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Skyrim:Shrine of Azura

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Daedric Shrine:
Shrine of Azura
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Respawn Time 10 days
Aranea Ienith
Console Location Code(s)
South of Winterhold
East of Sightless Pit
Shrine of Azura

The Shrine of Azura is the shrine to the Daedric Prince Azura.

The shrine at night

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The shrine is south of Winterhold on the summit of a tall mountain. The path leading to the shrine is found not far south of Whistling Mine, and rises sharply to the west. To reach it, travel southeast along the path from Winterhold in the direction of Windhelm. If the weather is clear, or if you use the Clear Skies dragon shout, it is possible to see a long way in all directions from the shrine.

The shrine sits atop a stone fort-like structure that was supposedly built by Dunmer, who revere Azura. There is an altar in front of the massive statue; Aranea Ienith spends all her time worshipping before the altar when not following you. To the right of the altar on a level below is a small camp, which consists of a small tent containing an unowned bed roll and a collection of crates and sacks containing food.


  • Faldrus will join Aranea Ienith in front of the statue if you follow him there and he survives his pilgrimage to the shrine. Otherwise, he will disappear from the game after you leave him.