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An Ice Wraith

Ice Wraiths are hostile frost spirits. They fly quickly, circling the player and attacking with strong frost-based attacks, and are generally found in snowy, cold areas. They are attracted to standing stones and other Nordic ruins that dot the landscape of Skyrim, as well as The Midden below the College of Winterhold. They are vulnerable to fire attacks. Also, due to their wispy nature, they have a tendency to ignore the landscape, and can become stuck or die on elevated areas. Ice Wraiths can often be encountered in the snowy regions of Winterhold and The Pale. Locations: The Midden, The Serpent Stone, Forsaken Cave, Bonechill Passage, Greywater Grotto, East region of Windhelm, near Stillborn cave to the South, Wayward Pass, snowy areas near Solitude, Northwestern area near Alftand, along the river South West of Windhelm, East of Saarthal where there are rock piles with flags on them, the Weynon Stones, Path on the way up to the Throat of the World (wolf's present at low levels), Hag's End (during boss fight), in random houses during the quest Animal Extermination, snowy region of Solsthiem, and sometimes encountered to the left of the Shrine of Azura (most of the time is replaced with a wolf or bear).

Creature (ID) Lvl Health Magicka Sta. Attacks Abilities Drops Soul Factions
Ice Wraith
9 193 50 227 Ice Bite,

7 pts for 3 secs

Ice Wraith Teeth

Ice Wraith Essence

Lesser Creature Faction;
Ice Wraith Faction
Ice WraithDB
Ice WraithDB
None Creature Faction;
Ice Wraith Faction;