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AR-mapicon-Village.png Ebon Stadmont
(lore page)
Type Village
Province Summurset Isle
Ebon Stadmont
The location of Ebon Stadmont in Summurset Isle
Yellow pog.png
The location of Ebon Stadmont in Summurset Isle

Ebon Stadmont is a village in west-central Summurset Isle, southwest of Cloudrest and northwest of Shimmerene. The ruler is Lord Lillandllon. Its rival is Marbruk Brook.

Ebon Stadmont has road connections to Riverfield, Marbruk Brook, and Old Falls.


  • Black Wolf
  • Blue Skull
  • Devil's Sword
  • Green Cup
  • Lucky Dagger
  • Queen's Dagger
  • Silver Bird
  • Silver Castle
  • Silver Golem
  • Unfortunate Castle
  • Unfortunate Dungeon
  • Brotherhood of Faith
  • Brotherhood of Mercy
  • Brotherhood of War
  • Conclave of Truth
  • Order of the Gentle Hand
  • Order of the Red Rose
  • Bargain Merchandise
  • The Adventurer's Tool Store
  • The Emperor's Tool Store
  • The Wyrm's Tool Store
  • Used Accouterments
  • Vintage Provisions