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Rieklings are small goblin-like creatures that can be found inhabiting the assorted ruins and caves throughout Solstheim. These creatures live in tribes led by a chief (exemplified by the Riekling Chief at Thirsk Mead Hall) and are usually hostile. Rieklings speak their native language, although some individuals have learned to speak a crude version of the common tongue of men. In combat, Rieklings attack in swarms, sometimes mounted on bristlebacks, and may pop out of barrels or even the ground. They carry Riekling spears, which they throw at you from a distance and use as melee weapons. You can equip these spears as arrows.

It is possible for you to become a Riekling clan's chief and in doing so, have access to a Riekling, Riekling scout, Riekling hunter, or Riekling warrior follower. The Riekling scout will equip a bow if it is placed in its inventory, while the Riekling warrior will do the same with a two-handed sword. If you have a follower, you may need to dismiss them before being able to recruit a Riekling. Quickly dismissing your follower, then adding the Riekling, and finally rehiring your follower is an effective workaround.

Once you become the new chief for the Thirsk Mead Hall Rieklings, up to three Riekling warriors (with feathered helmets like the old chief) will randomly show up at any time anywhere, Solstheim or Skyrim, to aid you in combat. They don't do much damage, but can hold their ground reasonably well even against powerful foes such as the ghost of Karstaag. If downed in combat, they will get up quickly, seemingly in full health, and continue to fight. The frequency of their appearance is not high enough to affect gameplay in general, but is high enough to feel their existence. While not in combat, you can ask one of them to be a follower right away by talking to them.


Riekling Warrior
Creature (ID) Lvl     Sta. Attacks Abilities Perks Faction Soul Size
Melee: (xx017F47)
Missile: (xx01B650)
6 130 0 120 (?) Resist Frost, 25 pts DLC2RieklingFaction Lesser
Riekling Scout
Melee: (xx01B64E)
Missile: (xx01B651)
11 200 140 Lesser
Riekling Hunter
Melee: (xx01B64F)
Missile: (xx01B652)
16 250 160 Common
Riekling Warrior
Melee: (xx03CBA3)
Missile: (xx03CBA4)
23 352 188 Common


Riekling Charger
Creature (ID) Lvl     Sta. Attacks Abilities Perks Faction Soul Size
Mounted Riekling
20 550 0 226 (?) DLC2RieklingFaction Common
Riekling Rider
25 605 246 Common
Riekling Courser
32 755 274 Greater
Riekling Charger
40 1055 306 Grand

Unique RieklingsEdit

Related QuestsEdit


Riekling Scout
  • "Agaroo?"
  • "Ah baa faroo!"
  • "Alakasee."
  • "Araaaaaa!"
  • "Araloo! Araloo!"
  • "Awafalagahuka."
  • "Baaaa roooka!"
  • "Bagaru!"
  • "Bek."
  • "Belifakathoooookawa."
  • "Boo cha."
  • "Boo tha!"
  • "Booneetay! Koowah!"
  • "Boool eekasa!"
  • "Brelfik?"
  • "Buruuuwah!"
  • "Buuh!"
  • "Buuuuraaaa!"
  • "Daaah!"
  • "Dool."
  • "Eeeeloo."
  • "Eerelaya."
  • "Faa thoo."
  • "Faaa rawala."
  • "Falaraga!"
  • "Feeerako."
  • "Fffffarrrrgah!"
  • "Foo may wa!"
  • "Foora paka."
  • "Fuuughuuuu..."
  • "Gaaaaah!"
  • "Gaaah!"
  • "Guh!"
  • "Guuh!"
  • "Habichaaalakawaramalek."
  • "Hagajawala!"
  • "Hoola wakasee."
  • "Hoooh!"
  • "Hooojarakwafala!"
  • "Hrawwaaaa!"
  • "Huf!"
  • "Hufwah!"
  • "Huu... kuuu..."
  • "Huuuuwaaaa!"
  • "Huuuuwargh!"
  • "Huuuwa."
  • "Joooo fah!"
  • "Jyyyyyyyoooooor!"
  • "Kaaarooo."
  • "Kalafoo!"
  • "Kalaree?"
  • "Keeel faa."
  • "Koolawasa!"
  • "Kooova mook."
  • "Kuuh!"
  • "Kuuuuuuuuuwaaaaa!"
  • "Maa....."
  • "Meeelaaak."
  • "Mella kalee."
  • "Moooong cha!"
  • "Muuuu fa."
  • "Muwafathoo."
  • "Nuh!"
  • "Nyuuu... waaa..."
  • "Peeeee fa!"
  • "Poo ma. Pooooo ma."
  • "Pugh!"
  • "Raaa fay."
  • "Takafala gajoo?"
  • "Uuruuu..."
  • "Waaaaaaaah!"
  • "Waaaaaaah!"
  • "Waaaaaah!"
  • "Waaah!"
  • "Waayaruu?"
  • "Wooocha!"
  • "Wuuuu..."
  • "Wuuuuuupaaaaa!"

Chant at Beast StoneEdit

During the quest Cleansing the Stones, you may come across a group of Rieklings under Miraak's influence building around the Beast Stone. This is the chant that the Rieklings recite, similar in cadence to the chants recited by other races while building around the other All-Maker Stones.

"Wafoo athaaaal."
"Bertiflik a goroowala."
"Hra woong aba."
"Tika twafaara filik."
"Wilberk tikflaaar."
"Yuchaaa tungar cha tiweki."
"Bura warag faaanig."
"Tiri fuklik taaar aburak."

Riekling LootEdit


  • 50% chance for 1 miscellaneous junk/clutter item
  • 50% chance for 1 of either boar meat or boar tusk
  • 25% chance for 1-9 gold
  • 15% chance for 1 leveled potion or poison
  • 10% chance for 1 leveled gem
  •  5% chance for 1 unenchanted circlet, necklace, or ring, or 1 religious amulet (4x more likely for it to be an unenchanted item)
  • Guaranteed 2-10 additional gold if you have the Golden Touch perk
  • Guaranteed 2-10 additional gold if you have the Imperial Luck ability
  • (8x) 50% chance for 1 Riekling spear (from Missile variants only)



  • Despite having a critical hit perk, Rieklings cannot critically hit, since you are the only one capable of critically hitting.
  • Unlike their Bloodmoon cousins, mounted Rieklings have no Spell Reflect and can be safely attacked with spells or enchanted weapons.
  • The Riekling spear is treated as an arrow. Therefore, if a Riekling is struck with an arrow more powerful than its spear, it can equip that arrow as its weapon and "throw" the arrows at you at much higher speed, causing more damage than the Riekling spear.
  • The design of the Rieklings in Dragonborn is based on that of goblins created during the Game Jam.
  • Draugr using the Disarm Shout can disarm Riekling warriors using a two-handed sword, which may result in the loss of the weapon if you do not notice it.
  • Riekling followers benefit from enchanted and upgraded armor much like "regular" followers do, and will wear both enchanted and non-enchanted armor put in their inventories (though the armor doesn't appear on their bodies). The melee fighters also benefit from Health absorbing enchantments on weapons, though they will not drink any health potions stuck in their inventories, like normal humanoid followers.


  • If you hire a Riekling and bring them to Skyrim, they may randomly appear even though they are supposed to return to Solstheim. ?
  • A version of the above bug results in the Riekling remaining a follower permanently even if you travel to Skyrim and elsewhere (such as the Forgotten Vale), where normally they would be automatically dismissed, since you are obviously no longer in Solstheim. ?