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AR-mapicon-Town.png Sunguard
(lore page)
Type Town
Province Skyrim
The location of Sunguard in Skyrim
Yellow pog.png
The location of Sunguard in Skyrim

Sunguard is a town located in southeastern Skyrim, east of Whiterun and west of Riften. The ruler is Prince Mojarik. Its rival is Vernim Wood.

Sunguard has road connections to Greenwall, Nimalten City, and Reich Corigate.


  • Crimson Griffin
  • Dirty Griffin
  • Dirty Skull
  • Howling Helm
  • King's Giants
  • King's Griffin
  • Lucky Wolf
  • Queen's Mug
  • Red Chasm
  • Red Griffin
  • Rusty Dungeon
  • Rusty Eagle
  • Thirsty Jug
  • Brotherhood of Charity
  • Brotherhood of War
  • Conclave of Justice
  • Conclave of Mercy
  • Order of the Golden Tomb
  • Order of the One Prophet
  • Order of the Red Rose
  • <random>'s Finest Gear Store
  • <random>'s Accouterments
  • <random>'s Supply Store
  • <random>'s Finest Provisions
  • <random>'s Professional Armaments
  • New Accouterments
  • Rare Equipment Store
  • Rare Sundries
  • The Adventurer's Supply Store
  • The Adventurer's Weaponry Store
  • The Practical Equipment Store
  • The Wyrm's Supply Store
  • The Wyrm's Tool Store
  • The town Sundries
  • <random>'s Professional Merchandise
  • Unearthed Equipment Store
  • Used Weaponry Store