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Lore:Silverfish River

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Silverfish River
Type Body of Water
Continent Tamriel
Province Cyrodiil
Region Nibenay
Appears in Oblivion
The Estuary of the Silverfish River

The Silverfish River is one of two rivers that drains from the Valus Mountains, on its western front in the province of Cyrodiil, to the Niben Bay. The Yellow Road runs over the river, near the estuary.[1] The former city-state of Nenalata is found on the river mouth, not far from Fort Grief Island and across the old chapel, Cadlew. Further into the river are secluded settlements and waystations, ideally the Imperial Bridge Inn and the shrine to Peryite.[2]

Much like the rest of the Imperial Province, there are several Imperial and Ayleid ruins found deeper into the wilderness, such as Fort Flecia and Ondo. An off-path road from Fort Flecia runs over the northernmost tip of the river and ends at the temple-ruins of Malada. The Lover Stone, one of the standing stones in Cyrodiil is found on the river, between the Imperial Bridge Inn and the Shrine of Peryite.[2] The Silverfish extends far east from the Niben Bay, toward the province's fringe[3] and the murky region, Blackwood. By that point, the river tributaries were nameless and the local flora becomes alien compared to the gardens in the Imperial City. The closest settlement at that point is the shanty-town, Slough Point, which is swarmed by fleshflies.[4]


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