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Skyrim:Weynon Stones

Skyrim: Places: Landmarks
Weynon Stones
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Clearable Yes
Respawn Time 10 days or 30 days
Level Min: 18
Ice Wraiths
Console Location Code(s)
WeynonStonesExterior01, WeynonStonesExterior02
The Pale
Southwest of Winterhold
The Weynon Stones

The Weynon Stones are a landmark consisting of a circle of stones. It is located between Korvanjund and Fort Dunstad, just south of the path.

It is home to a pair of ice wraiths who will attack as you approach. This can be a challenging battle at low levels or if you don't have any resistance to frost magic.

Weynon StonesEdit

As you enter the circle of stones, the two ice wraiths will appear and attack. There is an empty altar up a flight of stone stairs with a large stone head above it. Beside the altar is a burial urn. Behind the large stone head is a chest with a novice-level lock containing random loot. Opposite this is a shrine of Talos. On the shrine are two steel ingots, a pair of iron gauntlets, and two pieces of a broken steel battleaxe. In the surrounding area there are several snowberry bushes.