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Druid Peeska
Daily Job Broker
Home City Gonfalon Bay
Race Argonian Gender Female
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Stonelore Circle
Druid Peeska

Druid Peeska is an Argonian druid and daily job broker who can be found in Gonfalon Bay. She is a member of the Stonelore Circle of druids.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

When you approach her, she will say:

"Hello, would you happen to be looking for work?"

You can talk to her.

"You've a determined air about you, stranger. Could I persuade you to help deal with the active volcanic vents that are popping up across the islands?"

If you completed Venting the Threat at least once she will say instead one of the following lines:

"Hello again. The Systres have need of you, if you have the time."
"The air smells of ash and sulfur. Can you feel it in your chest?
We could use your help, if you're available."
"The islands are in danger. If you can help, I can pay."
What's the trouble?
"Volcanic activity on the island seems to be reaching dangerous levels. If something isn't done to quell the forces at work, we're all going to be swimming in lava. The Stonelore Circle druids are trying to stop it, but we need help."
What can I do to help?
"Get to the active volcanic vent and disrupt the activity there, it will buy us time. But be careful, there are many molten beasts crawling all over the place. You'll need a group to get through them.
What do you say? I'll make it worth your while."
I'll gather some forces and deal with the volcanic vent.

She will then respond with one of the following lines:

"Good luck out there! Try not to get too close to the steam coming out of the volcanic vents. I heard it will fry just about anyone's skin off.
You'll be fine, I'm sure!"
"Not that I don't love standing around and chatting with you, but did I mention there's a possibility of volcanic eruption if we don't get this dealt with? I don't mean to rush you but … all right, I am rushing you! Get going!"
"Thanks for helping with this. You look strong, and I'll bet you've got strong friends, too! You'll set this mess to rights in no time."

You can then ask her more questions:

How did an Argonian become a member of the Stonelore Circle druids? / You're part of the Stonelore Circle Druids?
"It must seem strange to you. When I first traveled here, I found their Stonelore Circle's work intriguing. I began to believe that Y'ffre is but a shepherd of Sithis's will. Change adheres to natural laws, after all. Trees fall down, not up, yes?"
And the other druids accepted you?
"They did not turn me away. Acceptance is not the core of my interest, at any rate. I consider myself a druid, but there may be some who disagree.
Regardless, they have allowed me to seek help for the vents on their behalf, so here I am."
What can you tell me about the druid circles?
"There are three distinct circles around the Systres Isles. I'm a member of the Stonelore Circle. We are a friendly sort and tend to get along well with the other residents of High Isle. Not so with the Eldertide Circle. They are small, but hostile."
And the third?
"The Firesong Circle. They are the oldest of the circles but … I do not wish to speak of them."
How should I go about dealing with the volcanic vent?
"I mentioned you're going to need a group. This is a big job, much too large for just one person.
You need to get to the vent and do whatever you can to defeat the druids encouraging it to erupt. Any forces they have at play must be destroyed."

Once you return after finishing the task she will greet you with one of the following lines:

"Hmm, I don't feel the burn of sulfur in my lungs. You did it, didn't you? You managed to close one of the vents?"
"I don't see smoke on the horizon. Everything better with that volcanic vent?"
"I assume the fact that we're not standing ankle deep in molten lava means you were successful in closing one of the vents?"

You can respond to finish the quest:

I disrupted one of the volcanic vents.
"Great, you've bought us valuable time. Hopefully we can find a more permanent solution soon, but that should at least prevent imminent, molten disaster for the time being."

After you completed the quest she will say one of the following lines:

"The skies remain clear, at least for the moment. Things are quiet now. But I'll be sure to let you know if I see any more signs of the vents acting up."
"We're not done with those volcanic vents just yet. The threat will come again, just as surely as the sun rises. I'll be sure to call on you again when the time comes."
"Things are quiet, but I'm sure we'll smell smoke in the air before long. I'll let you know when I have another heroic feat for you to accomplish."