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This article is about the Creation. For the item, see Netch Leather.

Netch Leather Armors
Released June 13, 2019
Size 114 MB (PC) / (?) (Xbox One) / (?) (PS4)
Filename ccbgssse041-netchleather.esl
PC Available from Creation Club for 600 CC Credits
Other Also available on Xbox One and PS4
Patch Special Edition Version
Netch Leather Armor

Netch Leather Armor is a Creation that adds various Dunmeri styled Netch leather armors that can be obtained in-game. The artifacts known as the Boots of Blinding Speed are also obtainable in this Creation. Both the Netch armor sets and the Boots of Blinding Speed were last seen in Morrowind.

Official SummaryEdit

Creation Club
A tribe of hungry Rieklings seeks your aid to help hunt down a large bull netch. It's not the meat or jelly they wish to consume, however, but its leather. Help the tribe sate their stomachs or save them from their misguided appetites. Featuring the return of Netch Leather armor, including two additional skins. Quest by Kris Takahashi. (Quest "More Than You Can Chew" starts by reading the Peddler's Journal on a body of a Dark Elf north-northwest of Skaal Village, and southeast of Haknir's Shoal.)
Sneak Peek - June 2019
A classic armor from Morrowind, and one with multiple variants. This includes a boiled netch leather helmet and cuirass, and a darker "shadowed" version of both the normal and boiled pieces.