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Skyrim:Ice Wraith

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An Ice Wraith

Ice Wraiths are hostile frost spirits. They fly quickly, circling the player and attacking with strong frost-based attacks, and are generally found in snowy, cold areas. They are attracted to standing stones and other Nordic ruins that dot the landscape of Skyrim, as well as The Midden below the College of Winterhold. They are vulnerable to fire attacks. Also, due to their wispy nature, they have a tendency to ignore the landscape, and can become stuck or die on elevated areas. Ice Wraiths can often be encountered in the snowy regions of Winterhold and The Pale.

Creature (ID) Lvl Health Magicka Sta. Attacks Abilities Drops Soul Factions
Ice Wraith
9 193 50 227 Ice Bite,

7 pts for 3 secs

Ice Wraith Teeth

Ice Wraith Essence

Lesser Creature Faction;
Ice Wraith Faction
Ice WraithDB
Ice WraithDB
None Creature Faction;
Ice Wraith Faction;



  • Although Ice Wraiths "fly", they still set off runes, such as fire runes.
  • When you're bitten by an Ice Wraith, you will get an effect (seen in the Active Effects sub-menu) called "Ice Wraith Bite" and the description states (under the header "Ice Bite"): "Ice Wraith Bite, +7 over 3 secs". It indicates stamina damage (7 per second, 21 damage overall) done over a 3-second period.
  • Ice Wraiths cast a low damage wall of frost-type spell when they attack, and sometimes when they are moving towards you, though never when they are roving the wilderness or moving away from you.