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Giant's Tooth
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Clearable No
Respawn Time 10 days
Giants, Ice Wraiths. Rabbits
Far northeast of Winterhold
Ore Veins
# of Iron 1
Giant's Tooth

Giant's Tooth is a small island in the Sea of Ghosts. It can only be reached by speaking to the ferryman Harlaug in Dawnstar during the quest A Dying Wish.

The island consists of a small giant camp and the entrance to Iron Tusk Cave. You will be sent here to retrieve an Ironwood Fruit during the related quest, although these six rare trees only grow in the conditions inside the cave.

The camp is populated by two giants and contains two dead mammoths. Dead snow foxes will also spawn around the camp and inside the cave. Upon approaching the Ironwood Fruit trees inside the cave, three spriggans will awaken and attack you. Live rabbits can be found on the island's shoreline. When you exit the cave after retrieving the Ironwood Fruit, three ice wraiths will appear and attack you. A Fisherman's Note can be found on a chopping block in the camp.

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  • Although this location has a cave map marker, it cannot be fast traveled to from mainland Skyrim.
  • Nirnroot can be found on the outskirts of the location by the western shoreline and inside the cave.
  • An iron ore vein can be found to the right of the cave entrance.
  • Two skeletons can be found in the raft right next to Harlaug's.
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