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"Alinor, forest city of Summurset, welcomes you to our gates. Know that the guards hold this city, and will fight any who challenge to keep it..."
AR-mapicon-City-State.png Alinor
(lore page)
Type City-State
Province Summurset Isle
The location of Alinor in Summurset Isle
Yellow pog.png
The location of Alinor in Summurset Isle

Alinor is a city-state located along the western coast of the largest island in Summurset Isle, west of Shimmerene and northwest of Sunhold. Its ruler is King Coreriil. Its rival is Lillandril.


  • Black Huntsman
  • Blue Griffin
  • Crimson Djinn
  • Dancing Dungeon
  • Dancing Ogre
  • Dancing Skull
  • Devil's Mug
  • Devil's Pit
  • Dirty Mug
  • Flying Bird
  • Flying Guard
  • Gold Castle
  • Haunted Helm
  • Howling Helm
  • King's Chasm
  • Laughing Cup
  • Laughing Pit
  • Laughing Skull
  • Lucky Huntsman
  • Queen's Dungeon
  • Queen's Wolf
  • Rusty Giants
  • Screaming Mug
  • Silver Golem
  • White Dungeon
  • Brotherhood of Charity
  • Brotherhood of the One
  • Conclave of Justice
  • Conclave of Truth
  • Conclave of the One
  • Order of the Golden Tomb
  • Order of the One Prophet
  • Bargain Tool Store
  • <random>'s Gear Store
  • Elite Accouterments
  • <random>'s Merchandise
  • <random>'s General Gear Store
  • <random>'s Gear Store
  • <random>'s Weaponry Store
  • <random>'s Tool Store
  • <random>'s Quality Merchandise
  • The Adventurer's Weaponry Store
  • The Emperor's Gear Store
  • The Essential Equipment Store
  • The Essential Supply Store
  • The Practical Gear Store
  • The Wyrm's Accouterments
  • The city-state Weaponry Store
  • Used Sundries
  • Vintage Equipment Store