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Skyrim:Riekling Tribe Leader

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Riekling Tribe Leader (RefID: FExxx82C)
Added by Netch Leather Armor
Location Riekling camp on island north of Haknir's Shoal
Species Riekling Soul
Level 23 Type Monsters
RefID FExxx82C BaseID FExxx8AB
The Riekling Tribe Leader

The Riekling Tribe Leader is the chieftain of a tribe of hungry rieklings added by the Netch Leather Armor Creation. He and his tribe are non-hostile and can be found on an unmarked island north of Haknir's Shoal.

Related QuestsEdit


The tribe leader is a riekling of few words, leaving you to do most of the talking:

I understand you're in need of leather.

At this point he will hand you a rough sketch of his hunting party which has been sent to kill a Giant Bull Netch.

You will then have three options for how to deal with his request:

Eating netch leather will kill you. You should give me your cookbook. (Persuade)
Failed: "Joooo fah!"
Passed: (?)
I've brought back your netch leather.
This purple leather is from a giant netch. I'll trade it for the cookbook. (Lie)

Once you have supplied him with leather, he will give you a key to the nearby chest, allowing you to complete the related quest.