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Trophy Vaults are locations are found only within the Imperial City or its dungeons. They can only be opened by collecting a number of Key Fragment trophies. These fragments have a chance to drop from all enemies in the districts and sewers areas, but only Patrolling Horrors are guaranteed to drop one.

Depending on the type of vault, either 60 or 150 Key Fragments are needed to open it, which will give you access to a valuable treasure chest containing selected armor sets and jewelry, and Tel Var Stones. On passing through the door to the Vault (which is a room containing a chest that can be repeatedly opened), your Key Fragments are converted into as many keys as possible to open the chest within the vault.

Notable Vault Chest LootEdit


There are three achievements associated with Trophy Vaults.

Achievement Points Description
ON-icon-achievement-Imperial City Locksmith.png Imperial City Dungeon Locksmith 10 Assemble a key for each of the trophy chests found in the White-Gold Tower and Imperial City Prison group dungeons.
ON-icon-achievement-Imperial City Locksmith.png Imperial City Locksmith 10 Assemble a key for each of the trophy chests found in the Imperial City.
ON-icon-achievement-Imperial City Locksmith.png Key Collector 50 Assemble a total of 25 trophy door keys in the Imperial City.


  • Previously, there were different types of trophies associated with each of the different vaults, and you needed 60 of the given type of associated trophy for each vault, or 150 for the vaults in the two dungeons. The dungeon trophies only dropped from bosses in the Veteran versions of those dungeons. If a player is carrying any combination of Key Fragments or old trophies to one of the eight trophy vault doors totaling a multiple of 60 or 150, they will be consumed as if they were all Key Fragments.