Arena: Places
A typical landscape in Elsweyr
Map of Elsweyr
Elsweyr with all settlements labeled

Elsweyr is one of the nine provinces you can visit in Arena and the starting location for Khajiit characters. It is a desert region in the south of Tamriel, bordering the Imperial Province to the east and north and Valenwood to the west.

During the Main Quest, you will travel to the Temple of Agamanus, as well as locate the fourth piece of the Staff of Chaos in the Halls of Colossus.


  • Alabaster — A city-state located in eastern Elsweyr.
  • Corinth — A city-state located in central Elsweyr.
  • Dune — A city-state located in northwestern Elsweyr, close to the border of Valenwood.
  • Orcrest — A city-state located in north-central Elsweyr.
  • Rimmen — A city-state located in northeastern Elsweyr.
  • Riverhold — A city-state located in northern Elsweyr.
  • Senchal — A city-state located on the southern tip of Elsweyr.
  • Torval — A city-state located in southwestern Elsweyr, near the border of Valenwood.