2] It is named after Prince Hubalajad, the Yokudan noble that founded the aforementioned region of Hew's Bane, but his efforts throughout the years ended in failure and tarnished his name.[3]

The bay also contains smaller locations such as the village of Chaseguard, the towns of Lainebon Place and Roseguard,[4] as well as landmarks like No Shira Citadel. The bay opens up from the narrow mouth to the south near Abah's Landing, where it meets with the Abecean Sea, further down leads to other major cities like Anvil and Rihad, as well as the Brena River. Hew's Bane north coast is riddled with steep mountains, leaving no room for any harbor or landing on the bay.[5] The Irk River and the Tark River are found on the northern end of the bay.[6] Trading ships of the East Empire Company, typically from Colovia and Valenwood, sail through the bay for passage to the ports of Gilane, Taneth, and Rihad.[7]